Beware the silent killer in your home - the best gas bbq grills

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-02
Beware the silent killer in your home  -  the best gas bbq grills
It was declared carbon monoxide (CO) Awareness Week on November 1-7 to draw your attention to the dangers of this colorless, tasteless and odorous gas.
According to the Canadian Security Council, this is the main cause of fatal poisoning in North America, often referred to as silent killers, because its properties make it very difficult to detect.
CO can be traced back to common household appliances from stoves to water heaters, fireplaces to gas stoves, and homeowners must be vigilant about knowing the risks.
During this carbon monoxide awareness week, Reliance Home Comfort offers the following electrical safety tips: an inefficient stove creates a dangerous level of CO in your Home.
Regular professional inspections of your unit will help ensure it runs smoothly and safely throughout the year.
Always use approved breathing equipment when considering CO exposed closed area work (Ie.
Garage ).
Choosing an approved CO monitor is one of the best defenses against the risk of CO poisoning.
Ideally, monitors should be placed on every floor of the home, especially near the bedroom.
Units should be tested regularly.
Home chimneys should be inspected and/or cleaned annually.
Chimneys may be blocked or blocked by debris, which may cause CO to pile up indoors.
Vents connected to dryers, stoves and other fuels-
Burning appliances should be constantly checked to ensure they are not blocked by snow or other debris.
Even in the garage, barbecues and other outdoor grills should not be used indoors.
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