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by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-14
Not long ago, I wrote an article entitled "How to have the perfect barbecue," in which I denounced the behavior of most of my friends burning food in the barbecue, and barbecue every time.Another saying is "how to grill without a flame" because the secret of charcoal cooking (which is actually a gas barbecue) is hissing, not a flame.The fat in the food melts at high temperatures, spit on charcoal, and produce smoke to season the food.What we want to hear is hissing, but there is no flame, because the flame will burn the outside of the food, so that we can only eat something for half a life at best, and the worst case is in bed.Easy huh?Well, it's easy if you have a barbecue grill with adjustable rack height or gas burner, but if you're a real outdoor travel light, you'll most likely have a one-time barbecue tray.If you are not familiar with a disposable roast meat rack, it is essentially an aluminum foil tray filled with wood block charcoal and a light mesh cover.Covering charcoal is a fuel-soaked mat that, when lit, is everything the grill needs to run, making the grill ideal for cooking when lightly loaded or on a picnic.The main advantage of this barbecue is the portability, which really starts soon and is very cheap, so just spend a few more dollars and you can really add a new dimension to your picnic.After recommending to try one of the trays, I think it is also important to point out the shortcomings of cooking on the tray, so here are my basic tips for cooking on a disposable grill :-1.Sometimes the lighting pad can fail, so if it's entirely up to cooking to satisfy your hunger, remember to take a gunpowder pad as a backup-don't forget the race!2.The choice of cooking food is important because the heat is not so flexible and will not last forever.Avoid fat foods like sausages due to lack of flexibility, because they simply spray fat onto coal and cause burning.As I have already said, the flame will burn the food, but not just that, the flame will waste energy and your charcoal will not last too long.Try fish, steak and other lean meat.3.This is not an expensive piece of equipment, so don't expect a porcelain glaze grill.The best tip I can give is to brush the grill with oil before putting any food on the grill, which will prevent the grill from sticking to it.Last point;As mentioned above "one-off", so if you have just finished cooking, handle your environment and debris responsibly.
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