Bring BBQ indoors: Texas county bans grills for July 4 - the best charcoal bbq grill to buy

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-04
Bring BBQ indoors: Texas county bans grills for July 4  -  the best charcoal bbq grill to buy
San Antonio, Reuters-Lit grill July 4 and was sentenced to six months in prison under strict new burn rules imposed by a county in Texas to deal with devastating record firesBreak the drought.An effort to stop the wildfire has taken away millions of acres of ranch land here, a violation of the unofficial backyard barbecue pastime in Texas --Like football and the draft, it's part of Texas.up trucks.Officials in Guadalupe County, east of San Antonio, issued an emergency ban on "all outdoor flames," Marshall Kelly chisner said."The Grill and pit also belong to this order," Kistner told Reuters on Tuesday ."."Everything that will create flames outside is covered by the order.The tradition of barbecue in Texas is so famous that many parts of the state claim the title of "The world's barbecue capital," and "communities and employers usually hold competitions to crown the best BBQ items.And the football tailgate party?Legendary.Ban on burning is quite common in Lone Star StateBut they rarely include grills and barbecues.In order to salt the wound, the order continued until July 5, which means that the main pastime of the Texas barbecue in July 4 will be the county's B-Class misdemeanor --Sentenced to six months' imprisonment or a fine of $1,000.But officials say the ovenCooked ribs are a small price to pay for safety."We are deadly dry," Kistner said ."."A spark can burn a home and take a life."This year, nearly 3 million acres of ranch land in Texas was burned out by fire, mainly due to drought conditions.Chisina said it was "lucky" that no bush fire had occurred in Guadalupe County "--And hope to keep this way.The drought in most parts of Texas is the third worst in more than a century.Gammon."The entire period from October to 5 was the driest ever, and eight consecutive months were the driest in Texas," he said .".
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