brand releases sleek cookers for modern homes - freestanding gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-28
brand releases sleek cookers for modern homes  -  freestanding gas grill
Elba, a kitchen and appliance manufacturer, recently re-launched its independent range of gas stoves with the aim of creating a modern culinary space for consumers.
The gas stove unit is integrated with a large oven with threeburner or four-burner designs.
Consumers can choose a gas or electric oven.
There are three colors in the oven
Glossy white, black matte and stainless steel color.
"Due to the limited space of modern home, integrated independent kitchen appliances are making a comeback.
Consumers are looking for space
More efficient valueadded products.
So we decided to re-launch the series in more than 10 minutes.
Angelina Lee, marketing manager at Fiamma Sdn Bhd, said at a recent press conference.
These models are equipped with Italian Sabaf burners, and consumers can cook a variety of dishes.
The gas stove burner is operated by automatic electric ignition, not by the battery
Therefore, consumers do not need to replace the worn-out battery.
Another feature of the device is the flame failure device, which automatically cuts off the gas supply when flameout.
There is also a compartment for hiding the gas cylinder, a porcelain tray holder, and a removable tempered glass top cover for the protection of the burner head.
The range has a 70 liter oven capacity and consumers can cook more in less time.
"This is the largest of its kind because the average oven capacity is only 60 liters," Lee said . ". The gas oven (EGC-C9703G or EGC-C9704G series)
Equipped with the original Sabaf safety valve that will close the gas if the flame goes off.
It also comes with a barbecue shop that produces even centralized baking.
Electric oven (EGC-C9783E or EGC-C9784E series)
Grill function and mechanical timer are provided.
Compared to the manual heat dissipation of the traditional Elba model, both oven types are controlled by automatic electric ignition and closed-door barbecues are enabled.
Gas cookers range from RM1, 600 to RM1, 900 and are now available at selected authorized distributors.
"We may launch these products nationwide.
We hope to have these products ready for the Ramadan and the Hari Raya season, "Li said, adding that Elba will also launch new pairs
In the near future, the oven professional series cookware will add these 12 models to the independent cooker series.
The large observation window of the oven can easily monitor the cooking status, while the enamel lining inside the oven can easily monitor the cooking statuscleaning.
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