built in stainless steel charcoal grill Give Your Grill an Annual Physical

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-09
built in stainless steel charcoal grill Give Your Grill an Annual Physical
Each grill needs to be checked once a year.Remove grease traps, most likely pork fat from last year.The trap is the small metal box directly below the burner.Scrape it out with a small garden spatula or any of the grill tools you have on hand.In order to make the cleaning work easier next year, arrange the traps with aluminum foil.You can lift the foil out and throw the mess away in one step without scraping.Check the burner.Looking for spider webs, branches and dust rabbits that can block the flow of gasIt can even be ignited, causing a dangerous situation.Insert the pipe cleaner into the holes on the burner pipe to make sure they are clear and free of sundries.Check your lava or ceramic coal balls.They may be filled with last year's gunk and send a strong fear when heated after months of storage.You can put them in the sink, spray them with detergent and pour boiling water on them, scrub any blackened part with a brush to clean them.But rocks or coal balls are very porous, so you also have to rinse and rinse to get soap out of them when you do the job.Eventually, it may be easier to replace them with new rocks or coal balls.Check the hose for any cracks or cracks.Make sure the hose is still flexible and does not break.And make sure the connection is tight.To test the gas leak, dissolve a little dishwashing detergent in some water and then rub the mixture on the hose and joint.Turn on the gas without a fire.You may need to replace the hose or adjust the connection if there is a soap bubble oozing out.Spray the cooking grate with an oven cleaner and drag it into the yard to bask in the sun for a few minutes when the cleaner is started.Then rinse the grate with a brush and scrape off any blackened pieces.There is no need to go crazy and get the grate back to the original stainless steel-Don't fuck you anymore.Then put the grate back in place, turn the grill on for heating and disinfect the rack for about 20 minutes.Turn off the heating and cool completely, then brush off any loose debris.You can go now.The way to clean the cooking and charcoal grate is the same as the way to clean the cooking grate of the gas grill (see Step 5 above ).Dig out the remaining ashes and throw them away.Use a brush to scrape away any grease, fat and burnt BBQ sauce pieces that blend with the inside of the grill.Check the metal body to make sure there are no rust spots.Scratch with a brush and buy some GrillSafe paint and touch spots in hardware store.If the body of the grill is weak or vulnerable-It's the rust you missed these years.There's a bad news in the store: You need a new grill.Hot coal can jump out of the hole or fall off a thin weakness.Land on the grass or on the sidewalkThis is a danger you don't want.Check where the rivet points and legs are connected to the body.You may need to screw them tighter.Or, depending on their situation, you may need to buy a new grill.The unstable Grill is a disaster waiting to happen.Clean the adjustable vents to ensure they are easy to move during the barbecue, allowing you to adjust the heat up or down depending on the air volume inside the grill.Start the barbecue once your equipment is formed!
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