barbecue grill machine How to Get Your Grill Sparkling

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-16
Dirty over timeFortunately, it's easy to clean the grill from top to bottom, inside and outside using arms and Hammers™Baking soda.This all-Even on the dirtiest Grill, the natural cleaning method helps to remove grease and dirt.For a charcoal grill, remove the grill grate and remove any charcoal and ashes.
For a gas grill, unlock the gas line and remove the grille and any other items that may fall from the grill.Rinse the grill Interior with garden hose or bucket water.In a bowl, make a paste with three portions of baking soda and one portion of water.
Clean the inside of the grill using a wash brush.If grease and dirt are hard to remove, more baking soda can be sprinkled.It will help to relax grease and burnon bits.
Rinse the grill again and remove any remaining residue from baking soda.Make a paste with three portions of baking soda and one portion of water and clean the grill.Rub the paste onto the grill using a sponge and apply the paste to the grill.
For tough-to-Remove grease or burn-On the food, use a wire grill brush to provide additional scrubbing power.Rinse with water.Replace the grill grate and let the grill open-air-Dry before use.Cleaning the grill and grill every few months is a good idea to help extend the life of the grill and keep it working properly.
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