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by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-15
How to Grill Eggs has become a family problem for me, which is why :-It all began on a drunken afternoon in 1970s when my uncle Harold bought a new oven for his ultra-modern kitchen.Of course, as a very young child, I don't know anything about what happens next.The new oven comes with a very stylish tucking baking machine and after my uncle proudly explained everything about the appliance, drank more beer, the topic turns to what type of food can be cooked.The most obvious one is the spit roast chicken, which I am happy to say is as popular today as at the time, but in this case, the drunken stupidity took over and then the question my uncle and my father were going to answer was whether it was possible to spit out the baked eggs.Fortunately, on that day, there were only about six eggs in the house, so there were only about six failed attempts until the women in the House recovered a little bit of sensitivity to the afternoon.Many family occasions tell about the day's activities, which of course gave me a thought about how to bake eggs on an outdoor grill.Boiled eggs only heat the shell at a continuous temperature for a period of time, so this must also be done on a charcoal grill.The problem is to understand the temperature of the grill and the fact that you can't heat the egg at the same time.Heat is standard at 100 °c when boiling, so you can estimate how long to cook and the only variable is the size of the egg.I tried to bake an egg in its shell and it didn't work for me.After giving it enough time, I broke the top and found that white still needed more time to solidify.Having said that, I put the eggs on the grill and gradually cooked, I was able to eat the very delicious eggs, but to be honest, it left some unsatisfactory places on the demo bet.The best way is to imitate the frying process and cook eggs with oil.Slapping the frying pan on the grill is not exactly cricket and the ground base needs to be warm forever, so I'm trying to make it more fun.I made a small separate foil tray, each one will hold an egg and there will be a little oil and break the eggs as long as it is filled with the tray.The heat transfer in the foil is good and you can see exactly when they are done so you get the perfect eggs every time and a single small tray adds something new for fun elementsAfter all, if you're in a party mood, try making your foil plate in a different shape, and not many people have eaten triangular omelette, is there any better way to wrap it up than with homemade BBQ sauce?
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