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by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-21
There are many different ways to cook food, each of which gives the food a slightly different texture and a very different flavor.In the past, the barbecue meat on the grill gave it a unique taste, but it also often made it more dry than it should be.The gas BBQ uses the air trapped inside the grill cover to transfer heat.
Food surrounded by hot air can drop water and lose water while causing flashThe ups and mess in the BBQ fire box.However, a new infrared technique allows meat to be barbecued at very high temperatures and sealed in natural juices to get more delicious meat.There is a big difference between traditional barbecue and infrared grill.
The gas grill is usually a pipe.
Shape Tube with holes to release and ignite the gas.These blue gas flames are not hot enough to cook quickly, four or five burners usually have to work together to pass enough heat in the Hood to reach fiveBaidu.The infrared gas burner will reach 1,000 degrees in 60 seconds.
An infrared burner pressurizes the gas under the tile and drills thousands of ports through the tile.Thousands of red pressurized flames are generated using the same amount of gas, and the result is a doubling of temperature.This heat puts the barbecue pieces into the food to keep the food hydrated.
This is different from simply adding the BTU output of the barbecue.The infrared burner does not use air, lava or coal balls to control the temperature.The heat is oriented from the burner, instantly turning the outside Sears of the food.
A small dingbenzene lighter a few inches under one hand will quickly generate a lot of heat, but it will take a long time for the same lighter to burn the same gas to heat the room and eventually heat the same hand.The infrared barbecue is direct and immediate, and the moisture in the meat will heat up before there is time to drop the taste out of the food.Solaire infrared gas grill Preheat to maximum heating time in three minutes compared to most traditional grills, which can take half an hour or more.
The infrared burner will scorch the outer layer of steak, seafood, hamburgers, vegetables or barbecue food, with only a fraction of the time spent on the barbecue.Scorching speed means that the moisture associated with delicious food stays where it belongs --Inside the food.Like many traditional grills, the Solaire infrared grill also provides a backlit infrared grill that can quickly infrared slow grill.
The food cooked in the infrared barbecue shop is also faster than the food cooked in the traditional barbecue shop, keeping more natural juice.Due to the high temperature of the infrared grill radiation, it is often mistakenly believed that the sole purpose of these grills is to cook meat.The heat is great for meat, but it is also perfect for most seafood and vegetables.
The Solaire infrared gas grill stands out in the infrared contest for its multi-functional infrared grill.The valve design on the Solaire grill is different from other infrared grills that allow temperature control.The infrared burner heated to thirteen hundred degrees can be easily reduced to 500 degrees.
No other infrared grill manufacturer uses a control valve with this level of control.Solaire called his store infraredVection grill because the IR burner can be "Unplugged" and replaced with a stainless steel blue flame burner.If a whole chicken, roast, slow-If you want cooked pork ribs or smoked food, the infrared burner cannot be as low as twiceBaidu, but can be replaced by traditional blueflame burner.
Zucchini and corn on the Cob can be perfectly cooked on an infrared grill, as can portabello mushrooms, eggplant, asparagus, small potatoes and even pineapple.You can even bake pineapple upside down cake with an infrared grill.In fact, each Solaire infrared gas grill includes a recipe with food, recipes and barbecue time for the grill, and the instructions are also posted online.
The clean-up of the infrared grill is usually quick and easy, as the juice is immediately baked into the meat at this high temperature.There are not many things that can be fixed on stainless steel at temperatures above thousand degrees.Also, the absence of a heat shield, lava rock mesh, or molded fuel tray means there is no position for Grease.
During the barbecue, grease evaporates through a concave cooking grate design or drops onto a drip tray below the head of the grill.Thanks to the simple design of the heat and burner, the infrared grill is easier to clean than the traditional grill
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