BBQ TOOLS HEAT UP. - best bbq tools

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-03
BBQ TOOLS HEAT UP.  -  best bbq tools
As consumers are tired of looking for new American food around the world,Discover Native American cooking in your own backyard.For retailers selling barbecue accessories and manufacturers making such innovative products, this is a trend that is turning into real dollars.The barbecue Industry Association (BIA) announced a surge in outdoor cooking;Three out of four AmericansS.Now the family has a bargeque Grill and cooks on coal.According to theBIA's 9 billion survey of barbecue trends, 1997 times a year.Retailers who make money in the outdoor cooking boom are not just traditional hardware stores.Kitchenware retailers have also discovered the market for barbecue tools."Throughout the summer and fall we did a really good job with BBQ accessories," said marshall, a buyer of SurLa Table cookware, on January."We didn't have time to cook but we were trying to eat well but it was delicious."BIA's survey shows that the market for barbecue accessories will last until after the summer: More than half of Americans cook outdoors all year round, while the Northeast cooks the most outdoors.In fact, CarolynWells, executive vice president of the National Barbecue Association, said the backyard is becoming an outdoor kitchen."The Terrace Kitchen is probably the hottest thing right now: from top to bottomEnd Grill with side burner, wet bar and shelf."People take the kitchen outside," Wells said .".Like many other household goods industries, the barbecue tool market seems to be getting more and more upscale as consumers demand more and moreA premium accessory to their expensive gas stove."People choose better quality," Wells said .".Spatula and pliers with rosewood handle-Very durable products-Expensive knives are used like best friends.Wells said the proliferation of innovative accessories has helped encourage the barbecue trend by making outdoor cooking easier and more diverse, making it attractive to people who may not have tried it before.Pan-fried baskets allow vegetarians to stir, for exampleMeat meal that does not throw mushrooms to coal."Bells and whistles are an important part of this trend," Wells continued ."."These tools make it easier to grill and grill.This is the snowball effect.Marshall of Sur La Table has been successful in mixing products."We carry tools from the cabin, like the athlete's grill, and this year we put electric grills from disherger, and the dishwasher is safe to use both indoors and outdoors."These products sell very well this year," she said ."As consumers become more sophisticated grill chefs, suppliers are adding more tools to their Grill accessories, adding pots and more to their cooking Library.Sunbeam, for example, expanded the variety of cast iron cookware, adding a sauce pan and a bean pan as well as a fajita frying pan.Sunbeam also added a new stainless steel pot and tool for outdoor cooking.It's time for baby boomers.Ann Rasure, product manager for Sunbeam outdoor cooking drift, said.So instead of running to restaurants, they brought their social activities into their homes."Or rather, their backyard, where the most intense desire for feathers seems to be as strong as any other room.Welcoming fueleda host with decorative barbecue accessories.One of the fashion leaders in the field is Grilla Gear, a division of OXO International, which produces a range of barbecue tools and brightly colored textiles, bringing whimsical elements.The design of the fish and stars is cut out by serious stainless steel in the spatula and the Hopper;Corn holder disguised as pool ballThe brush of the grill is shaped like a crocodile."There is an entertainment element in cooking around agrill," says John Farber, a Grilla Gear design consultant .".We strive to make all our products interesting.The supplier is making the accessories more practical.For example, Ekco home products offer a range of scalable products that allow the grilling staff to adjust the length of the working tools.Nevertheless, according to the BIA, the traditional tongs and long pliersHand forks are the utensils of most barbecue shops, with cleaning brushes and long forks.Not far from the back there are treated spatula.There are also opportunities for growth in other areas of the outdoor kitchen.Of the barbecues surveyed by BIA, less than half have gloves or gloves, long glovesHand brush, grill cover or skewer.
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