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Daily Mail reporter update: at 23: 38 on August 4, 2011, in a crazy example of how New York residents will do anything for a vacant lot, a small piece of grass is rented for $50 an hour.
A Manhattan company found a gap in the market.
And the gap between the two highs. rises -
And will provide a patch of 3,200 square feet on the Lower East Side for anyone who wants a little green. The city-
Savvy entrepreneurs believe that people will pay for the opportunity to sunbathe or grill --
In the United States, many others take it for granted.
Known as "backyard time sharing", the plot at 145 Ludlow Street --
Between two buildings.
It opened in August 11.
"I like New York best --
But on some summer days, going to the beach is a hassle, and going to Central Park is a hassle. Tell the New York Post
I know it sounds crazy when I read it.
But it's one of those things that can only be in New York. year-old added.
The space has changed from junk tips to green patches a few days later, and local retailer Catherine Wieser is pleased with the improvement.
But Dolce Vita's sales assistant is worried about a garden party.
"People drink, we are a small store, so people who get drunk get very annoyed when they come in for a while," she said.
Sion Misrahi, owner of the plot for the past five years, said he wanted people to be able to "decompress" a bit.
'I want to see people sitting in the recliner, taking off their shoes and socks and putting their feet aside,' he said.
Reduce some stress in their daily life.
The $50 per hour fee is just the beginning as the organizers will also ask customers to rent all their equipment from the agency.
May include a noteand-
The slides cost $100, the children's pool costs $200, and the grill costs $150, according to Gothamist. com.
But when the New York Post asked for a complete list of rental items,
The organizers cannot present their surcharge menu immediately.
Also, anyone who forks for cash should use juice as a drink --
No mixer
Their summer rent. a-bash.
A representative of the National Liquor Administration said that if the party rents r to pour a drop of wine, the space requires a liquor permit, just like any bar or restaurant.
As of yesterday, no application had been received for 145 Ludlow Street and no application had been made in the name of organization group, participating agency or space owner Sion Misrahi.
When asked about the wine, Cavana would only say: "on the flyer.
The group's advertising promises that people attending parties can "drink beer" and "Drink Beer Table tennis ".
Renting r also has to buy food from the company.
Local lawmakers said they would pay close attention to the party.
Margaret Chin, a member of parliament representing the Lower East Side, said, I hope the operators will respect and focus on the surrounding communities.
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