bbq burner A Freaky Firepit

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-22
bbq burner A Freaky Firepit
After building a cold seating area, I thought it might be nice to have a stove there too, and there are a lot of fire pit designs right now, so I shamelessly use some of these ideas.(This is the link to the seat) I will power my LPG.....The first thing I need is some material.The main things will be the burner, the control valve, the bottle connector and the regulator and the BBQ bowl with the lid (Weber BBQ or similar) I got this on TradeMe for $2 (that's NZ $, about 80 p or $1 ).40 US) I had to partially remove it to put it in the car (at 5: 30 am on the side of the road --Sorry I'm bothering anyone) The Cabinet is rather rusty but I'm not going to use it and what I want is the regulator, the burner and the connecting hose and the gas valve.The first picture is the part I think I need, the second picture is all the other things that are useful, if not, it might come in handy and then in the jump, it takes about 30 minutes to get to this, and surprisingly, most screws are easy to unlock.So I have a burner with a gas valve and a bottle connector and regulator.I also need a second kettle BBQ (Weber or something like that) so go back to TradeMeThe spare parts to include the wheels (always useful) 4 Flat burners and their controllers (I will probably use it to forge at some point), nut, bolt, screw and gas connection again got this leg off from TradeMe for $5 ready to go!So an entrance hole was drilled for the burner pipe (later I realized I did a proper cluster but hey!) Married to it.Now, when I removed the original BBQ, I knew I kept the gas valve-------But can I find it in my garage disaster? Luckily I have 4 other main burners but they need a bit of adaptation.I'll most likely find the drill I want once I'm done, so I bought 2 M 1/2 copper and drilled a hole to connect the burner.I also brushed the opening off (initially with bolts, but then I filled it with two parts of epoxy plastic steel because it seemed like a better fix) had to bend the copper to fit in (roll in) so it wasn't the neatest job as there wasn't a pipe stand to connect the pipe to the kettle BBQ curve around me, (They are staple food for door bolt hasp and DingTalk set!) I screwed the BBQ burner in the bowl and aligned the supply pipe with the supply valve, which is a loose fit inside the supply pipe, because when the gas passes through to make a combustible mixture, it must breathe in the air (using the Wenzhong effect )-----This brings me some "problems" in the future "!!!!!!!!The supply valve will be opened permanently because once the bricklayer is in place it is difficult to enter and the gas flow on the cylinder valve will be regulated.I lead the copper tube through the shallow ditch and connect to the regulating valve and gas cylinder located under the bench.I wrapped the pipe in plastic (I used the old animal feed bag) to give it some protection, but before burying the pipe it was time for a trial run.There are no pictures here, but imagine the worst scene of Michael Bay's movie!I opened the valve and initially (a few seconds ago) lit the light and everything was fine, however, some gas seemed to have disappeared from under the grill and flames were everywhere outside.The fact is that there are flames everywhere, it's so cool, but I don't think it's too happy inside!However, this is a relatively easy solution.So I cut this adapter board (from the petfood tin lid) and screw it to the right position to be more comfortable around the supply pipe, and then, I sealed it completely with a little bit of epoxy "plastic steel" made up of two parts to stop the flame "core suction" I also filled all the gaps below with sand, so there is no place to gather gas.Then I modified the burner and did the fot trial run 2!(Actually, this is about test run 5 before I get everything ---Absorption is a bit slow!!) Good, work!I'm not dead, the House hasn't burned Win as far as I'm concerned!Bricks and work for several courses is a good "unfair need" to complete the area (some quartz chips and bricks) getting beer ready and burnt stuff will find some nice decorative coal on top in the fireplace shop and it took us some time--Well, I started at nine o'clock A.M. and ended at four o'clock P.M., but I stopped for lunch --so about 6.Five hours injured.---No (once) Total cost------about $50 NZ --However, I have bricks, cement, etc for early projects, so if you have to buy everything in it, it may be close to $100, hope you like a little concrete under the brick boundary, also, I use these neat little stepping stones as the footrest for the seat I found on TradeMe for $12 each.Lay a little quartz chip around the fire pit, a little plant and red chip around the path, plant all the "reduced to transparent" plants I found at Mitre10 ($35 in total ), to keep it tidy, it is placed below.In order to welcome Christmas in the southern hemisphere, I also eliminated the whole region!
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