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best hotels in eastern u.s.  -  best gas bbq grills
The most authentic and unique hotel in eastern AmericaS.
2011 accommodation by National Geographic Traveler editor
Adams Hotel Washington DCC.
You're closest to spending the night at the White House. 1920s Italian-
The Renaissance Hotel has a direct view of the White House from the top floor, making the secret service crazy.
The restaurant defines power catering;
There is a reason why Bar is canceled.
Marble bathroom with fireplace.
Obama to pre-Inaugural digs. 145 rooms; from $435.
Tabad Inn Washington DCC. Word-of-
Mouth hidden in a tree
A street in Dupont Circle.
Vintage furniture and flea market;
There is no TV, but the sound of the city can be heard by the window.
Sunday jazz club fireside lounge.
Good location: about half
An hour walk from the White House.
Great restaurant. 40 rooms;
Including $113. breakfast.
Williams House, Amelia Island, Florida.
The gingerbread decorations on the Magnolia tree set the tone for this pre-war family located in the quaint harbor village.
Rose Garden with manual shed
An antique carved fireplace;
The closet with crawling space is a hiding place for the underground railway.
Breakfast in the South
Style on the balcony. 10 rooms; from $165.
Key West Island City House, Florida.
The oldest homestay on the island;
The true features of the Conch Republic are preserved.
Three houses, an unpainted replica of the original Alfonso cigar factory linked by hurly
Wide gardens and brick paths.
Enclosed porch, hammock. Six-
Hemingway's cat wandered around here. 24 suites; from $150.
Hotel & Cafe Marquis, Key West, Florida. A true-to-
Historical renovation of several vintage conch houses (1884)
A block from the main hall. drag Duval.
Multiple windows cast a sweet light on a tropical covered snowy bedweight duvets. Outside?
Two pools, three more.
The falls spread to the koi pond. Caribbean-
Affected by tropical fruits and delicacies.
Free walking and cycling guide please front desk.
27 rooms and 6 cabins; from $190.
Lake Laban Hotel, Ga emont, Ga.
Lake North Georgia Inn, rehabbed (in 2008)
The owner of the Protector
Speak local dialect with Cedar
Log bar and original 1920 s Adirondack furniture (
Loved by President Carter.
Open-air dining under Tin Shan.
Wine on a floating boat.
The soft bed invites sleep and is overwhelmed by the chirping of summer tree frogs. 8 rooms;
Including $109. breakfast.
Port Camden Inn, Camden, Me.
1874 building on the top of the mountain overlooking Penobscott Bay.
Spare-warm minimalist interior
Design highlights.
Modern rooms equipped with the latest electronic products;
Some also feature work fireplaces.
It is a pleasure for a pastry chef to make breakfast.
Lobster will be fine for dinner.
Catering treatment.
Just a few steps away, you can easily reach the historic harbor, away from Cape Cod --style crowds. 18 rooms; from $175.
I'm quesiana, Lovell.
Maine is here 47-
Acre Lodge resort on Lake Kaisa.
Staff during the day pick or make the bed from the Juilliard Conservatory of Music and the Oberlin chef before attending a recital
Perform opera and aria at the lakeside concert hall in the evening.
New England cottage like maple syrup: pine tree-
Wall paneling, white wicker furniture.
In this summer camp for music lovers, Lake sports, swimming pools, clay tennis courts. 70 rooms; from $175, all-inclusive.
Fairmont tropley Place Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts.
A bean town landmark in a hat and tail.
The magnificent hall has Gilt and plaid ceilings and marble pillars.
Traditional furniture, rich gem color, the room looks like a house in houwan town.
Throw out New England oysters at the Oak Bar.
Near Biken Hill and Liberty Trail (
Just follow the red line).
383 rooms, starting at $249.
Popular Liberty Inn Boston.
Overlooking the Charles River, the 1851 Charles Street prison at the foot of Biken Hill is converted into a modern hotel.
Walk to your room in the atrium: floor-to-
Floor-to-ceiling windows, dark brown artwork, eco-
Friendly soap dispenser.
Gallery of historyAlibi bar.
Cross a pedestrian bridge and you are on the Charles riverside trail. 298 rooms; from $295.
A small hotel in Lexington Bay, South Orleans, Mass. A 1798 gray-
The Shingle inn is located on the elbow of the Cape, overlooking the bay.
Could be a slave station on the subway.
Surrounded by flowers, docks and cobblestone beaches.
Boat-shaped room named after sailing design.
