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by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-13
Barbecue is a way of life for me.There's nothing better than having a barbecue for family and friends and seeing the smile on their faces..Especially pork or pork.Many people call it BBQ shredded meat because it looks like shredded meat, but technically it is BBQ Pulled meat.But no one cares if you want to call it shredded meat.
Once the pork is cooked, its name comes from screwing the pork off the fat with your hand or fork and separating it from the bone.The cut meat is perfect for you to come from the upper leg of the original pig.It's called a Boston butt or a pig shoulder.
At your favorite butcher's, ask them for a bone.Meat.The weight of the barbecue should range from 4 pounds to 8 pounds.Thoroughly rinse and dry before the barbecue.
Remove as much excess fat as possible.
If you don't get all the fat, don't worry, you can always remove more fat after cooking.To make the most of your cooking experience, you'll want to add a high quality dry rub to the pig's shoulders.Basically, what it does is to make the meat tender and give it an attractive barbecue flavor.
You can go to the grocery store and buy a pre-order.Dry friction of packaging.Most of the major grocery stores have something to do with pork.Talk to the butcher in the store and get a recommendation.
However, I prefer to do dry friction on my own and you can easily create your own dry friction.Find yourself a pretty good one.Size plastic soaking pan with lid.Do not use aluminum foil or pan.Put the meat into the container and pour or shake a lot of dry friction.Repeat!Next, pour plain yellow mustard and/or honey on the pork.
In order for the honey to spread correctly, you may have to heat the honey.Cover all sides with a brush.Once again, sprinkle dry wipes on the meat, but don't rub them in this time.Refrigerate overnight and close the lid tightly in a soaked pan.
When you grill large pieces of meat other than the oven, you need to use indirect heating.If you don't, you burn the outside.In addition, the meat will dry and will not be cooked in the center.To cook on a gas grill or oven, you need a small cookie or cooling rack to put the pork in a shallow pan.
Actually, a light oven baking tray is OK.
You don't want to clean up the mess if you don't.On the gas grill you just need to light one side of the grill.When the temperature is reached, place the Boston butt directly on the unlit side of the grill.
Using a charcoal grill, place the lighted bouquet on one side of the device.Place the grill directly in the unlit place of the grill and do not use the cookie holder and baking tray.Do not use cheap charcoal.It's a long, long cooking time.Use the right airflow.The bottom vent opens when pre-Heat, open the top vent when cooking under indirect heating.
Once you have everything set up, you want to close the lid and oven of the Barbie.Do not turn pork shoulders when cooking.You need to drag the pig shoulder clean, which can increase the taste and moisture of the pork.The most convenient way is to use a spray bottle that is partially filled with juice and apple cider vinegar.
Half a glass of juice, apple or orange is enough.Add a tablespoon of vinegar.Let's take a look at the order of cooking and mopping: the charcoal grill takes longer, more like ten to twelve hours.You need to add charcoal along this line.You can't do this in the oven, but adding a smoker box to the gas grill will enhance the flavor and bring you closer to the real barbecue flavor.
Buy a cast iron, they are the best.
Most hardware and home improvement shops have them.Buy pre-with cigarette case-Packing wood chips.There are all kinds of flavors, but you may want to stick to the water and fruit forest when pulling meat.
Soak the pieces for at least 30 minutes and put them into the box of the smoker.When you cook the pig shoulder, place the box on the bright side of the grill.Grill with charcoal, simple addition of pre-Soak the wood in the coal.
After you check with the temperature of the meat whether the barbecue is delicious, remove it from the grill and wrap it in aluminum foil.Let it sit for at least half an hour to 45 minutes before serving.Now, the shredded meat is here.Pull the shell open and remove the bones.Start separating meat from fat.You can pull it open with a fork or a finger.
It freezes well.
Place the meat on the cutting board and chop it with a knife.Eat it on Texas toast, or eat it yourself, or not with dipping sauce.Hope you enjoy this simple recipe for pork shredded meat.
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