best charcoal briquettes Weather and Climate - Do Forests Attract Rain?

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best charcoal briquettes Weather and Climate - Do Forests Attract Rain?
Energy costs are high now.The growth rate of the world's population is well above that of 7 billion people, as is the energy demand needed to sustain population growth.Most people in the world rely on firewood and charcoal as energy for cooking.Forest coverage is declining every year in many countries.
For example, Haiti has reduced forest coverage by 5.The period from 1990 to 7% was 2000 per cent.During the same period, forest coverage in Burundi (an extension of the Congo rainforest) decreased by 9%, while in Mexico (adjacent to the Amazon rainforest) forest coverage decreased by 1.
The Amazon basin, the Congo Basin and the Daintree rainforest in Australia are the main catchment areas in the world, and the destruction of these rainforests will affect the lives of billions of people and animals, plants and other creatures that serve as three rainforests are important drivers of the Earth's weather and climate.Can the Forest attract rain?Water is life.You need rain to have water.Do you need a forest to rain?Will the Forest attract rain?Some people disagree that this is a very controversial issue.
The trees in the forest have roots and roots in the depths of the soil, collecting water stored in the depths of the soil to the trees.Once water enters the plant, it escapes from the atmosphere in a process called evaporation or evaporation.When water enters the atmosphere, it becomes free.
for-Because it can be blown by the wind far from the forest?On the contrary, trees prevent moisture loss on the top floor of the soil when blocking water flow and soil erosion, and they also prevent dry air and the high temperature of the sun from reaching the soil.Can the Forest attract rain?The answer is yes.To understand this, we need to study the dynamics of weather and climate on a larger scale.
If you are going to form an equation that explains the weather and climate, it depends to a large extent on the factors listed above.Minor changes in any of the above factors will change our weather and climate.When the Earth rotates to the east relative to the sun, we will be day and night.
Of course we should be able to see the difference between day and night.When the Earth runs around its orbit, there is always a part of the Earth closer to the Sun than the other.This leads to summer in the northern hemisphere, winter in the southern hemisphere, and vice versa.
When a part of the Earth is heated over another part, a differential pressure is generated, which in turn produces a different wind cycle that we have.That's why we have different seasons.The energy of the sun is always stable.If you change the energy to reach Earth, you will change the weather and climate (good or bad ).The energy of the Sun reaches the earth to heat the land and water masses.
If we reduce the quality of the land, we actually increase the quality of the water.Changes in the quality of the Earth's open land or changes in the quality of the Earth's open water will also change our weather and climate.The rainforest, such as the Amazon or Congo rainforest, is more like a water mass than a land mass.
This is because, unlike open grasslands and deserts, there is always a lot of water in the rainforest.Humans have been changing the quality of the Earth's land and water by cutting down forests.When you cut down a tree without a replacement, and the other person does the same, it will not take long for the Earth's water masses to be greatly reduced, thus benefiting the increase in land.
The decrease in water masses conducive to the increase in land quality can only mean a decrease in net precipitation.Evapo-Will the Forest attract rain?âx80x9d Yes.How does this occur in the equation of rain?The problem is that the rainforest does have a lot of water and the trees provide a much larger surface area for evaporationEvaporation of water.
This means that the forest is thought to be more of a water mass like a very large lake.Whenever you cut down a tree without a replacement, you change the circulation of the wind in a small way, which will change the weather and climate.During the 10 years from 1990 to 2000, forest coverage in Burundi (Congo rainforest) decreased by 9% per cent.
If we reduce forest coverage by 9% per cent in each country, we will encounter many problems.There is no boundary between weather and climate.The weather and climate of the world are like seesaw.
Changes in Amazon rainforest forest cover may affect weather and climate in distant places such as India, while the reduction in Congo rainforest forest cover may affect weather and climate in Europe.People (and governments) need to be diligent in managing forests and trees, just like managing the central bank's treasury bonds.Firewood, charcoal and wood are Forest by-products that people need to use.
If a professional farmer can manage his cow to give him milk and meat and still keep his cow healthy, then we should manage our forest to give us charcoal, firewood and wood, keep our forests healthy without reducing forest cover.But we have a question that we don't like to talk about because it introduces politics that no one wants to hear about.It is all about managing our population and matching it with the natural resources available.
Energy costs are high now.
