best bbq grills: this backyard stunner will make you the envy of your neighborhood - gas grills

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-24
best bbq grills: this backyard stunner will make you the envy of your neighborhood  -  gas grills
Half the summer has passed, and like most years I have been frantically barbecuing, smoking and cooking outdoors.
There are a dozen different permanent rotation models around my patio, from slow-competition smokers to Brazilian riodizio settings with rotating skewers (two, actually).
Over the years I have written articles about Grill, smoker and outdoor cooking, have been to the barbecue cooking camp and are a certified BBQ competition judge, so I know a lot of different cooking equipment, this year, I have been actively testing and re-testing sample manufacturers of some outstanding models that qualify as game changers.
This week I will follow up on the repeated "test drive" of these babies and will show four different categories of "must-have" grills, any of which can completely change your backyard kitchen.
Today, we started with Angara Maximus at iBBQ, a device of its own, and if you don't, you may not even know it's an option-that's what I'm here.
If you 've had a meal at a Korean grill or at a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant like Benihana, you might get this picture.
Its full name is Angara Maximus GrillingTable of iBBQ, and in Sanskrit Angara means "Fire Within", this beauty lives up to its name.
This is a table with a barbecue grill in the middle.
End as an outdoor furniture and cooking tool.
Made of exotic weather and insect-proof Iroko wood, teak-
Just like dealing with very good wood outdoors, even if the table is not cooked, it will cause jealous eyebrows on your terrace or by the pool.
But it was cooked.
It has three high independent controls.
High performance gas grill from high
Its surface is built in grade stainless steel, a linear cooking space that extends along the middle of the table, leaving enough space for the meal mats, wine bottles and sides to accommodate up to 9 people.
This amazing center is like an outdoor upgraded interactive Korean Grill dining table.
Whether you're cooking as a host or having guests barbecue their own food, the immersive interactive experience is unmatched, making any party even closer and making dinner a particularly fun event.
It even has the music ready USB port to set the mood.
It's its own party.
When I first cooked, I had eight guests, prepared several different kinds of kebabs, vegetables, shellfish, some of which were not marinated, put them out in the refrigerator, put some wine, let the fun begin.
We started cooking them and the guests turned around and grabbed whatever they wanted and then threw more, an amazing grazing dinner that everyone loved.
Since then, I 've been eating regular grill entrees, from double-cut, extra-thick pork chops to kalbi, to sliced, cross-cut ribs, to burgers and dogs,
It works like any high quality gas grill, and you can cook anything you can usually grill.
Since each of the three burners has its own knobs, you can make a high, one medium, one low, and move things around, or make them all the same, or bake them whatever you want.
This table is an upcoming party and they also get some little things right (
This may be clearer and more user-friendly in addition to the website).
The tables and matching Iroko benches are beautifully crafted and even optional matching gas tank housing (
Not included in the table)
Amazing, serving plates and extra wine bottles next to the main event did a great job.
It is specially designed for easy cleaning, and the three grilles below and the three stainless steel grease/drip trays are all suitable to fit into the dishwasher, which makes cleaning very simple.
When not in use, there are three wooden plug-ins on the table to cover the grille and you can use it as a table at any time.
What I like is, unlike many other grills that require a lot of time to invest in, starting coal and correcting it, or smoking for a few hours, as convenient as any standard propane grill, so, I will most likely use it to make two burgers for my wife and I will host a dinner party.
There is no long wait or laborious "entry barrier" and if there is such an obstacle next to your pool, you will most likely be using it every day.
Of course not cheap, but if you have a nice backyard and buy high end outdoor furniture anyway, it's all for you and the kind of table you want that will cook as well.
This is really a must-have for upscale outdoor life, just a good idea that took too long to get here, and it will be envied by people nearby ($15,000).
This is invincible for dinner parties for two or eight people, but once your guests can no longer sit at the table, as if you have 15 people at the table, you 'd better use a bigger grill.
The magic here is sitting next to the grill and eating. Weaknesses?
The BBQ space is obviously limited and the grill is not deep, so while you can make steaks, ribs, chicken, fish, burgers, dogs, kebabs and a lot more, you can't do anything as wide as baking a full rib (St.
Louis or baby right back)
Or the big three.
It doesn't have a lid to close so you can't cook with a lot of regular Weber for baking/indirect ovensstyle grills -
This guy doesn't have the whole turkey and the best ribs on him.
It is also very heavy and requires a dedicated, flat and sturdy space and electricity.
Oh, and it cost fifteen.
This is the top of Maximus line 8-
ILO, who is in the position (
I said 9 because you can pull a chair in the head of the table and if you connect propane or gas instead of refillable cans on the other end you can even make ten).
The model has all the fancy features like ceramic coal balls on the grill, LED lighting, electronic ignition, and even a key, so when you're out of town, no one can come to the grill
They also offer a streamlined "plain grill table", made of domestic cedar as an upgrade option, which is still a nice outdoor wood but at a lower price.
They also offer six (seven)and four (five)
The man version of both models comes with two and a grill burner, respectively.
You can buy an Angara BBQ table for £ 5, but if the extra cost and size of the Maximus model is worth it in your budget, you really want three grills
Part 2: Another great "core" grill that can lift up your backyard.
Part 3: the best gas grill on the marketand more.
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