beachcombing for bodies in loomis' provincetown - stainless steel 6 burner built-in bbq

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beachcombing for bodies in loomis\' provincetown  -  stainless steel 6 burner built-in bbq
Detective Frank Covent is standing in the sun.
The striped living room, until some time the day before, is still Kenji sole.
This is a very beautiful living room: spacious and airy, mixed furniture for antiques and Ames --
Modern, white walls are hung with several excellent abstract paintings.
A coffin recognizes a door-
The size of Roscoe's Violet, violet, and the black and white of those early de Kunin that could happen.
The south side of the living room has high windows overlooking the port of provenstown, which caught attention in the bright morning sun.
There is a huge stone fireplace on the opposite wall.
The floor is made of wide oak planks, mostly covered with a huge Persian carpet with watery blue and green patterns on it, it would be very beautiful if Kenji Sole's body was not lying in the middle of a large and complex blood stain.
"It looks like a stab wound," said the police standing next to the coffin . ".
His big belly was tight on his uniform shirt.
He's the cousin of the coffin, Tony Santos.
The coffin gave him a look, then eight more.
An inch chef knife protruding from the chest of the Kenji sole. "You think? " he said.
Sergeant Lora winters patted Tony on the shoulder.
"Maybe you 'd better go out and control the traffic," she said . ".
"I didn't see any traffic," Tony said . " He looked out from the north window and saw a steep, narrow road leading from Route 6A to the Mayfair heights.
"That's easy," Coffin said . ""Okay. " Tony sighed. "Fine. I get it.
I can smoke a cigarette anyway.
The coffin raised a finger. "Crime scene.
No cigarette butts.
"Okay, don't worry," said Tony, walking down the open stairs.
The coffin rubbed his temples. He felt dizzy; a high-
His left ear gave a faint whine.
Kenji Sole was once a beautiful young woman.
She ate almonds in Asia or in parts of Asia.
The shape of the eye, the oval face, and the strong nose suggest some European genes.
She's been a long time.
Cut your hair into gold.
It's hard to say how old she is: maybe in her early thirties.
Small and thin
Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed, dark.
She's naked except for a pure baby
Doll pajamas and an ankle bracelet made of small shells, her skin pale in the sun.
The coffin looked at it, felt uncomfortable, and then looked at it again.
She was stabbed at least five times and was covered with dry blood. "Frank? " Lola said.
"Do you want to go out? Get some air?
"Yes," said the coffin.
"Just a minute. Sorry.
The coffin sat on the steps behind. He felt better;
The buzzing sound in his head has disappeared and his peripheral vision seems to be almost normal.
Lola slowly fanned him with her uniform hat.
"I'm fine now," Coffin said . "
"You can stop using the fan.
"You still don't look very good, frank.
"A car passed under them at 6A and headed for Providence.
On the narrow lawn, a pair creaked.
"I'm fine," Coffin said . "
"Let's take a look at the rest of the house.
Then let's talk to the cleaners.
"The house is a modern building in its 70 s, two floors, newly remodeled.
There are three independent.
There is a garage on the ground floor.
The kitchen is well designed and almost morbid and tidy.
Hanging the sparkling wine glass from the overhead shelf, the Globe put down; the six-
The burner Wolf range is spotless and seems to have never been used.
With sparkling black granite countertops and cherry cabinets, they look perfect from the inside.
A sliding glass door opens southeast towards the wide deck of Truro. The built-
There is a body large enough in the stainless steel refrigerator.
The thought shook the coffin quickly.
He held back the urge to open the refrigerator door.
There is an antique boat clock on the wall.
The coffin glanced at the watch: The clock was nine minutes fast.
"Look, Frank. "Coffin turned.
Lola squinted at the kitchen knives of the Kenji Sole collection, which were stored in a slotted Oak block.
"Shun," said Lola. "Japanese. The fancy set.
She pointed to an empty spot in the block.
"Our murderer did not bring his own weapons, but found them here.
"" What does it mean? " Coffin said.
Rose raised her eyebrows.
"What test is this?
"I'm sorry," said Covent smooth, with a beard.
"Just think loudly.
"You can plan to kill a person but still improvise the weapon," Lora said . ".
"You go to their house and plan to kill them and decide what you like about the chain you see in the garage, or fireplace poker.
The southeast wall of the kitchen is almost made of glass.
The coffin stood for a while, watching the curve of the little wave rushing towards the lion --
Cross the colorful beach of the tree top and North Truro tourist motel.
"I want to know what's upstairs . "
"My God," said Lola, standing next to the coffin in the master bedroom.
"It's like a bomb.
I want to know what they're looking.
Clothes and jewelry are scattered all over the place.
Most of the books were taken out of the floor. to-Ceiling shelf.
The closet was turned out, the mattress was cut, and the dresser drawer was thrown on the floor.
Tear off two small paintings on the wall and throw them on the other side of the room.
One face down;
The other is black. and-
Could be a white abstraction of the portrait of a naked woman.
There is also a pattern on the wall: sand dunes-
In the middle there is a sunset picture of an idealized lighthouse.
It seems strange in all abstract works --
Formalism and colorfield pieces —
Some of them may be worth a lot of money, Coffin believes.
He opened the door to the bathroom.
The walls and floors are green marble.
The shower and Jacuzzi are huge and equipped with gold fixtures.
