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best portable charcoal grill Korea\'s Table
Oak, 1500 S.Joyce St., Arlington;703/521-Laicheng 3706Woo Oak, one of Baltimore's oldest Korean restaurants --The Washington area has not changed much since its opening in 1982.The large cave-Interior like white riceWallpaper walls and dark brown decorations show signs of age, but for those who know the history of the restaurant, the feeling is worse than nostalgia.At the entrance of the restaurant, an exhibition of ancient calligraphy and ceramics museum shows that the restaurant is of origin from the famous Lae Oak in Seoul, South Korea, which opened for the first time in 1946.Truth: In Oak Lae Oak's many years of operation, every South Korean president who visited Washington, D.C.C.Have dinner here.A prominent bar displays colorful wine bottles, brandy, and cognac.The number of tables in the restaurant may sit down a small army.Many people are equipped with professional gi (BBQ, also spelling GUI) Grill for Woo Lae Oak.Of the 13 options, there is kalbi gi (short rib of beef), bulgogi (marinated beef loin steak, flakes), yang gi (tripe of beef), heumit gi (pork) bagels (chicken) and four or five (shrimp ).Every choice is delicious, even chewy, sturdytasting tripe.However, Korean novices may find kalbi gi and bulgolgi the easiest to enjoy.Woo Lae marinate its balls in large quantities in sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger and garlic, golgi.This gi is especially delicious, alternating with spicy cabbage kimchi or wrapped with raw cabbage leaves.Waitress cut your chosen gi in one bite with scissors after that, you can do it yourself.Some diners like to bake the meat they like without help.But don't be shy to ask if you're not sure what to do.Unless you are the President of South Korea, at some point it is even difficult to get supplementary water from busy waitresses, let alone help with cooking, but it should be helped.If you burn the food, it will be even more embarrassing to be rescued.Competition in recent years has weakened Oak Lae's dominance in the Korean food and beverage sector.There is no doubt that the barbecue is one of the best in the area.But given the higher prices here, there may be more varieties of kimchi.The lettuce wrapping paper also ran out quickly.To be fair, refills have never been reluctant, but to attract the attention of the waitress, a fire must actually be caused.6231 Annan Dale small toll road.703/941-3737 located in the quiet Brighton Mall in Alexandria, next to a wig shop and a Hispanic grocer, Hee continues to play an "undiscovered gem despite its high reputationCeiling tiles do not match; Tape repair wallpaper is not qualified; The waitress is dressed in colorful pink and blue silk dresses.If the slightly messy restaurant is not attractive, there can be better seats in the private back room.There, there are at least six parties in a week, and at least eight parties on weekends to Park shoes outside of rice --paper-Screen Doors and dining on a table embedded with polished wood floors.The barbecue is almost the same in Laicheng oak, but it is cheap.When preparing other main courses in the kitchen, generosity, and diversity are also evident.It is particularly noteworthy that most of Hee Been's dishes do not use MSG, which is an unusual practice for Korean restaurants.6341, Columbia Pike, Falls Church, Han sang oak;703/642-0808 another South Korean standard Han Song Oak received a faceThe elevator is synchronized with the upgrade of Barcroft Plaza, a shopping mall in ferfax.A pagoda-The style cornice surrounds the room, giving the effect of a dramatic set.Large paintings of natural Asian scenes provide the restaurant with an exquisite and first-class atmosphere and guarantee an equally delicious meal.Waitress in blue uniformWith scissors in hand, it is friendly and polite.An older man or woman tends to register at any time.There are about 40 tables, many of which are built in.In the grill and range, hoodOther grills come with bright gold covers.Private rooms at the back may be reserved for large parties for up to 250 people.Kalbi (beef short ribs) comes to your table, red carmine.The waitress poured a glass of broth and marinade into a slot around the grill and started your meat hissing.This broth, used for fattening or scooping on rice, is boiled about at the same time as the meat is eaten.The waitress at Hansan Oak seems unfamiliar with Westerners --Know Korea Food houses such as Fuji or Youlai city oak.English is spoken here, but not very good.However, the waiter paid great attention to the barbecue, drinks, and pickles.Soup or noodles are usually ordered with a barbecue, and many options in Hansan oak will not go wrong.For example, Kimchi sauce, winter soup, can warm your toes and keep your mouth on fire.Stewed cabbage with kimchi, pork, chewy rice cake, and tofu.Sauerkraut is gentle, even sweet, but still spicy when cooking.Beginners should order this dish only after learning to eat three or four servings of cabbage kimchi at a time.In summer, the traditional Korean dish is cold soba noodles "."Noodles, vegetables and boiled eggs (with red chili sauce and rice vinegar) are usually eaten in Asian stirringit-Own style with hot beef soup.Tip: Let your waitress cut the noodles on your desk with scissors; Otherwise, it is impossible to cut with a spoon or teeth.Just like any cold dish, the Mion tastes soft but does not underestimate the portion size of the red chili sauce.Beef broth is often confusing for Westerners.In sharp contrast to the spicy noodles, this bland drink is suitable for sipping between the two.Fuji restaurant 77.Glebe Rd., Arlington;703/524-3666 after centuries of the Korean-Japanese War, the two cultures at least agreed to share their food with each other.In Japan, people now eat more kimchi than sushi, they say.Koreans also like the taste of Japan.

