Bison’s new BBQ camping grill rolls up into a small, portable tube - camping grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-04
Bison’s new BBQ camping grill rolls up into a small, portable tube  -  camping grill
Needless to say, everyone loves the outdoor BBQ, but all the hassle of cleaning, storage and mobile means that the experience rarely leaves home.Outdoor enthusiasts do not wish to enjoy a barbecue at the camp.For a more portable grill, the Buffalo camping equipment must have a better design.They developed a rolling grill.It is compact, lightweight and easy to clean, and is a useful addition to any outdoor gear box.The innovative Rolling design of the Bison Grill allows it from 10-inch by 12-More one-inch form of travelfriendly 2-inch by 12-inch form.Setting up the grill is as simple as expanding the grill and sliding the grill over two grill guards so that the grill can maintain its shape.Starting from here, campers can place it directly on a campfire and on a public grill to make sure the surface is clean, or connect the attached stakes --Stand for the desired height.To maintain its durable and lightweight form, the grill is made of a non-aluminum structureTeflon coating.This provides long termLong lasting performance with a simpleto-The clean surface is washed.The hollowed grill structure adds to the lightweight nature and provides additional benefits-Air can flow through empty drumsThe part that prevents food from burning.This, in turn, prevents the production of cyclic amine and aromatic hydrocarbons, resulting in healthier foods.The whole package includes a grill, a grill guard, a stake holder, a protective cloth and a tote bag.Overall, the package weighs less than 1 kg.2 pounds.Currently, the Buffalo roll grill can be used for pre-To get through Kickstarter.The Grill starts at $50 and the other grill costs only $30.With 14 days left in the campaign, the grill is only $8,000 away from the $35,000 target.Once the target is met, shipments will decrease in July.
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