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by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-15
BBQ salad is a simple accompaniment to outdoor cooking and works really well because there are a lot of free BBQ recipes online, but sometimes I like my menu ideas a little different.In fact, it's not just something different, it could also be a talking point.I was inspired by being a corn cob.When doing these things on the grill, it is important to soak the shell in the water for 30 minutes so that when heated, the leaves steam and cook the kernel.After several attempts at the charcoal idea of corn, the spark of inspiration began to fly in all directions as I was wondering how we could steam other vegetables on the outdoor grill.As soon as I tried the basic concept, the idea of the barbecue menu became strong and fast.Essentially, we're going to wrap up steamed vegetables with foil, so the real benefit of cooking is that when the charcoal is still settling, you can put the foil wrap on the grill, because there is no chance of burning food.When the vegetables are cooked, the charcoal is ready for the meat, and for the rest of the cooking, when the meat is resting for five minutes, just punch the tin wrap back to warm.Let's take carrots for example.Take a piece of rectangular foil, chop the carrots and place them in half of the foil rectangle.Season with salt and pepper, fold the foil, "scrub" both sides together, leave a hole somewhere, and we can add water.Pour in half a cup filled with water and make the last ring of sealed packaging.Put it on the grill and in 15 minutes you will have delicious steamed carrots.The butter knob and "Bob is your uncle!The same logic applies to many vegetables. why not do experiments?The only thing to keep in mind is to slice the vegetables so that the steam has a good surface area.Why not try a little dry white wine for a simple change of theme rather than water?It adds some "je ne sais quoi" to the recipe, and when your guests see you fill a foil package from a bottle, it will definitely ask some interesting questions.They really knew they were coming for the treat!How about potatoes?Once again, cut them into slices and put them on half the foil and season, now add a tablespoon of cream cake and start scrubbing.Before sealing the package, pour a whole piece of white wine first, then place it on the grill so it's over.You need to be more careful with the idea of this menu, because too much heat will burn the cream, so be a little gentle when cooking, about 30 minutes of cooking time.One last tip -It's also great to make separate packages so everyone can tear up their own and enjoy.It's also easy because when the chef throws a foil package on each plate, all we have to do is-show how?
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