built in stainless steel charcoal grill How to Clean Your Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-12-27
built in stainless steel charcoal grill How to Clean Your Grill
Keeping the grill clean is the secret of the barbecue.Yesterday's steak marinade tasted bad on today's lime-Mother's recipe.Like a boiled cast iron frying panSeasoning is a good thing for your grill, but you don't want your grate to be topped with spices and melted cheese.Seafood is also notorious for adding unwanted flavors to the grill.The dirty grate also sticks some meat together, especially the fish.You can completely avoid this by cooking fish dishes on the foil at the top of the grate, such as salmon.You can also buy a pot specially for barbecue.They have holes in the bottom that allow the flame to lick the meat, so you can still get the fresh BBQ flavor and the unheated wooden handle.Here are some other tips to clean the grill to ensure the cooking taste is accurate.Spraying or rubbing the grill grate with a light olive oil coating is a great way to prevent the meat from sticking to it, and a good grill cleaner.After getting up and down from a large grill with a good metal grill washer, cover the whole grate with olive oil.Then remove the rest of the knot using a scrub brush or grill scraper-Food and spices.Then simply rinse the grate with water and your grill is nice and clean.You can remove the grill and do it in the yard to prevent it from getting wet in the grill tray.If you have your own oven, please use your ovenClean the environment and you can easily clean the grill without all the elbow grease.Remove the grate and any other baked-Food and spices.Place the part directly on the oven rack and set it fromCleaning function.The oven is automatically locked and heated to 900 degrees Fahrenheit (482 degrees Celsius ).Not only will it burn every bit of food on your grill, but you will kill two birds with a stone and leave with a clean oven.Soap and water if you 've got your grill out of control and there's a cooked coating on the grillOn the food you may need to remove the grate and handle it with some soap and water.It's always a good idea at the end of the barbecue season.If your sink is large enough, you can soak it with it, otherwise you will need to use a washbasin or plastic case.Even your bathtub.Fill the sink or trash can with warm soapy liquid and let grates soak for at least two hours.The longer you soak, the easier it will be to clear gunk.After soaking, remove the grate, scrub it with a hard wire brush, rinse it clean and dry.Make sure you never use any harsh chemicals like bleach or chlorine powder.After all, this is the way you cook your food.You can find one too.Natural, chemicalFree body wash.
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