Scenic trails along the coastline.
Hurry early
Near the autumn harvest of cranberry swamp. 9 rooms; from $230.
Free Mountain Inn Port marceyarmouth.
1825 the Greek revival was built by a boatman and kept near the Atlantic ocean like a yacht.
One of the four choices:
Poster or snowy bed, claw-
Full foot bath or Jacuzzi throughout the period.
Large piano submarine for living room TV;
Guests can walk around the kitchen at will.
This season's new show: a pre-set GPS device for Cape Cod sightseeing. 9 rooms;
Including $110.
Breakfast and afternoon tea.
Wushan Wall Hotel & SpaMichaels, Md.
Chesapeake, James michena (
He wrote it when he lived in this East Coast village. . Three 19th-
Century House with indoor pool and spa.
Elegant elegance-
Jacuzzi, sink-
Chairs in the club, gas fireplace.
Write your own story: Visit the Talbot Street antique store, the Chesapeake Maritime Museum, sail on a working captain, or cruise on the hood on a free double bike. 20 rooms; from $150.
Lake Dover Heights EastH.
1767 New England farmhouse next to 21-
Akry nature reserve and trail head of the Northern Railway Trail (
Train tracks turn into trails for hiking and biking).
Rockwellian panorama: 250-year-
Old maple trees, stone walls in the countryside, and even a swimming pool where you can drink. quality water.
Food sources within 50mile circle;
Hand-baked coffee.
Canterbury rocking bed village nearby10 rooms;
Including $160. breakfast.
White face Lodge, Lake Placid, New YorkY.
Handmade resort in Post 19 style
The great camp of century tycoon Adirondack ".
Rustic luxury: bark and wood surfaces, soaring ceilings, many camps
Furniture in style. Carbon-offset program.
Half a mile from the Olympic village, but there is a lot to do here: ice rink, indoor/outdoor pool, bonfire at night.
SUV shuttle to Lake Beach Club. 94 rooms; from $315.
Casablanca Hotel New York. Y.
Meet Broadway in Times Square on 1942 to pay tribute to North Africa. Wine-and-
Mosaic cheese reception
Coffee shop in Rick (with piano).
Moroccan style in guest rooms: rattan furniture, blinds, ceiling fans. Sounds-of-
Natural alarm clock.
An oasis in the heart of the Big Apple, though closest to the New Year's Eve dance. 48 rooms; from $225.
The Rhine cliff, the Rhine Cliff, N. Y.
Queen Anne style Riverside Rehabilitation Center.
A private balcony overlooking the Hudson River;
Guest room with double massage bathtubscreen TVs. Wide-
Original oak bar, Hemlock flooring-
Stone fireplace.
A beer shop featuring the Hudson Valley bounty;
Blue stone terrace for open air dining.
Metro station a 2-
One minute walk (it's an under-two-
One hour drive from Manhattan Penn Station). 9 rooms; from $180.
Contemporary Catskill Inn Roxbury, Roxbury, New YorkY. A mid-century-
Modern interpretation of cat skills during the heyday.
The room was inspired by the 1960 TV show Fred's nest and George's space AD;
Genie's bottle comes with a illuminated Chromecast bath. Wi-
Fi lounge with video projection and minispa.
Behind: A trout stream runs through two rolling green spaces.
The entire town of Roxbury on the National Historical Register. 18 rooms; from $99.
Rocky Adventure Resort Brighton CityC.
22 comfortable camping on pine treescovered acres.
Yurt is set around the pond and at the top of the Lake Cliff.
Fish in the pond, cook on the grill, sleep in Rust
Real furniture, colorful yurt shared bathroom. Hot tub.
Five traditional rooms in the group hotel.
Soft adventure: Raft, scenic train, explain Jeep tour through the ancient community on the road behind. 13 rooms; from $39.
Swage Country Inn in wanesvilleC. An old split-
The rail fence will be 250-
Akry Aili of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
Character of many native Appalachian people: local stones, hands
Log, early
American country antiques
Room with wood
Fireplace, balcony, steam shower. Southern-
Homemade cookies.
Guest lectures and library lending are often conducted. 14 rooms;
From $490, includingall meals.
Hollywood Lodge, Pennsylvania.
A new generation of porconos resorts that integrate the forest environmentbody-Spiritual Approach.
Balcony, hallway, balcony, waterfall or private 15-acre lake. One-
Miles natural path, natural cranberry swamp, kayaking on the lake.
Comfortable room with sink
Shower in wing back and marble. Horizon-edge whirlpool.
