ben stokes backs `brilliant´ captain alastair cook - barbecue charcoal in chennai

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-25
ben stokes backs `brilliant´ captain alastair cook  -  barbecue charcoal in chennai
Ben stoke hopes that the "outstanding leader", Vettel Cook, will continue to serve as captain of England. All-
Round hand Stoke takes his chance to speak for this person who has been responsible for his testing career, but his continued tenure seems to face 4-
India lost 0.
Speculation about Cook's position
Went through 58 Tests as captain
Since he spoke publicly on the eve of a series of futures, he has been plaguing tourists, and in this future he may one day return to the line to be able to focus on hitting the ball.
Failure three times in a row did not help, and in Chennai the last Test will start on Friday and of course there will be no other failure --
Despite Hurricane Valda-
Against winning 2-since Cook's 2012 visitors-1 here.
Neither team will be able to hold a scheduled practice match on Wednesday at the marchdanbaram Stadium.
After Monday's vicious storm, ground workers have been trying to speed up the drying process by rolling a kebab filled with hot coal over a few inches of stumps on the pitch.
Nevertheless, the game was played.
Next, both teams will train on Thursday, but only on defense, fitness training and throwing --
Because the Nets will not recover in time, so ups and downs.
At the same time, Stoke looks forward to the future, and he expressed his support for Cook to continue his four-year tenure.
"I have played 31 test games and he is the captain in every game," he told the BBC . ".
"He wants nothing but the success of the team.
He wants to push it forward.
As a leader, I think he is very good.
I think he will.
"In his case, Stoke is one of a thriving group of players, especially in the 2015 home Ashes victory, and then in his career --
Last winter, even on this trip, Cape Town's best 258-
As England have performed well several times, they sometimes threaten to stay competitive and not continue to challenge.
"He has been great for the past two years . "
"He's one of the driving forces that make us a team today. "Although we are 3-
We have made great progress since Australia (in 2013/14).
"No matter what happens, no matter what decision he makes, I will respect him very much --
But I hope he can stick to what he does because I think he is doing well.
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