"Jesus," said the coffin, his voice echoing gently on the marble wall.
"You can have a party here.
Bigger than my living room.
There are three smaller bedrooms and two additional bathrooms.
Everything was as neat and tidy as the kitchen, completely dusty, stuffed the quilt and straightened --
Taste, no human touch.
The study was thrown thoroughly like the master bedroom.
The drawers of the carved antique table have been pulled out and thrown on the floor.
Pen, Pencil, legal note paper, CD, paper clip and note paper
Sticky notes are everywhere.
The Aeron chair is lying sideways.
There is a printer on a wooden rack, and there is a computer keyboard in the corner.
"Keyboard, printer," pointed the coffin.
"There is no computer," said Lola.
"I hope this is not a technical issue," Coffin said . ".
"I hate technology.
"I guess it's about sex," Lora said . "
She scratched her stomach.
She had a long scar running from under her right breast to her left hip;
Itches sometimes.
"They only searched her private space.
Not a room, not a kitchen, not a living room. Weird.
"It's like they know where to look," Coffin said.
Or scared away.
Or find the rest.
"All the bedrooms open a wraparound deck, suspended from a steep cliff, down from 60 feet to the edge of the old highway.
The trees below are trimmed so that you can see the views of the harbor and Cape Cod Bay.
The coffin stood on the deck for a while, watching a red sailing boat swim over the water.
The sun sparkled;
Sailing ships emit fluorescent light.
His girlfriend Jamie threw away the last pack of cigarettes and ordered him to quit smoking again.
"I want to know what's going on with Mancini and the kids?
Said Lola, standing in the sliding glass door.
Mancini is the regional prosecutor for Cape Town and the islands;
He and his national police detective team are starting from barntower and driving Highway 6 on Mancini's big Lexus.
Looked at the watch in the coffin.
It's about 8: 45.
"They will come at any time," he said . "
"We 'd better talk to the cleaners.
"In the past few years, the influx of people in Eastern Europe --
Mostly girls in their teens and twenties
Become a summer labor force in Providence.
They come with A student visa, mainly illegal work, waiting for A table or cleaning the toilet or running the cash register at A & P
No work is too humble, no living conditions are too bad.
The coffin is making more than one nasty call to the old North Truro motel, which is now a cheap living space for seasonal workers, find up to 12 Eastern European people living in one room to sleep in shifts, three to one bed.
They are mainly from poor countries such as Serbia, Bulgaria and Croatia.
They need money to pay for school, and the rest of the money they send home to their families, at least until they fall into the frenzy of American consumers and decide to keep it for themselves.
There is no doubt that some of them are in a situation of drug use or prostitution, although there is not much demand for prostitutes in Providence.
The cleaning women of Kenji Sole are young Eastern European women who work in a service company called "maid.
Ten of their cars. year-
An old Honda Civic car full of vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies is parked in the driveway between the House and the garage.
Both girls are beautiful: sunburned, big
A blonde beauty in the chest named Minka and a slim brunette named zerenka.
They were smoking on the steps leading to the carriage house.
The coffin did not check their ID.
"So when did you come?
Ask them about the coffin.
"After 8," said Minka, shaking as he pulled one out of his cigarette.
"We went into the kitchen door and started working right away.
Zerenka saw her for the first time.
The door is unlocked? " Lola said. Minka shrugged.
"It's P'town," she said . "
"Who locked their door?
"Is this normal ? "" Coffin asked.
"You will appear at 8: 00. m.
Let yourself in and start work?
Zelenka with dark skin nodded.
"It's normal," she said . "
Her eyes are bright blue and Almond
Her hair was cut short.
She always left the money on the counter.
$200 in cash
Sometimes she went downstairs for coffee, but we basically couldn't see her. "Coffin nodded.
Their accent made his heart beat in the chest.
"Where would she be if you didn't see her? Out? Minka shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. Out, sure.
Not at home, or we will see her.
$200? " Lola said.
"Isn't that a lot?
"The house is very big," mingka said . "
"We clean everything.
"So," said Coffin.
"Zerenka, did you see her first? ""Yes.
When zerenka nodded, her hair was a bit moving.
"I'm going to vacuum in the living room, and she's there. So much blood!
I felt very scared when I saw her.
"Have you touched her ? "
Or touch something in the living room?
Zerenka shook his head forcefully. "No.
I don't touch anything.
"She screamed loudly," Minka said . "
"What's going on with this? ' I say.
She ran outside screaming. So I am afraid.
I went outside too.
She said Miss Kenji was dead.
"Do you know she's dead ? "" Coffin asked.
"Yes," said zerenka, who took her last sip from the cigarette and then lit a new one from her ass.
"In my country, I have seen dead people before. Many times. She is dead.
"Then what did you do ? "
"Ming card calls our boss with a mobile phone.
The boss called the police.
She pointed to the carriage house.
"Also, people who live there come out to help us.
I think he is a good man. "Did he help you ? "How?
"He checked at home to ensure safety. ""Safe?
"He made sure all the people who stabbed Miss Kenji were gone," Zelenka said . ".
"He is very brave.
"How long has he been in there ? "" Coffin said. Minka shrugged. "I don't know.
Time seems long.
About 10 minutes? Long time.
The mating season by Jon Loomis
All rights reserved©2009 Jon Loomis
Published by Minotaur Press.
All rights reserved.
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