built in stainless steel charcoal grill For Eggheads, grilling is a way of life

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built in stainless steel charcoal grill For Eggheads, grilling is a way of life
(CNN) --The average temperature in Bloomington, Minnesota, was 6 in January.4 degrees FahrenheitBut that didn't stop Adam Frey from burning 80 pounds of charcoal in the open air for a barbecue this month.Frey receives a Big Green Egg-Ceramic cookware as a smoker, grill and oven--Christmas last yearSince then, he has spent six or seven days a week baking intently."Extreme cold is not a problem as long as you wear warm," Frey said ."."I have and will continue to cook every day, if possible." The oval-The shape of the grill gathered a cultSince birth in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974, it's like a follow-up.Fans of the grill call themselves "Eggheads ".Tell us about the grill of your choice, Frey started the grill more than 20 years ago, but got his first egg in 2008."It changed everything," he said ."He now has two eggs, calling himself a "grill fan "."When you find yourself waking up, think about what you're going to have for a barbecue that night and you're very addicted," Frey said .".iReport.Com: Check out the photos of the Frey baked food, which is very expensive and weighs a lot-Some eggs cost up to $900 and weigh more than 200 pounds-People who are not active may question whether these cookers are worth it.However, the gospel was quickly spread by Eggheads.Frey shared his story on iReport.As part of CNN's "grill master" mission, com is not the only one to express a love for ceramic cookware.Other journalists shared photos, videos and stories of their eggscentricity."I'm a nerd."They should pay me because I often encourage people to buy one," Brad Katz joked .".Cates, an insurance and financial adviser to the Mississippi Ocean Springs, is raving about the ease of controlling calories and versatility of eggs.Driven by charcoal, large green eggs can reach 750 degrees Fahrenheit in a few minutes, roast steaks, or cook a slow and low cow bris for a few hours."It's better than any other grill or smoker I 've ever had," Cates said ."."I have eaten a lot of gas grills and there is absolutely no comparison there."Cates tend to" cook in spurts "and after a few weeks they will light the grill for two or three days.His specialty is to rub the ribs with a homemade secret."I tried to make at least three racks at a time and they were gone in a few minutes," he said .".Thanks for the enthusiasm of cates, co-The worker John Lindsay decided to buy a Big Green Egg.He is now full of praise."The grill is not the same as the other grill," Lindsay boasted ."."From small charcoal grills to giant stainless steel gas grills, I have a variety of grills.But so far BGE is my favorite.Lindsay, 34, is baked three or four times a week.His special dish is "pork in general ".His favorite dishes are small ribs, pork tenderloin and pork.According to the manufacturer, he has an XL egg that can cook 24 burgers, 12 steaks or 11 whole chickens at a time.iReport.Com: spokeswoman Donna Myers said some XL Egg products have sold more than a million eggs since the company was founded."Word of mouth does make eggs what they are today," Miles said .".She pointed out that Ed Fisher, founder of BGE, started the company with very little advertising revenue."Over the years, these loyal elites have become the main sales force of the company," Miles said .".Perhaps the biggest nerds in the iReport community are Le Roy and Judy McMillin in Spring, Texas.The couple had three eggs and built an outdoor kitchen for them to live in."I think it's easy for us to see that we like our eggs," said Leroy McMillin .".McMillin bought his first egg in 1999, which he called Lily.He has two small versions.-Shirley and Maggie.-He bought the product in 2006 and 2007 respectively.His three empty "girls" are locked in their own hands.An outdoor kitchen called "chicken house" was built with a sink, mini fridge, countless chicken decorations and a red light to indicate when the grill will be used.Macmillan and his wife have kept the theme of chicken/egg by calling themselves "chicken of Spring" and "Hen of Spring." iReport.Com: 68-year-old McMillin retired as one of the older egg lovers."There are some nerds who are older than me and younger than me," he said ."."I envy their passion and creativity.They seem to want to take "eggs" to a new level.Recently, the Macmillan family participated in the demonstration and cooking of green eggs nearby.Leroy is wearing his "I'm a Fool" shirt and selling it to potential buyers."We just wanted to tell any potential expert how enjoyable egg cooking is," McMillin explained .".In fact, many of his friends bought their own green grill because of his encouragement, he said.The couple will travel to Atlanta on October for the annual egg beer festival, where more than 1,000 egg lovers gather each year to share recipes, meet fanatics and buy more eggs.McMillin said he likes barbecues and uses eggs six times a week on average.His wife, Judy, also took part in the operation."We all like to enjoy 'egg platy' together," McMillin said '."."Cooking is no longer a chore since we got our first egg.
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