bbq fish grill basket Common problems affecting Barbecues and their solutions

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-04
bbq fish grill basket Common problems affecting Barbecues and their solutions
The universal difficulties affecting barbecues and the solution to using barbecues offer an exciting and easy way to cook delicious food you like to eat outside.What else can you relax with friends in your garden, on the one hand a burger, on the other hand a cold beer, not a care in the world?But sometimes things go wrong, especially if you are not an expert when using a barbecue.Fortunately, when you use a charcoal barbecue, there are almost every remedy in the most common situation you may encounter.
Here are some of the most common problems affecting barbecues-More importantly, how to solve these problems: the actual coal is not hot enough to cook mealsIn compared to the traditional oven, there is no handy thermometer on the grill to inform you when the hot coal is at its optimum temperature, but an easy way is to hold your hand 10 cm above the grill.If you can hold your hand there for two seconds then your BBQ is hot enough.If you can hold your hand there comfortably for a few seconds, then it needs to be hotter.
You can wait for the coal to heat itself, or make a layer of double coal that generates more heat than a single layer of coal.The coal is too hot, if your food burns on the surface before cooking inside, then the food will burn and check if you only have a layer of hot coal.When the coal is piled up together, use a long time to rake them all into a layerBarbecue utensils.
If your bbq enables you to adjust the height of the grill, check if it is at the highest levelie.No more away from hot coal.Your BBQ looks like it's going out, don't get it wrong just because the real BBQ has gone out and the flames are gone.When the flame disappears and the coal turns white, the charcoal grill is ready for useThis means they are cooked enough.
If you see the flames, then you need to stop the time they die before cooking the food.If you have been using a barbecue for about an hour and want to continue using it, you can add extra coal on the edge.We can't light the gas BBQ of the proper fuel you are using or the right way to light your BBQ.
The best way to ignite a gas barbecue should be to add some lighted wood or sticks to the barbecue, as well as some matchsticks, after which the fossil fuel is piled up on the top of the pyramid, use a long game to light the fire and wait for the coal to catch fire.It then takes at least 30 minutes for the coal to show the red of the departure light and then eventually get hotWhite before they prepare for cooking.The food is glued to the grill. The best way to avoid food leaving on the grill is to apply edible oil such as vegetable oil and olive oil.
In no case can edible oil be placed on a lit charcoal grillIt's best to brush the meal with oil before the barbecue.On the other hand, you can spray the grill gently with cooking oil.Make sure you stay away from the heat before placing the actual Grill in place.
It is usually caused by the excess fat in the meat dripping on the hot coal below.To solve this problem, use the indirect barbecue method to press the actual coal to half of the actual charcoal barbecue and put your meat on the grill on the other side.Pop a drip tray under the meat to capture any fat that is drained.
Close the cover of the charcoal barbecue, wait for the food to cook, and leave at the required cooking time, rotating from time to time.If you are cooking delicate food, such as fish that are easy to scatter, your meal will fall apart and fall off the grill and fall onto the coal below.About fragile food, such as fish, invest in a "grill basket" device that puts food in a metal cage and lets you put it on a charcoal grill and it's also easy to turn.
For other small products such as vegetables or shrimp, try to thread them all onto a wooden skewer (first soak the skewer in cold water for no less than 30 minutes to make sure they don't glow) before grilling.The food was burnt out but was not cooked while cooking on some kind of barbecue. It is necessary to ensure that the food is cooked thoroughly, otherwise you and your guests may suffer from serious food poisoning.
If you find the meal burning outside before it is cooked inside, it may be because the hot coal under the food is too hot, or because you have put the food on the charcoal grill before the flame goes out.Before starting cooking, when the coal is too hot, continue to wait for the flame to go out, the indirect barbecue technique described above.Barbecues can cause excessive smoke in case your barbecues actually produce billowing smoke, which will not be pleasant for visitors and you will not be popular with neighbors.
The most typical reason for excessive smoke is to put more coal on the already hot coal.If you feel that you need extra coal to keep the barbecue going, add them gradually from the side instead of adding them to the middle
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