Black on Black - built in stainless steel charcoal grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-24
Black on Black  -  built in stainless steel charcoal grill
For some, the idea of black walls and surfaces is reminiscent of the image of a heavy metal fan bedroom, or the horrible basement of childhood.
But actually, Black has been looking clear and charming for a while now.
Check out the Midtown apartment designed by Thomas Pierce.
Thomas Pearce's partner, Mel quetan, and project manager Brian woodroo, designed the space together and, according to him, when the building was open, the company was already working for the public area, the lobby and
"Customers like the overall look of the common area and contact the developer to get in touch with us.
They basically asked us to give the same taste to their suite!
Quilatan explained that what attracted customers most was its dramatic, avant-garde but elegant use of black surfaces, walls and even floors.
Gold and vibrant bright colors such as purple and turquoise, as well as a series of textures, highlight the design.
But, in the end, the task is not just to adapt these threads to a smaller stage.
In fact, a little ingenuity is needed to make this compelling plan work.
Customers are Americans who come to Toronto regularly for work and family holidays.
The 930 square foot apartment is quite compact, especially for a family with three young children!
So intelligent space planning is the top priority.
From the front, this is a corner unit full of light with spectacular city views in both directions.
"They are a charming couple with a strong sense of art and design," quetan recalls . ".
"In terms of drama, they want to push the envelope away.
One example is that one of the owners collects boots;
Snake skin mosaic tile in the main bathroom is his idea, very "he "!
All the art is theirs. what really gives people is their personality.
Designers laugh that creating a dark, sexy space in an apartment full of natural light is a challenge, but it's actually a key part of the project's success.
The secret is to change the scheme not only with color, but also with texture, finish and personal artistic expertise.
Interestingly, the only room with no natural light is the entrance and the only one without the use of black as a sign.
"We used some design techniques to expand the space," Quilatan said.
"The walls are covered with gray suede with horizontal straps, a classic way to pull your eyes forward into the suite.
The Mirror on the inner wall of the entrance reflects light from the windows in the distance, eliminating the darkness.
When you walk into the suite, the most interesting feature in the entrance is on your right: marble-
There is a console with a gold base on the top, where antique suitcases are placed in snakes and crocodiles.
The wall at the back looks like a huge rock slab;
But after careful inspection, it was found to be a high
Res photographic print on vinyl wallpaper.
"It's all very durable;
Believe it or not, this is a child.
Friendly home.
In the living room, translucent black
Colored blinds make up the background of a comfortable black velvet part, a glass
Top and leather
A round coffee table and
Solid looking brass club chair with black cushionand-white ponyskin.
The finishing touches include a string of silk pillows in purple, white and gold color;
Paired with the gold in the room and other decorations of the crystal, it is completely modern but has a little pure old Hollywood charm.
"In such an environment, lighting must be planned very carefully," said woodroo . ".
"There are two main sources here: a frosted acrylic base set up on a window with a gorgeous crystal sculpture mounted to capture the sun during the day.
But in the evening, the entire base was built.
In LED lighting, the side table has another built-in-
In the light panel at the top.
In the evening, both fixtures are required to illuminate the room.
"The room also shows how Quilatan and Woodrow can take advantage of every opportunity to maximize storage and space planning in this modest setting --sized pied-de-terre.
The support column is part of the original structure of the building and is modified to Square
Out-of-column and mirror images maximize the appearance of light and space.
Facing the sofa directly is a built-inin floor-to-
Ceiling unit with a wide central groove
TV and leather screen
Covered panel for deep storage room.
In this compact apartment, there is no space for a formal dining area at all;
In any case, it is not suitable for a relaxed lifestyle for the family.
The designers chose one.
The black velvet banquet under the window is softened by more pink and charcoal silk and leather pillows.
"Restaurant" consists of round granite-
Gold and Black chairs are on the dining table.
It works well for a casual family dinner or catch up with the paperwork.
Like most apartment kitchens, the kitchen is quite compact, but the walls of a white cabinet are kept simple and smart.
The tailgate is black.
Colored stainless steel, the front is a small island with black granite on the top and sides, spacious enough with two stools on one side.
Like everywhere else, the lights are simple but well-designed, with ice hockey lights on open shelves and a simple, sparkling white globe on the island.
The owner's suite itself faces some design challenges, woodroo recalls.
Not only is it not as bright as the main room, but it is wedge-shaped
Make the furniture the shape of the puzzle instead of the rectangle.
Like other apartments, it is also quite compact.
The designers chose to use the bed as the main activity to turn the room into a comfortable nest.
The walls and ceilings are black and the sheets and headboards are made of soothing dark blue.
Quilatan observed, "it was thought that dark wall colors would make the room smaller, but in fact, painting the ceiling in the same color would make the edges disappear, so it felt more.
"The main lighting is a pair of backlit translucent glass towers on both sides of the headboard. Low, lozenge-
The side table in shape provides a surface for a book;
There is no need for a bedside lamp, and there is no place for a bedside lamp.
There is only enough space at the end of the room to accommodate a club chair and dresser, and an amazing artwork: a woven canvas of paper depicting a pair of giants, bright sensesblue lips.
This is one of the favorite works of the owners and designers in the suite.
Quetan and woodroo acknowledge that it takes some courage to use this black in the room;
But it's done well and it's probably spectacular.
"It can be too harsh for a busy family with such children, so we use balance carefully: There are also lighter elements like light
Colorful floors, a white kitchen and a lighter entrance-and of course lots of natural light.
Quilatan added, but the last element inspired an unusual but irresistible design.
"It was great for the couple to work together.
There are 500 same suites in the building and what they want is something completely different.
They are full of ideas.
We have to stop them if there is one!
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