bionic eldred left off chicago's playoff roster - replacement stainless steel grill grates

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bionic eldred left off chicago\'s playoff roster  -  replacement stainless steel grill grates
Cal Eldred thinks his first season with the Chicago White Sox is finally a chance to make the playoffs. After a 10-
A year's career has been plagued by arm problems and he is willing to do anything ---
Even screwed a screw on his arm.
But the bionic of alderid
Just like the comeback is not successful.
The veteran felt elbow pain while playing catch on Monday and was excluded from the roster submitted before the start of the first game in Chicago on Tuesday
Series against Seattle
"I knew it would hurt.
The problem is how fast I can recover, "said eldreid.
"I was surprised by the pain in it.
I'm obviously disappointed.
You feel that the team is counting on you and you are letting the team down.
"Eldred underwent elbow ligament replacement in 1995 with the winemaker, who did 5-
An inch stainless steel screw was implanted near his elbow.
Supports stress break.
Has not invested in professional since mid
On July, he came back last week and cast three 1/3 effective games against Boston, hoping it would prepare him for the playoffs.
But there was no pain and his elbow did not respond.
"Obviously it needs to take a little more rest," said eldread, adding that the screws will be there as long as he wants to try to pitch.
"It's like adding steel bars to concrete.
"* After making the most of their chances during the regular season, the White Sox wasted their chances in the first game of the playoffs.
Chicago lost its best chance of winning in game 9.
With the victory of the second and a match, Jose Valentine and Maglio oldonis were out to win 7-for Seattle to break in on the 10 th-4.
The White Sox advanced one player to third with less than two results four times.
Four times the highest in the major league-
The scoring team couldn't get those runners in.
So Chicago is still seeking its first playoff win since 1959.
"We had a chance to eliminate them very early, but we didn't," Frank Thomas said . " He left the base in the fourth place and was trapped by four runners.
"Many young people have made mistakes.
Guys are excited. . . .
I want to do too much. -
Try to hit a home run when you only need to go singles.
Chicago manager Jerry Manuel blamed part of his young team's failure to succeed at a critical moment on playoff jitters.
"We have some opportunities to really put the game aside and basically we haven't done the job," he said . ". " . . .
But I think in most cases, we played a good game in such an atmosphere, and I think we will be fine.
They made the key pitch at the right time. . . [and]
We may be a little impatient in this situation.
This is part of our youth.
"Chicago made 133 mistakes in the regular season ---fourth-most in the AL--
But it has been surprisingly good defense, including Ray Durham's. the-
Joe Oliver snapped his right shoulder in the fourth quarter.
Series 1: Seattle 7, Chicago 4 (10 innings). Today: Seattle (Abbott 9-7)at Chicago (Sirotka 15-10), 10 a. m.
Friday: Chicago (Baldwin 14-7)at Seattle (Sele 17-10), 1 p. m.
Saturday: Chicago, Seattle, 1:15m.
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