bluffer’s park marina residents enjoying cottage life in the city - charcoal barbecues for sale

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bluffer’s park marina residents enjoying cottage life in the city  -  charcoal barbecues for sale
Kingston Road is closed.
Drive south to Briley Road.
Something magical happened.
The six lanes bordering strip malls melted and instead were a steep, winding downhill path surrounded by woodland.
The winding descent spills onto the shores of Lake shores, a lush park tucked under the sea breeze blowing Scarborough cliffs.
On a sultry summer evening, the grassy slopes of braver park were packed with picnic days --
Pedestrians lounged on the grass, gathered around the picnic table covered with plaid tablecloths, and tended to grill with charcoal, braving smoke.
At the water's edge, the children splashed water while surfing, and a teenager stepped on a bug on the hook.
The water motorcycle roared on the other side of the lake, providing the boat with the expansion to take.
But unless you know where to look, what you won't see is small communities that live on the water --round. Twenty-
At the southwest end of Bluffer Park Pier, four boat houses were parked continuously, which is a tense-
Retired professionals, artists, Nature Society-
Lovers and water sports lovers snuggle up in a small bay at the bottom of the cliff.
"We think, how much more can we be on the water than that?
The 69-year-old Mickey Mehar said on her lover sitting in her solarium.
The room swayed gently on a passing steamboat.
The duck anchors the floating mooring line of the home in water about 5 metres deep.
Mehal and her husband, Brian Wilson, have been living at the pier for more than a decade and are part of the initial batch of buyers who moved into the boathouse in 2001.
"We live in half a year.
We want to scale down.
"We are looking at some of the places on the waterfront, and the places we can afford are very chaotic or we can't see the water at all," Wilson said . " 67.
Now, when they wake up every morning, water is the first thing they see.
Master bedroom on the second floor-storey —
Well, the second deck, swearing.
Overlooking the sailing boat moored on the dock.
On the top deck, there are a wide variety of mascoka and recliner chairs in the open air.
All right, 1,200-square-
The walking living area consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, adjacent dining area and solarium which also offers breakfast corner, study room and all-
Living space around.
"One thing we lack is storage," Wilson said . " They don't have a garage, a basement, or a loft.
"You have to be very strict with yourself about what you decide to keep.
"The Boathouse, named Mokham and Wessex one, is a tribute to Wilson's hometown in Lancashire, England, and a vague mention of the British comedy duo.
Technically, the ship is a barge because it lacks an engine, says Wilson.
These 24 crafts were built on Cherry Beach and dragged to the pier that is moored each yearround —
Yes, even in winter.
"People always ask this question when they hear you're alive --round —
Well, how's winter? ” Mehal says.
The couple said the weather was not as bad as you thought.
The towering Scarborough cliffs protect the entrance from the North Wind
The South Dike protected the pier from the storm.
When the lake freezes, they shovel the snow off the ice and turn the backyard into a huge outdoor ice rink.
Like many, in the ice storm last winter, they had been out of power for three days, but passed without accident --
"We took a lot of pictures," Wilson joked . "
Most ship owners have a professional background.
Wilson is half.
Retired police officer who is now a security adviser.
Mehal, an adult educator and career management consultant, runs a private clinic that helps people prepare for a retirement lifestyle.
"This is a great place to meet customers," she said with a smile . ".
You can't find many children near here.
"It may feel a bit too risky," said Mehal . ".
"But we have a grandson. a 3-year-old —
You just have to pay attention.
It is not necessarily risky.
Between the looming gray cliffs, the tranquil waters and the green leaves, this is a picturesque place and a popular tourist destination.
Penny Barr, another houseboat resident, joked: "We, as people floating at home, are in the wedding photos of a lot of people . ".
Barr, who once worked in the Global Mail marketing department, moored her second ship at the pier as her art studio.
Green and White decoration of river boat renovation
Named Drawn properly-
Collect the paintings, paintings and works of art of Barr.
Sitting in front of her drawing board, Barr said, "I am here every day . ".
"It's visually amazing.
You should see it in the fall and there is color on the bluff.
Oh, my God. it's beautiful.
This is a very inspiring place, "she said.
"Can you imagine being stuck in an apartment on the waterfront now?
On Saturday afternoon, Las Lo sat on his front deck and asked, drinking beer.
A retired postman, sailing several times a week now.
When he returned to land, he maintained a terraced rock garden on the shady bank, leaning down to his houseboat.
"This is as close as possible to having a cabin in the city," Low said . ".
Wildlife abound: a civet trail emerges from under the main boardwalk.
Migratory birds will form a group on top of their heads.
A group of swans visit the ship regularly.
Tom Elliott, 58, said: "I gave up my gym membership . " He works for an advertising company in Toronto and lives on several ships near Mehal and Wilson.
Elliot, an avid fisherman, kiteboarder and paddleboarder, said he likes to own lakes at his doorstep.
"I came home from work, put the board in the water, paddle for an hour to two hours a day, and I changed from a beer belly ,"-
To emphasize, he took a shot of his tanned stomach --
"Go and trim. ”It’s a tight-
Knit community: Wilson joked that it would take 45 minutes to walk to the nearby marina restaurant because he had to stop and talk to all his neighbors.
"We know everyone, everyone knows us," Wilson said . ".
"We take care of each other," added Mehal . ".
Even if it's less than 20-
Only minutes from city center
Return to Kingston Road along the winding hill. —
It's easy to forget you're still in town.
"You don't think you're in Toronto," Wilson said . ".
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