bbq skewers stainless steel Sicilian antipasto

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-17
bbq skewers stainless steel Sicilian antipasto
Sword fish skewers: cut the swordfish into thick slices about 1 cm wide, then cut into cubes and put them in a stainless steel bowl with all the other ingredients.Toss for 2 hours, then use the line on 6 bamboo strings.Place under a barbecue or grill and cook around.No more than 4 minutes.Sardines fillet: chop the olives and add chopped garlic, scallions and parsley.Then add ground cheese and pepper.Lay the sardines flat on the table and place a little filling along the center of each fillet.Fold and transfer to an oil-coated baking tray.Place in a pre-The oven is heated for 3 minutes.Serve immediately.Qingkou: in a large pot that can hold all Qingkou, start with the onion in the oil, stir-fry to translucent, then add garlic and try again for a minute.Add bitter AI wine to the pan, add the green mouth when boiling, and when the green mouth is opened, transfer to the bowl and let it cool.When all the green mouth is opened, add the orange juice and lemon juice to the pan along with the pepper, parsley, lemon peel and tomatoes.Season with medium heat and cook for about 15 minutes until the sauce starts to thicken.At the same time, remove half of the shell from each mussels and place it on a small tray.When the sauce is slightly thicker on each mussels filled with the shell to the desired level of water.Turn to the dish.Appetizer platter: prepare skewers and sardine fillets in advance.Start with the Green mouth and then cook sardines and Sailfish when the sauce is reduced so they can be cooked very close and eaten immediately.
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