BBQ Becky, Permit Patty and why the Internet is shaming white people who police people 'simply for being black' - charcoal bbq grill b&q

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-05
BBQ Becky, Permit Patty and why the Internet is shaming white people who police people \'simply for being black\'  -  charcoal bbq grill b&q
San francisco-now every week, if not every day: a video was posted on Facebook or Twitter showing a white person calling the police to black people for minor violations or no violations at all, A new form of social media has humiliated the daily racism faced by black Americans and has had a rapid impact on the perpetrators.Nicknamed BBQ Becky and Permit Patty, it is reported that black people shop at Starbucks, shop at CVS, trim lawns, play golf, and snooze at Airbnbor, who lives on a couch in a university dormitory, being publicly named, ridiculed, and sometimes fired.White people have long been overseeing black behavior.Social scientists who study race say that if they think a certain black person is inappropriate, they know what they can say to the property manager, the store supervisor, or the police.In this case, many black people are reluctant to complain publicly.They say it is unlikely that they will be believed or that their concerns will be dismissed.They don't want to escalate the situation and end up in jail or worse.Now, the footage taken on smartphones and immediately spread on social media has focused on how black people are picked out "just because they are black, professor of Philosophy at Emory University, the author of the book Bounce: what happens when we honestly talk about American racism.It's new, says Yancy."Black people go through police work every day, even if it's just a look or a gaze," he said ."."What social media is doing is to zoom in on the elephants in the room and reveal to the white people the reality that black people have been experiencing all the time.What is the sudden attention?When racial tensions in the United States intensified, the use of viral internet memesS.The current fire was detonated in May by a white woman, Jennifer Schulte, who called the police for using a charcoal grill in Oakland's public park and was later renamed barbecue, California.Police eventually said they were not allowed to use charcoal in that part of the park, but YouTube videos about this interaction-arguing with Schulte over the phone with other residents-went viral onlineThree weeks later, the community threw a barbecue while doing black cooking by the lake where the incident occurred."Hello, I want to report black people who are concerned about their business," joked one meme, who showed a sternSchulte with dark sunglasses and a blue hoodie, pressed on her phoneSoon, the Internet made Schulte a scene of the Panther and a famous painting of the Last Supper.She was photographed reporting that Rosa Parks was sitting in front of the bus, NFL players kneeling in the national anthem, and former President Barack Obama was wearing a brown suit as president.Saturday Night Live even showed her up in "weekend updates" and credits.Last month, a white woman in San Francisco called "Permit Patty" received meme treatment after calling the police.year-After her mother lost her job, the little girl sold bottled water outside the apartment building to raise money for a trip to Disneyland.Irene Austin, the girl's mother, recorded Alison Ettle's situation, saying she called the police because the child had no license.When Ettel saw that she was filmed, she squatted behind a wall."You can hide everything you want and the whole world will see you," Austin told her in an Instagram video .".And it did.The meme of Ettel spread quickly: "Hello, 911 "."I'm afraid of my life. a little girl is selling water bottles.According to the record of the 911 report, Ettel called to ask if the supplier who did not have a license was legal and was handed over to the police who did not appear.She was then appointed CEO of a medical marijuana pharmacy.MORE: "Black people don't believe": Videos that expose everyday racism are hailed as new events: Starbucks arrests: Restaurant Racism is as old as the United StatesS.MORE: paranoid customers make the life of minority workers a mess, but here's how to fight against anti-memes, a quick burst of shorthand communication, pictures or videos, sending political or social information is usually labeled.When people pick up this information and add their own humor or opinions, it will only get farther and farther.At first, people were worried that when the police arrived, they might end the incidents with violence.Then they became the teachable moment of racism."Memes are part of this emerging social media language, which makes racist events even more visible," said Benjamin balles, an emerging media professor at Las Vegas University in Nevada.This forces more people to recognize the racial attitudes and behaviors of white people and to look at them in an unprecedented way.A white man known as "ID Adam" in North Carolina called the police at a community swimming pool to a black mother and her child who was fired.A South Carolina woman known as "pool patrol Paula" was unemployed and allegedly attacked a black teenager and used N-Heard the news in the community pool and then took a bite at the arrest of a police officer.Two employees at a CVS pharmacy were fired and one employee accused a Chicago woman of trying to use fraudulent coupons and another employee of calling the police.A white female driver near San Francisco cut off