barbecue that cooks perfect burgers in just 60 seconds: we test the 500c gadget that does pizzas in 90 seconds and a roast in 20 minutes - 6 burner gas bbq grill with side burner

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-23
barbecue that cooks perfect burgers in just 60 seconds: we test the 500c gadget that does pizzas in 90 seconds and a roast in 20 minutes  -  6 burner gas bbq grill with side burner
For many of us, trying to cook on a barbecue means lighting a reluctant flame in a few hours, risking severe burns, all for the poor
Good food, raw inside, burnt outside.
But a new innovation is expected to change our bias towards outdoor cooking.
Everything from a hearty barbecue dinner to hard crust bread to a delicious pudding.
More importantly, it does all of this in a fraction of the time it spends in the oven.
Known as the Roccbox, it is an improved pizza oven that can run on gas or wood.
Its price is above 300, although not cheap, but the use is very wide.
Heated to a stable 500C within 15 minutes, which means the food can be cooked quickly and evenly.
Since it weighs only 44 lbs and has folding legs, it can be taken anywhere you like: beaches, camping holidays, and houses of friends.
So we opened a restaurant to test a variety of unusual dishes.
Challenge: I usually fry the beef burger for about 10 minutes under low heat.
The result is a dull but edible mud. brown patty.
At the same time, ten minutes after the barbecue, the outside became black and the inside became unbearable red.
Method: The Roccbox is much smaller than I thought.
Smooth gray half
Cylindrical, wide, rectangular aperture, stand firm on a metal tripod.
Coated with insulated silicone, not too hot outside-
It would be great if you had children.
It is heated by a metal burner attached to the base and a thick orange hose leads to the gas cylinder.
To change to wood fuel, just screw off the gas burner and screw on the wood burner-
A compact cylinder with a height of more than 8 points sits neatly between the legs of the tripod.
It has a chute on one side where you can feed 4in to 5in length pre-
Chopped fire
There are two settings, low or high, and the thermometer dial has five color areas from blue (cold)to red (hot). I pre-
Heat the cast iron pan in the Roccbox and add the burger.
They immediately hissed and I was surprised to look at them when they immediately began to turn brown.
After 30 seconds, I turned the tray around.
The heat comes from the back of the Roccbox where the food is cooked faster.
They're done in 30 seconds.
Results: brown, pink outside. not bloody —
Inside, these delicious meat and perfect cooking.
4/5 challenge: Don't push sho your store
Buy pizza in the oven, or spend £ 20 for delivery, and cook your own meals in just 90 seconds.
Method: I bought a pizza base, added olive oil and water, rolled into shape, added tomato sauce, grated cheese, mozzarella milk balls and sausage.
Then I put it in the Roccbox on the tray.
After 30 seconds, the back began to become brittle, so I turned the tray around.
The whole process takes less than 90 seconds.
Result: the best pizza I have ever had.
The base is light and crisp, and the taste on the top is rich and tacky.
Chorizo has sunk into the cheese and crunched on the edge.
There was a kid in my family who had a bad cold and he managed to finish the whole thing.
This shows that he is not as sick as he claims. . .
5/5 challenge: I think roast chicken is a sign of death.
I am worried about salmonella, and I am very careful even when baked in the oven.
Method: Here we see the only drawback of the Roccbox.
The mouth of the oven is only about 4 high, so a whole chicken can never be put in.
I cut the chicken in half and took the spine off with a pair of scissors. (
Your butcher can do this for you. )
It takes about 40 minutes for my Big Bird to cook.
It takes more than an hour in the oven.
The result: a juicy bird with crispy and salty skin.
In addition to having to squeeze it into space, this is much less than the oven.
Challenge: I am pure with baked potatoes because I like them very much.
They are works of art, need to be semi-cooked, dust with semolina, put in the oven, check and turn regularly.
It always seems to take hours.
Method: I cooked the potatoes and put them on a heatstroke-proof plate with butter, salt and pepper.
Three minutes after 500 degrees, they finished on one side-
Like a time machine.
I turned them over and put them back in.
A total of less than ten minutes.
The result: the potatoes are very crispy.
But they are not as good as I did in the oven.
Maybe I need to do these things at a lower temperature and spend a little more time.
2/5 challenge: Sunday's party was a meal I made with perseverance and boredom.
I don't like red meat very much. I spent an hour in the kitchen. and-a-
I don't think half is fun.
Method: I put a little salt, pepper and rosemary on a lamb's shoulder and I usually spend about an hour.
Only 20 minutes down here.
Heat covered with foil, then finished five minutes high.
As a way of cooking, I was surprised how economical it was.
Cook from a gas tank for about 20 hours (
About 20).
A bundle of fire (about £2)
It could last about an hour and a half.
Because the Roccbox emits heat from the back and then goes through the whole oven, the meat you cook is uniform, not a scorched side like a barbecue.
The air in front is not too hot, however, so you do need to turn the food around halfway.
Result: I can smell the lamb drifting over our balcony and when I take it out it will appear in the steam of the fragrance.
The top is perfectly brown, pink in the middle and cooked evenly.
4/5 challenge: bread is not an obvious barbecue dish
In fact, I rarely try even when I try it completelyfitted kitchen.
But obviously with Roccbox, it's easy to toast rolls, ciabatta and pitta in a few minutes.
However, the height of the opening means that a large slice of bread is not possible.
Method: I Mix flour, olive oil, water, salt and yeast, roll the dough into a ball and stretch it to about 6 minutes.
I put it carefully on the pizza crust (shovel)
This is included in the Roccbox and put it in the oven.
It is worth a visit.
The dough immediately began to bubble and rise.
A perfect ciabatta roll is ready to eat in three minutes.
Results: Absolutely delicious; warm and chewy.
Obviously, it only takes five minutes in a normal oven.
But the freshly baked bread that was eaten outside made it more mouth-watering.
Challenge: I have never done lobster in my life.
When I called the local fishmongers, they pointed out that it was not the lobster season and there was no lobster season, so I decided to buy a frozen one from witrose.
Method: after unfreezing the lobster, I cut it in half, put it in the Roccbox for 30 seconds, and then add butter, herbs, and peppers a minute before cooking.
Result: as good as what you get by the sea.
It was very soft and impressed the guests.
4/5 challenge: Usually my pudding skills break down.
I 'd rather have another glass of cheese and wine.
But it is clear that the Roccbox is very good at pudding, so I give this nursery favorite a chance.
Method: I put butter on the bread, cut into triangles, apply a layer on the shallow iron plate, sprinkle with raisins.
Then it's just stirring milk, sugar, eggs and vanilla together to form the cream freeze I pour on the top and then cover the whole candy with tin foil.
This must enter at low temperatures-around 170C —
Cook correctly.
This takes between 20 and 30 minutes, almost the same time as in the oven.
Finally, the foil came off and I gave it an extra minute to turn it brown.
Result: I always thought it was a disgusting dish, and I was surprised by the sweet, salty, crispy and soft, hard sponge of butter.
This is one of the most delicious things I have ever had.
However, in 20 minutes, it still seems to me too long for the pudding.
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