The most obvious evidence is that you can always eat freshly baked sushi and numbness in a Korean restaurant.In fact, many Japanese restaurants are opened by Koreans in the United States.Fuji is a place that sounds like Japanese but not just Japanese.There is grill and range hood on the table inside, with kalbi gui and bulgogi on it.The smoked picnic smell of these meats is by clarifying the steam and seafood dishes of fresh kimchi such as haemool pajon (a Korean pancake stuffed with octopus and shrimp) A suspicious scent that is emitted or jogi gui (whole fish, frying pan, baking pan ).The waiting person welcomes the newcomer who walks through the gate with "Ernst & Young Ha Zeo", a Korean greeting that respects others, meaning hello or goodbye.Fuji is a busy restaurant with busy parking and more non-parking there are more Korean faces than most other Korean restaurants in the area.Here, the wisdom of combining Koreans with Japanese people is seen to attract the tastes of Westerners (including Asian-Americans.The menu emphasizes the Korean side, but there are also many Japanese dishes, including sushi and numbness.Some of Fuji's best options overlap these two traditions.For example, a common Korean street snack (usually served at Fuji's lunchtime )--you-can-Buffet) is a kind of vegetable maki.Rolls are made of pickled vegetables, not raw fish, or raw fish.Another gourmet dish of Fuji is the Korean sashimi hwae dup bap.Bap bibimbap combines raw fish with rice and crispy vegetables.To taste, stir with tart tomato sauce kochujang-Colorful sauce.If your restaurant is interested, be sure to share and enjoy some of Fuji's traditional Korean side dishes such as pajon and chapchae.Pa means scallions. Jon is a fried food he has eaten.This sumptuous pancake comes with soy sauce and scallions.Fuji's Chapel is the favorite place for picnic or dinner in South Korea. it is especially delicious: Sweet --Fried potato vermicelli Fried with pork chops (cut into matchsticks), vegetables and Asian mushrooms.Like pajon, chapchae is a rich dish that cannot be disliked.Although classified as side dishes, no one will complain if you eat it separately as a main course.Manpo Myun Oak, 7358 small toll road, Annan Dale;703/256-Manpo Myun Oak (formerly Manpo restaurant) is cheap and is available for £ 6777 per day, meeting the requirements.This humble shop is located next to a karaoke cafe in the center of the Little River Annandale, offering a variety of main courses in addition to a barbecue and more luxurious side dishes, the average price is about $10 between $12 and $17.An all-you-can-Follow a county advertisement for a buffet lunchfair-The size banner on the store facade costs $6.95.The decoration is classic Korean style: pink and green, table and decoration of three kinds of wood, a brick partition decorated with plants.A notice handwritten in Korean characters with Arabic numerals is attached to the wall;

They advertise daily specials.The big restaurant consists of a long bar (lots of people on weekends and evenings) and a niche with a TV and karaoke speakers.During the meal time, Manpo Myun Oak's parties tend to be smaller and more intimate than larger, more formal institutions such as Woo Lae.Almost all customers are Korean and speak Korean.Recommended is the delicious farmer toobu kimchi bokyum-Many Korean restaurants do not have this style of food.As Manpo Myun Oak has done, this dish (which can also be a main course if you like) demonstrates Asia's typical focus on balancing flavors and textures.On the leaves of green lettuce, stirSauteed cabbage, kimchi and pork, spicy bloodRed is used as a bowl of kimchi sauce, arranged in white frozen tofu (Korean, Tubu, or multi-cloth) sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds.Individually, the bland tofu may not taste appetizing, but balance with the hot kimchi, just like a mass of sour cream on the hot enchilada, it will make South Korea, the drinking house offers dooboo kimchi bokum (frequently spelled) and its next of kin nakchibokum (also available at Manpo Myun Oak, but spelled nakbThe latter is an equally hot commotion.Stir-fry with sweet, tender baby octopus and vegetables but not eat them.Like other Korean side dishes, eating alone is almost too rich, but no one will stop you.Following this spicy taste, Manpo Myun Oak also serves six nyaengmyong and the famous hot pot and soup in Korea.For those who like less spicy soup, try a mild beef bone soup-fresh soup;Rich steak soup kalbitangHomemade dumplings with soup and meat stuffing;Or tuk manduguk, same dish, but added chewy rice cake with broth flavor that always seems to disappear first, like sweet raisins in a bowl of grainBe careful with anything about the word maroon, which means "extra spicy" like maewoon kalbitang.Shilla Bakery, toll road by Little River 7123, Annandale;703/333-The 2001 dessert at a Korean restaurant is usually a piece of sweet orange or melon;A small bowl of cold Persimmon cards decorated with pine nuts; Sometimes even a juicy fruit or bean gum.Koreans will only enjoy more candy when celebrating the New Year or wedding.They then enjoyed the cakes and sweets offered at Sheila's bakery.Shilla Bakery chain was established in Seoul.(The name bowed to the Kingdom of Xinluo, which was based in Seoul during 700 --900 A.D.) There are four Shilla bakeries in the Washington area with the same ownership.The popular Annandale version is located next to the Cafe, a smoky bar that attracts trendy young Koreans.Due to shared parking, it is difficult to find the location of the bar or bakery at night.Inside, there are all kinds of delicious things on the shelves, attracting people's attention: colorful bread, pastries, and sticky glutinous rice cakes.Many bite-The prices of each cake is less than one dollar.Shoppers can fill up a basket of all sorts of things to take home, or enjoy a few on-site at one of the four elegant tables in the back, perhaps imported Korean grape peaches, pears or Persimmon soda.The best reason to come to Shilla Bakery in the summer is pat bing su of the sundae dessert like shaved ice, sweet red beans, fruit and milk (all and concentrated.Shilla Bakery has no menu so you have to ask the waiter at the counter for the name or description of patsy.Generous hospitality in a glass cup with a handle makes people feel beautiful.Enjoy sight until your willpower is given, then stir into soup and devour.                                

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