bbq grill 'Springer' Producer Cops Say Sister Died from BBQ & Death Scene was Staged

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-08
bbq grill \'Springer\' Producer                                      Cops Say Sister Died from BBQ                                      & Death Scene was Staged
Senior TV talk show producer Jill Blackstone's sister appears to have died of carbon monoxide on the grill.-But police believe that the scene of the death was planned. they said it was Jill.The law enforcement department told TMZ...Medical staff found Wendy Blackstone's body at 12: 48 on Saturday...She lives with Jill on the garage floor of the house.There is a grill in the garage and ashes in the grill.We were told Wendy.-Deaf and partially blind-Holding a handwritten suicide noteThe police concluded that the note was written by Jill...It is also strange to believe that the grill is placed at Wendy's feet.We were told that this is why the police thought it was the scene of the murder, not the suicide.TMZ broke the story...Jill was initially arrested for murdering her sister but was released on Wednesday nightA.Kicked it back to the police for further investigation.Jill told the medical staff that she was dizzy too, but she was lying in bed and calling a friend for help.The friend called 911 and asked the authorities to go to chagir...She thought she had a stroke because she was vague on the phone.Jill had to be hospitalized for two days for serious carbon monoxide poisoning.-She was arrested on Monday after her release.Interestingly ...We have been told that Wendy has not been seen by anyone except Jill since last Thursday...Two days before she was found dead.It was not until the coroner's office obtained the toxicology results that Wendy's exact cause of death would be known.
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