bbq's for 'grillionaires'! latest high-end fad is a £2,200 barbecue that can tell you when your burger's cooked by linking to your iphone (and there's a posh new way to keep yourself toasty) - gas barbecue grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-23
bbq\'s for \'grillionaires\'! latest high-end fad is a £2,200 barbecue that can tell you when your burger\'s cooked by linking to your iphone (and there\'s a posh new way to keep yourself toasty)  -  gas barbecue grill
There is a new BBQ enthusiast who is not afraid to watch their money rise in the smoke.
The latest way to show off wealth is to buy extremely high --
BBQ set. And so-
People who are called "grilliongos" don't mind splashing water on high-end grills, burgers
Even small warm.
Vicky Angell of John Lewis said: "We are increasingly finding that people are looking for a luxury experience.
More and more customers want to go beyond simple grilled sausages and devote time and money to advanced barbecue cooking.
Here Alice smelli joins the ranks of billionaires --
Buy multiple packs of food if necessary and host a barbecue party worth nearly £ 7,000.
Is it worth it?
The usual price: the price of a gas barbecue is about 100.
Billionaire Price: Genesis ii lx e-
640,2, 199, Weber.
It's more of a spaceship or a sports car than a barbecue.
The huge gas machine lights up through the ignition system and the ignition system emits an instant flame.
It also has a separate iPhone.
The digital thermometer connected to the probe can tell you when the meat is cooked.
Put your food on the plaster
Iron grate, which can be cooked quickly and evenly due to lack of coal, has very little smoke.
It's big enough to cook for any party until your arm hurts when you lift the meat to the table.
Usual price: Lakeland one Cup for £ 200.
Grillionaire price: Limited Edition Outdoor Oven in Delvita Rose Gold at Home and Garden Festival, £ 1,250 (delivita. co. uk).
Would you like to make a burger with a hard crust of hot bread?
A real billionaire has a special oven that keeps them really roasted.
This beautiful little thing has a rose gold front and is very compact
Small garden.
Fire with wood at the back, and the fire can also cook meat, fish and vegetables.
It takes 90 seconds for a pizza.
Faster than the microwave!
The usual price: about 10 for a set of supermarket utensils.
Grillionaire price: £ 57, London City.
You would think of the pliers as pliers, but this neat little package (
Made of waterproof denim and leather strap)
Showcase the perfect trio of stainless steel tools.
They are compact and amazingly functional, including pliers for turning and spatula shoveling from the grill.
The usual price: you can find a good apron for only 7.
Grillionaire price: Aabelard apron, 125, aabelard.
Philip Hayward, founder of Aabelard, spent a long time in an apron.
She thought the dress was both good-looking and practical, so she designed a small black dress she called an apron.
It is made of waxed cotton and Italian leather trim with different sizes and fits like a glove
In addition to protecting you from BBQ grease.
The usual price: 3 for four burgers.
Millionaire Price: C.
Wagga beef burger in London, £ 14.
95 points for four people.
ComLidgate is synonymous with high quality (and high price)
Celebrity fans including Richard Branson and Niagra Lawson. While some low-
End burgers in mainstream stores may be filled with pig stle, and these smooth and juicy meatloaf are filled with meat from Earl Stonham Farm, the only pure rock chicken producer in the UK.
The cows spent most of their lives feeding on lush Suffolk pastures and locally grown corn.
It is said that Japan and cattle are the best in the world.
Some people say they are even massaging and feeding beer.
The burger is cooked quickly and tastes good.
Usual price: 2 at Heinz, Sainsbury.
Grillionaire price: 4 pounds in hotel chocolate cocoa ketchup.
50, Hotel chocolate.
Add a little tomato and Rosemary tomato sauce for £ 4. 40, alittlebit. co.
The price of UkIt is even higher than the brand sauce, but this reddish-brown tomato sauce has a strong smell of tomatoes that moistens your eyes.
Although we don't know much about cocoa, it tastes just as annoying.
Assuming a real billionaire has at least two cups of coffee, I also chose a tomato and rosemary with herbs in it.
The usual price: the best one is Morrisons, 2. 48 for six.
Price: organic sausage at Daylesford, £ 4.
Six 49, Okado.
Sausage must be 42 cents of meat under comBy law, but not all meat is equal.
Full, pink, juicy organic sausage in Daylesford with free organic outdoor porkbred animals.
Seeing the sight of happy pigs bouncing around in green fields, I can happily say that these are all worth it.
The taste is absolutely good.
Usual price: Brioche burger bread, 80 p for four Asda.
Grillionaire price: burger bread for St. Pierre brick, 1.
95 six, Okado.
Along with the sausage, I used a rich briochi bread made of dark yellow and butter.
Their texture is more humid than some cheap versions of dry and broken bright white (
Although the Asda listed above is delicious).
Maybe grillionaire's palette is more refined-
I actually prefer plain white bread.
Usual price: around 4 per piece
Special steak.
Grillionaire price: Brookfield white Taurus loin, 19.
99 steaks for 227g, Okado
How many friends do you love?
These beautiful Wagyu steaks come from Japanese beef cattle because they contain a lot of marble fat.
But even at this price, relatively speaking, our steak seems to be at the end of the budget: a whole piece of Sharon from finefoodspecialist. co.
Britain will cost you 1,000.
