best charcoal bbq Is this CPS worthy?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-23
best charcoal bbq Is this CPS worthy?
The neighbor's child was in the backyard yesterday.Oldest boy (13?) There is a pot of lighter liquid on one arm and a large stick on the other.They put some very large flames on the charcoal grill.They don't have anything to barbecue, just play with fire, spray lighter liquid on the flame, etc.There was a good flame on his stick and was tossing.Other children are about 8, 6, 4 and 2 years old.There is also a sister around the age of 15, but I didn't see her or my sister 2.My parents are gone.I'm not sure when they left, but didn't go home until 30 minutes after we saw the kids outside.I did see their neighbor on the other side looking out the window and watching the whole thing go down.They consulted the neighbor next to them (we texted them back and replied to the neighbor's prank for the fourth time) and they wanted to call the police.I took a picture of my sister (I don't care, I'm that neighbor) and she thought I needed to remind CPS.I found this to be a bit overreacting, but at the same time, I found that two older children were not mature enough/responsible enough to look at younger siblings, and the whole incident yesterday could be very South and fast.They're on the CPS radar.It is reported that last spring, they lived in their home conditions and made many follow-up visits.I don't want them to report again, but it's probably more serious than I thought?
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