bbq gas grill Gas Grills - How Many BTU do You Need?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-21
The British unit of heat (BTU) is a traditional unit of energy.The heating value of the fuel and the heating power of the gas grill can be expressed in BTU.It is defined as the thermal energy required to increase the temperature of a pound of water by one degree F at constant atmospheric pressure.
BTU lets us compare the heat content of different types of fuels.Whenever you buy a gas grill and discover its BTU grade, be curious enough to find out which BTU the manufacturer is talking about.Find out if the BTU rating is for the main burner or for all burner combinations.
If the grill does not include the scones area, then you must pay special attention to the BTU rating of all main burners (I.e.Burner directly under the main cooking grate of your grill ).If you add a BTU rating of all major burners and divide it by the area of the main cooking grate, you will get a BTU of the main cooking area per square inch.
For example, if the BTU grade of the main burner of the gas grill is 35,000, the area of the main cooking grate is 500 inch, then the main cooking area of the grill is 35,000/500 per square inch = 70 BTU.How many BTU do you need?In the past, we were advised to look for a grill with a main cooking area of about 100 BTU per square inch.This rule no longer applies because modern gas grills are becoming more effective in capturing heat.
One thing you should know is that the temperature that the gas grill can achieve is not just the effect of the BTU grade.Another thing you should know is that high BTU ratings don't necessarily mean high temperature output.A major factor affecting the temperature of the grill is the ability of the grill to maintain heat.
The grill made of lightweight materials cannot accommodate the heat generated, so a higher BTU grade is required to reach a high enough grill or Coke temperature.The grill that can reach the highest temperature is made of heavy material (heavy cooking grille) and the lid is closed very tightly.Thanks to efficiency improvements, some modern gas grills can reach high temperatures, with a BTU grade as low as 80 BTU per square inch of the main cooking area.
The gas grill with lower BTU grade burns less fuel than the grill with higher BTU grade.For example, let's calculate how much propane is consumed per hour by a gas burner once.The BTU rating for propane is | we know that the BTU rating for propane is 15,000 BTU per pound.
Assuming that the main burner of the gas grill is rated at 30,000 BTU, the formula for calculating the amount of fuel they consume per hour can be obtained by dividing the BTU rating of the main burner by propane.Doing so will give us £ 2 pounds an hour.Similarly, a 45,000 BTU burner consumes 3 pounds propane per hour at a time.Therefore, the higher the BTU grade of the gas grill, the more fuel is consumed.
But note that this calculation is done assuming all the main burners are set to maximum output (you can turn the control knob all the way ).To reach a very high temperature where you can roast your steak, some gas grills come with an extra cooking surface called the scorched area.The Sear area is where you can quickly scorch your food before moving it to the main cooking area to finish cooking.
Finally, enhance your curiosity whenever you encounter a grill (above 150) with a very high main cooking area per square inch.This usually indicates that the grill is poorly structured, does not maintain heat, and consumes a lot of fuel
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