We agree that this is more expensive than regular meat in our supermarket, but I can't eat wagyu steak a lot and also feed my three children. Unfortunately.
Usual price: Asda 12-
Dinner for £ 10.
Grillionaire price: Orlo disc set by Italian Natuzzi (
10 pieces 1,200)
, Heavy, expensive trio 01322 771 442A-
White china decorated in golden bronze.
It's absolutely amazing as long as you ignore the fact that it costs the equivalent of a complete
Dinner service. These are —price aside —
Perfect for BBQ.
But maybe grillionette got stronger from all Wagyu beef because they were heavy and it was stressful to wash --
My dishwasher is broken!
Usual price: 12 for a set of Marks & Spencer cutlery.
Grillionaire price: TVIS Titanium rose gold tableware, 196 for the four-seat suit of brostecopenhagen.
ComNothing screams wealth like a gold knife and fork.
These are gold.
Color titanium;
The real gold is very soft and I suspect it may scratch soon.
The only downside to the glittering cutlery is that you need to wear sunglasses to stop the sun from reflecting and dazzle you.
Usually Price: 6 cups, 1 cup Asda.
Grillionaire price: Airtwist high-foot cup, £ 48, robertwelch.
This is a heavy wine glass with beautiful twisted stems made of hand blown lead crystal glass.
A glass of soda is about £ 50 for glassware, but these are more expensive than others.
They have a lot.
General Price: a pack of 50 napkins, 1 pound. 25 from Asda.
Grillionaire price: £ 54 W. S. city linen napkin.
95 Harrods each
ComCrisp cream linen napkin with embroidered gold pattern in the corner
It costs £ 54 per piece. 95!
They said it was an ideal place for a special dinner.
We say that unless you have a maid who is specifically hired to wash your hands, these things are too stressful to be used with ketchup flying around.
Simple barbecues and a few recliners will never be cut again: must-have food for this season
The Garden Project is a fire pit.
David and Samantha Cameron recently revealed that they had invested in a cottage at the Cotswolds home next to their country-style £ 25,000 shepherd's cottage.
Every good DIY store now sells dazzling products
From simple holes-in-the-
Ground varieties completed with synthetic pebbles to the amount of gas.
So which one is the right patio for you?
Log steel fire pit ring, £ 560 plus £ 48 delivery service via notonthehigh street, Monmouthsire, UK fire pit.
ComPosh people spend a lot of time doing things like hunting, shooting and fishing.
They also like to come together and fight for wisdom.
That's why they like the fire pit, which offers a great opportunity to stand around.
Their version always looks like rustic and rustic, but in fact they are eyes --
The running water was so expensive that the wood of the whole forest was consumed in one night.
Application Price for fire station of London Kew City Fire Control Co. , Ltd. , 020 7183 1806.
Loved by shameless super
Rich, this is the opposite of the real fire.
Pit, because there's nothing rough or home-
About all this.
This is a neat line of flashing flames that creates a minimalist urban aesthetic.
The "fire wall" will be made of expensive materials such as Welsh slate or Canadian teak, made of simple wire drawing steel.
You don't have to burn any logs because it's biological
Powered by ethanol, smooth and smooth pebbles are laid.
No wonder it is called "the fire of gram ".
Tesco small log or charcoal fire pit, £ 25.
£ 25, this little black number is a fire-
Mass pit-
In Jeremy Corbyn's vegetable field, it doesn't fit at all.
There is no grill, so you can't cook anything, and it's not suitable for use on the deck, as the calves fall from the cracks and scatter the burning wood around.
Still, you can still put two logs in it, which is enough to release a little heat.
Or you can wear your Che Guevara jumper.
Permo furnace, Durango, 37373. 99, wayfair. co.
UkIf you are the hostess of a picky hometown, this fire pit is perfect for your spacious terazzo. At £373.
99, it is reassuring that it has clever design features such as an iron bowl that can be used as an ice bucket, which means you can roast chicken or serve champagne.
It is an elegant outdoor dining table made by hand
Cut Natural Slate
Shangri-La Manor Chimenea, Cher Clay, pound.
15, from the family base. co.
The owner of this manor
The style of "Chimene" is to fantasize about living in a hotter climate like Spain or even Mexico.
They will see these neat porcelain chimneys on the journey and marvel at how well their sarchha and empanadas have done.
So they tried to turn their home into a manor with only £ 48.
15 from Homebase.
The trouble is that in the baking sun of Andalusia, the terracotta chimneys are fine, but they don't look very appealing on a cold gray Terrace in Blighty.
The original card generation on the Gothic stands, from the card generation 430. co.
For those who like to think about the meaning of life (
Maybe a little help with herbal inspiration), the fire-
The pit of choice will be Katai, an ancient Indian fire-
A bowl used for cooking on the hills of Rajasthan.
Two enterprising guys from Shropshire set up the card company, which will offer you a brazier for 430.
Or a barrel made of recycled oil, just £.
Both methods are ideal for heating curries of lentils.
There's a hole in the ground, free.
Wood chip bag from B & Q: 7. 36.
If you are mainly interested in playing Apaches, you will want a simple holein-the-ground variety.
You did it yourself.
This is probably the most real because after the fire
The pit is to get your inner Bear Grylls channels and hone your survival skills.
Dig your pit and fill it with wood
Fragments from B & Q.
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