best bbq food in the capital - the best charcoal bbq grill to buy

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-01
best bbq food in the capital  -  the best charcoal bbq grill to buy
With the great British summer finally starting again, the BBQ is back on the menu.
But if your efforts usually lead to smoke inhalation and burnt chippolatas, there are plenty of restaurants across the capital that do hard work for you in their gardens and on the rooftop terrace.
When you enjoy something delicious freshly cooked on the grill, just show up, slap some SPF and have an ice beer.
This is the best barbecue option in our town. . .
London's Algarve, Portuguese barbecue
Located opposite the O2, Grelha has stunning views of the Canary Wharf.
Fresh fish and meat cooked on the impressive Thames
The side deck is ready for stylish outdoor dining.
This place is full of Mediterranean flavors and many main courses are shared by two people, making it a perfect, unusual date destination.
It may be located next to the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf, but took out a Grelha menu directly from the Algarve hotel
Try spicy chicken and chips (£14)
Or Portuguese sardines (£3. 70 per 100g)
Cook on a charcoal grill.
To wash it down, it must be a pot of sangria (
£ 15 for two pints).
Geriha in front of the gun, wedding-
Sun, lunch and dinner, 27 coolharbour, E14 020 7515 5222)The fish-
This is an exciting scale decadent.
The summer of Babylon means an elegant barbecue on the roof of Kensington, in strange flamingos and 1.
5 acres tropical garden.
This summer, the menu in Babylon is only sustainable food produced in Britain.
Colchester Rock oysters (12 for £16)
With scallions, aged red wine vinegar, Cornwall mackerel fish (£18)
A warm salad with sardines and fennel, olives and mung beans, and a spider crab in Eagle mouth Bay with mayonnaise, avocado, seasonal leaves and wild parsley (£22 for two).
Fresh BBQ on the new Fish Bar, meat and vegetarian options are also available.
Babylon at noon3pm and 7-
Except Sunday night, eleven o'clock P. M. every day.
W8 7/F, 99 High Street Kensington (020 7368 3993)
For hungry rock singers, Kinks performed their first show in Clissold Arms on 1960, and despite a sweeping overhaul earlier this year, the Muswell Hill boo
The huge outdoor terrace of the venue is a home to an outdoor grill where chef Jack young cooks dishes above the ordinary boring burger.
Check out the King's large shrimp crust with celeriac remoulade, grilled steak with portobello mushrooms, or tapenade toast and roasted vine tomatoes (all between £8. 75 and £16. 50).
What about dessert?
A bowl of wild raspberry and jasmine tea or Eaton restaurant (both £5)
Things should be handled well.
Clissold weapons, open weekend only, food served at noon, 115 Fortis Green, N2 (020 8444 4244)
The Rosendale restaurant has a huge charcoal grill and a kitchen garden that produces its own herbs and vegetables.
Chef Matthew Fox is changing the BBQ menu every day and you might do a worse job than marinating sticky rosondale ribs with a special family sauce (£13. 50)
Or infinitely less messy Argentine chimichuri Sussex beef salad (£15).
The kitchen works closely with the upper wilted Farm in East Sussex, and the fish of the day comes directly from Cornwall, so you may want to try two seafood platters
Lobster, prawns, scallops, salmon, swordfish, Octopus (£28pp)-
With a pint of cider ,(£3. 50).
There is a well-trimmed garden and a traditional beer garden overlooking the Royal Dalton-tiled facade.
Kebabs served daily at noon-
SE21 ten o'clock P. M. , No. 65 Rosendale Road (
8670 0812, therosendale. co. uk)
If the temperature reaches 14C, the coal on board will burn, and the pepper tuna steak will hang on the barbie.
They have been cooking outdoors since February 9, and in the summer, as many as 400 people have gathered outdoors to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and river landscape.
During the busy days, up to four chefs worked hard on the huge grill to produce baby bass (£13. 95), 30-day-
Beef and mutton burgers in Scotland (£9. 95).
There are also many options for vegetables.
Young's real beer and a huge wine list provide enough fuel for the live jazz band, which plays on the deck every Saturday.
Boat that provides food from noon
At ten o'clock P. M. every day, No. 41, SW14 Jewish Street (020 8870 9667)
Toffee's Barbie Aragon house is located in a walled enclave outside the New Kingdom Road, away from the hustle and bustle and feeling a world.
Can't book a garden table, so arrive early for dinner at night or on weekends-
Or be prepared to wait.
Kurdish in France (£10)
Or roast chicken wings with barbecue sauce (£5. 50)
Very warm-
Grilled wild boar sausage or signature beef burger (both £10)
The real deal.
Locals make the most of Barbie sandwiches at work (£5. 50).
Aragon House, daily barbecue from noon-3pm and 6-
SW6 nine o'clock P. M. , 247 xinguwang Road (020 7731 7313)
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