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According to the Daily Mail Reporter and The Associated Press reporter, on September 17, 2013, 17: 09 EDT | update: 17: 24 EDT on September 17, 2013, a strong explosion occurred in a house in northwest Ohio this morning, killing two people, three others were injured and the pieces were scattered to four points. mile.
Troy Town Fire Chief Randy Woodruff said investigators were investigating whether a leaking liquid propane tank near the family's attached garage caused an explosion.
The tank was overturned, and Woodruff said it was too early to determine the cause of the explosion.
The neighbors said the explosion woke them up around five o'clock A. M. and they saw the flame at the ranch --
Located about 15 miles south of Toledo, fashion house near Shiling village.
A man died after being taken to hospital. about six hours after the explosion, a woman's body was found in the rubble.
The woodcounty sheriff's office said four people were found outside the house when emergency crews arrived. Five people —
They are all adults.
Live at home.
The neighbors say they are a man, his wife, their two sons and a fiancee.
The names of the victims were not published, but the records quoted by the blade showed that James and Jayne Richards owned the destroyed house at 23415 Shiling Road.
The couple were reportedly married in 1997 and local residents said they were men and women in their 60 s.
Their two sons are in their 30 s.
The explosion leveled the house and scattered it all over the yard and the farm.
There was a pile of insulation, mattresses, window screens and a door scattered in the yard.
The rest is the basketball stand in the driveway.
Bob Lahey told The Blade that he heard a loud noise and thought the plane had crashed.
He said he helped a man take out the pieces that burned for hours.
Lahey said the family had been in the house for a long time before he moved in 13 years ago.
On January, Irsak, who lives across the street, said the explosion had knocked out items on her wall.
I just sat in bed and thought, "What is that?
She said to the Sentinel
Bowling Green's Tribune
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