a black couple driving an Audi and then made racial slurs against them, reportedly after the video was posted on social media,Police officer Herman Bazaar, spokesman for the California Highway Patrol, told local television station KTVU that "the popularity of technology has helped events like this ".Racism is often seen as the main act of aggression, but social scientists sayThe behavior of scale, sometimes called micro-aggression, is more common.They can include everything, from the expression of opposition to the condemnation of racial etiquette, the Jim Crowe law, which dates back to the social norms and apartheid of the slavery era, provides for the way black people behave in public and interacts with white people.In these videos captured on social media, white people claim that public places are the equivalent of middle-class personal behavior, conveying the message: this is my space, you can only say as I said."If it was a white girl selling lemonade, the white woman would not call the police and say, 'Hey, there is a suspicious person selling lemonade without proper permission."I want the police to come," said Eduardo Bonera ."Duke professor of sociology studying racial issues, SilvaWhite people have a long and dangerous history, because they simply live a daily life and call the police to black people, says anne sanne Rawls, a sociology professor at Bentley University, for decades, the World Health Organization has been studying this phenomenon and calling it a "citizen Caller "."She and Megan Hollis, professor of criminal justice at attersas State University, estimated that 80 percent's police work involved responding to citizens' calls for service.Rawls recalled that a police dispatcher was startled by a phone call from a person reporting six black children for walking into a sandwich shop together."If I don't send a car, what happens, we have a responsibility, so I have to send a car," she said ." The dispatcher told her at the time.Sometimes, if it happens again, they may be charged with making false police reports.Other times, Rawls and Hollis say, they go through the action of the response and move on.The difference now is that callers are no longer hiding behind their phones, Rawls said."They are getting into people's view," she said."They felt a lot of courage."The United States has a racist legacy hundreds of years ago, so what gives new permission for people to fight black and other minorities in public places?John Powell, who leads the Haas Institute at the University of California at Berkeley to build a fair and inclusive society, blamesPresident President Donald Trump's remarks about race and immigration, and he will protest racismNazi and white supremacist in Charlottsville, Virginia.Like the president himself, Trump's supporters don't think so.According to a recent poll at kunnipiac University, Republicans at 86 percent said he was not racist, compared with 47 percent nationwide.In 2017, the total number of hate crimes in the 10 largest cities in the United States rose for the fourth consecutive year.The Center for hate and extremism studies at California State University found a 12.Police reported an increase of 5% last year in cities such as Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles.Brian Levin.The author of the report attributed the growing "uncivilized" in national politics to policies such as Trump's travel ban --Muslim countriesRawls says white people's behavior on social media has begun to challenge what language and behavior is considered acceptable.It also makes people face an uncomfortable reality. the people caught in the movie are not members of the three k party, but seemingly ordinary Americans all over the country. they may be their friends, evidence that family members or neighbors, racial ideas are ingrained in American society and cross political boundaries."If we were all wearing body cameras, we would find ourselves doing something similar," she said .".The increased awareness through viral social media posts is a start, but technology itself is limited, and it alone cannot contain racism or micro-aggression, says the sociologist.Rodney King was beaten by 1991 police officers after a climax.The high-speed chase in Los Angeles was photographed by a bystander.The video was broadcast in families across the country and around the world, but the officials were not convicted.After George Zimmerman was acquitted in a fatal shooting at Trevon Martin in 2013, the label of black life was created, being used nearly 30 million times on Twitter-an average of 17,003 times a day-has greatly raised awareness of the type of escalation in fear of dialogue and police, but police have not stopped shooting unarmed black menMore internal organs.Video of the deadly police shooting, such as shot by philando Castile's girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, she played on Facebook on 2016 the bloody and emotional consequences of officer Apollo pointing the gun at the window her 4-year-The old daughter in the back seatLast year, the Minnesota police were sentenced by a jury.Paul.Bonera, lasting change will not come from Facebook or twitter, but from mobilizing all races to fight injustice.Silva said."I'm not saying we shouldn't complain on social media."I am not saying that we should not ask for an apology, for resignation and for the dismissal of some people," he said ."."But what I want to say is that if we only do that, we will probably not be able to achieve equality.
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