Spa with woodland view. 58 rooms;
$425 per person.
Castle Hill Hotel & Resort, Newport, R. I.
Gatsby-style Victorian mansion on 40 acres of elegant land between the Atlantic Ocean and Naragansett Bay.
The old world decoration in the guest room is integrated with the sailing tradition.
The beachfront kitchen villa is located in the sea grass.
A Thornton Wilder character describes the 360-Panoramic viewBird-
Watch, comb the beach, and feed the wild blackberry. 35 rooms; from $259.
Wagon Inn in Aiken, United States of AmericaC.
Traditional Southern sanctuary located on the main street of history (
This is the 23rd of the historical Aiken tour).
19 hardwood floors antique
Century prints.
Suite with warehouse decoration. Go-tos: self-
Guided tour of the historic district, Sunday polo match, touch-and-
14-scent trail
Kerry Holland Gardens. 16 rooms;
Including $103. breakfast.
Planters Inn CharlestonC.
The urban complex of history and Southern lifestyle is located in a top 1844 dry goods mall. Museum-
Quality white furnitureClosed, highCeiling in the room. High-
Rustic ingredients for high-end cooking: gray, black-eyed peas.
Palm courtyard.
Explore the boutiques and bistros around the corner;
King Street antique shop a block away. 64 rooms; from $199.
Vt ard, the twin farm of Vt.
New England Classic 1795-
Time farmhouse and cottage with literary seal.
Author Sinclair Lewis on a rural holiday, the artistic pedigree continues to show the quality of the museum's artwork in the room (
Royal Academy of Art, Estonia, dining)
The local cuisine is creative.
Chefs subscribe to locavore philosophy, visit nearby farms and buy seasonal organic products.
Private ski resort, ski watching, rear
Dinner bonfire under the stars.
10 suites and 10 villas;
Buy two from $1,300, all-inclusive.
Old pub in Grafton, Grafton, Vt.
A 1801-square-meter hotel in Green Hills, dedicated to historical preservation, land conservation and Vermont food.
Seasonal pool, large organic kitchen garden with heir vegetables.
The restaurant's Vermont fresh net. Don't-
The Sunday dinner lady served the comfort of the past. 45 rooms; from $160.
Farm Inn Shelburn, Shelburn, Vt.
Queen Anne mans on the shore of Lake Champlain is a 1,400 crown jewel
Acre display of sustainable land use.
Protection ethics of non-profit tissue culture: managing forest land and grassland
Dairy products, cheese making.
Accommodation 19-
Century shell: wing back chair, spiral-
Changed into bed post, chintz wallpaper.
24 rooms, 4 cabins; from $122.
Stowe Mountain Inn, Stowe, Vt. Ski-in/ski-
The cottage, built from local granite and recycled steel, is surrounded by 2,000 acres of protected wildlife habitat: moose and black bear countries.
Rooms with views: floor-to-
Balcony, ceiling windows. In-
The House naturally leads the mountain safari for hiking and tourism;
Executive Chef of the farm-to-
Cooking class. 139 rooms; from $239.
North River Inn, Gloucester, Va. In slow-
Three historic buildings move in the Tidewater area of Chesapeake Bay, evoking the colonial spirit of the Old Dominion between Magnolia, pecans and red maple trees.
Breeding bed for Echo Chippendale sofa;
Silk and splendid. Wood-
Some rooms have fireplaces. Rib-
Breakfast: cheese from South greys, cheese from Virginia, bacon, sausage.
Put the clock (
Burn breakfast)
Walk along the peas-
Or canoe on tidal rivers and creeks. 8 rooms; from $145.
Grand Meadows Inn is located in Coronado National Park, Va province, United States of America.
A masterpiece of the Blue Ridge Mountains, built by the civilian protection forces on 1939 from the local chestnut trees and stones cut down by massanut mountain climbing. Mission-
Furniture matching style.
The gift shop offers homemade jelly, jam and syrup.
Live music every night
Wine tasting every two weeks
Production Workshop (June-Oct. ).
A mile across the skyline97 rooms; from $76.
Mountain Guesthouse graves, Syria, Va.
Retreat at a working/educational farm village Hill in the foothills of the Blue Ridge.
Iron roof, rocking chair on porch, family-style meals.
High yield Orchard, site visit, hayrides.
Celebrate the fall of hoedown when the leaves reach their peak: crafts supplier, clo, bluegrass music. 78 rooms; from $78, incl. meals.
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