bbq grill Keyword research - what figures should I believe?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-14
Hi warriors, we all know that getting keyword research online is one of the core keys to successFrankly, I have a real problem in this area because I don't know what numbers to believe in.For example, I currently have a website for keywords "gasbbq grill" and "gas bbq grills, I have managed to get my site to search for location 5 on location 22 of "Gas Grill" and "gas grill" on Google's home page.According to Microniche Finder and Market Samurai, the keyword "gas grill" gets 5,400 accurate local searches per month, and the keyword "gas grill" gets 49,500 accurate local searches) search once a monthIt was because of these numbers and relatively low competition that I decided to build my website and now that I have reached my ranking, I expect more than 140 unique visits per month.
However, according to the Google KW tool "gas bbq grill", there are only 480 local searches (US market) and only 720 local searches in monthand "gas bbq grillers.These numbers are very different from those given by other 2kw tools.I continue to do more keyword research on other keywords, and the difference between the number returned by the google kw tool and the number returned by the other kw tools continues to exist.
I can't understand!I have been careful to make sure that all the tools are aimed at the United States.S market.These huge differences make it difficult for me to make any wise decisions about the keywords of future projects.I would really appreciate it if you could accept it all.
Have you ever experienced these huge differences?
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