People (including the poor) have to eat and they have to cook.To cook, they need energy that has to come from somewhere, and it's better to look like free energy.To get free energy, all you need to do is cut down a tree somewhere and get the charcoal and firewood.
If there are no alternatives to the trees you cut down, then charcoal and firewood are not actually as free as nature will teach us.Rich people are known to grow healthy crops in greenhouses.You can water on the open lawn or golf course, but no matter how much water you use, during the dry season, your lawn or golf course will never get greener like the rainy season.
Why?This is because you cannot control the moisture (humidity) and air temperature in the atmosphere.When we live next to the forest or in areas with lots of trees, we will say that the place is good because it has a cool breeze.This is because the trees provide a temperature difference that creates a cool breeze (a damp and cool atmosphere) and a gentle temperature.
Therefore, the trees provide the two components of humidity and mild temperature, and those who water the lawn during the dry season cannot provide these two components.So this means that by saving the trees in our community to our farm, we are able to get better humidity and temperature to grow better crops.Humans are the great consumers of oxygen.In order for two people to have enough oxygen to survive for a year, they only need a tree to provide all the oxygen.
Trees are huge consumers of carbon dioxide.A tree can consume up to 20 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year.Statistics show that in developed countries, one person produces 2000 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year.
This means that a person needs 100 mature trees to clean the carbon dioxide he produces.If we don't have enough trees to absorb carbon dioxide, then there will be excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.This excess carbon dioxide is the reason to prevent heat from escaping from the Earth.
The Earth is like a greenhouse.
The result of this heating is a change in weather and climate.USDA Forest Services Brochure 1-92-It cost a total of $162,000.In many countries, a bag of 40 kilograms of charcoal still costs less than a dollar.
If a tree can produce 50 bags of charcoal, then about $50 per tree.So one person in London who invests $50 can stop another person in Amazon from investing $162,000?Maybe this is because the Kyoto protocol of put forward the environment treaty the emissions most greenhouse gas (two carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous two nitrogen, six of sulfur) people should compensate those who plant trees in the carbon credit trading system.For example, it works like this: a person who grows trees in South Africa will be given a carbon credit for sale.
In Australia, a person who runs an industrial complex can only run his business if he buys a carbon credit equivalent to his greenhouse gas emissions.When a lot of people do this, we get buyers and sellers of carbon credits.Now the market is like a stock market.The whole setup of selling and buying carbon credits is more complicated than what we're talking about here.
To get into the market, you need a consultant who will advise you on how to do it.S. entrepreneurs are expected to benefit the most from this market because they are ahead in infrastructure construction and have smart entrepreneurs and consultants.Unfortunately, the United States, Afghanistan and new Sudan have not yet ratified the Kyoto Protocol.
Like the United States, not everyone is satisfied with the Kyoto protocol, especially the forest provisions planted before the Kyoto Protocol (1990) are not eligible for carbon credit, but on the other hand, if these forests are cleared without replanting, they are also eligible for responsibility (as if they were involved in the cultivation of these forests ).We agree that some people are too poor to afford any other energy Besides charcoal and firewood.These poor people must live and eat like everyone else.
If we stop them from cutting down trees for cheap energy from charcoal and firewood, what other options do we have?When you see in many countries, the most common thing you see is the waste of crops and animals, from the grain shell, coffee shell, coconut shell, jute bar, sugar cane, peanut shell, sawdust mustard straw, cotton Rod, corn/corn, wheat, cassava, cattle waste, etc.The waste comes from crops and animals planted for the public.When crops are harvested, these agricultural plants will cause huge waste.
In addition, there is huge waste from animal feces, as well as paper waste and sawdust from sawsFactory, home and office.While animal feces and agricultural waste can be re-put into the farm as fertilizers, they are burned or rotted in most cases.These agricultural raw materials are called biomass.
As a potential source of energy, we should focus on biomass.Carbon and pyrolysis of biomass can produce enough charcoal dust, which can be made into charcoal coal balls, replacing pieces of charcoal and firewood, only by pressing and drying under the sun.By training the masses on how to turn their agricultural waste into charcoal coal balls, we will take an additional step towards reducing deforestation, which has become very common in many countries.
The advantage of this is that if the structure of converting biomass into charcoal coal balls is good, it can earn extra money from carbon credits.The carbon credit market is expected to become the most profitable market in the future.How to do a simple press machine, you can check here.
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