best portable charcoal grill A Guide to 5 Types of Outdoor Grills

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-06-22

Outdoor cooking has been around since prehistoric humans discovered fire.Fortunately, for us, the BBQ food was far more than squatting on a bonfire.So far, you think, we already know everything about the outdoor grill.Thanks to ever-Changing the technology and design of the grill, we spent most of our time trying to figure out the grill that best suits our needs and budget.In fact, there are a lot of styles for the outdoor grill, and it may be difficult for you to choose the right Grill.We will assist you in your decision.During the production process, according to the working methods, advantages and disadvantages of the grill and the approximate price tag, the five main types of grill are decomposed.1.Purists will tell you that BBQ is the only way out.The grill relies on light black charcoal blocks to create heat.Please be patient if you choose the charcoal version-You have to wait for the coal to shine.But for honest-to-The taste of delicious outdoor cooking, nothing lower than thisThe technology of charcoal grill is simple.When buying a charcoal grill, look for a stainless steel or ceramic grill for easy quick cleaning.Choose from popular kettles, ceramic eggs, barrels, and a variety of designs.The kettle grill is perfect for a short time barbecue.Egg-The shape and barrel grill are designed to offset heat for low and slow cooking.For those who like to cook with coal balls, there is nothing better than a charcoal grill.Charcoal is heated to a higher temperature than gas.If you are good at the art of barbecue, you will know that the barbecue on hot coal will soon form the perfect caramel shell, resulting in delicious, tender meat.Planning in advance is required to use a charcoal grill.First of all, you need to make sure you have enough charcoal and some kind of appetizer.Set aside 30 minutes for the coal to go red.When you have finished cooking, you have to wait until the grill has cooled before you can handle the ashes properly.High quality charcoal grill for only $100.Most pricing, however, is between $150 and $300.If you have such a tendency, you can also find top-of-the-Product lines range from $1,000 to $2,500.2.Of the 25 million grills/smokers purchased in North America, 57% are gas varieties.The fuel for the gas grill can be bottled propane or natural gas.If your home has an external gas faucet, most propane models can easily be connected to your gas pipeline line.This will eliminate the need to refill the propane tank at the last minute.The lower-priced gas grill is usually made of a black aluminum case and comes with a single burner or double burner.These models are enough for most weekend chefs.If properly maintained, the basic gas grill will easily serve you for five to seven years.Most high-end models feature stainless steel enclosures with three to five burners, multiple side burners and grill accessories.The grille is made of stainless steel or porcelain for easy cleaning.You can also find models with heated shelves, digital thermometers, hot zone separators, and smoking drawers for wood chips.The gas model can be cooked in a few minutes, making it a great choice for a quick meal.No messy cleaning.Simply scrub the cooking grill and empty the grease trap at the end or at the beginning of each meal.Compared with the charcoal grill, the smell of smoke is not so strong.The price of propane and natural gas makes the gas barbecue more expensive than charcoal.Natural gas is not the most cost-effectiveAn effective way to cook slowly.The gas grill starts at about $150 and can cost as much as thousands of dollars.3.The Pellet Grill is heated by burning composite hardwood particles.There are many flavors of oak, pecans, apples, alder, maple and cherry.The particle model is characterized by a Hopper to accommodate tiny blocks of wood.The drill sent them into the fire box.Most of them are equipped with electronic ignition elements that can ignite particles immediately.For the convenience of barbecue, a system with a digital thermostat and a computer system is invested, which automatically adds the perfect amount of particles to maintain a constant barbecue temperature.Other features include an easily accessible grease and Ash pool for quick cleaning, as well as an observation window to monitor the level of the Hopper particles.Whether you smoke slowly at low temperatures or roast steak at high temperatures, the Pellet Grill performs well.They are as fast and convenient as they cannot match.A 20-Start around $15 a pound.A package can last 6-Smoke slowly for 8 hours, but burn quickly during several regular barbecues.Unlike charcoal or propane pellet grills, power is required for operation.Depending on the quality and features, the price of the Pellet Grill ranges from several hundred to several thousand dollars.If the price is a factor in your decision, you can find a decent Pellet Grill for less than $500 and find a better model for less than $1,000.4.While electric grills may not be big sellers, they do offer barbecue options for apartments and city residents who don't want to smoke their neighbors out.The electric grill is compact and convenient to use.They have a major heating element that works more like an electric oven than cooking on coal or open flames.Food on a flat baking sheetLike a surface or grille.Electronic Technology is becoming more and more popular in electric grills.It heats quickly and uses less energy to produce even heat sources to prevent the torch-By passing the heat directly to the food, ups and locked juice.The space for the electric grill is not as large as the traditional grill.For apartment and apartment residents who are not allowed to use open fire, they can save space.The appliance does not give the food the same wonderful burnt and smoky flavor.Depending on your local electricity bill, they can be costly to operate.Prices for electric cars range from $90 to $600.5.Making a burger on a grill is the easiest part.The shuttle is the most difficult part of a large number of portable grills on the market.These great little cookers generate heat through propane, charcoal or electricity.Looking for sturdy and durable, made of durable weather and heat-resistant materials.Portable Grill is perfect for camping on weekends, picnics in the afternoon, BBQ on the balcony or trailing.These convenient and flexible models are compact and easy to transport.You won't get all the fancy stuff on the big grill, but you can grill anywhere.The portable grill is reasonably priced.Better models do a great job teaching barbecue flavor.It's much easier to clean up and store.The obvious negative is the size.You can only bake a small amount of food at a time.These little grills allow you to regain your strength anywhere between $50 and $300.
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