built in stainless steel charcoal grill Restaurateur Depardieu proves a class act

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built in stainless steel charcoal grill Restaurateur Depardieu proves a class act
Robert De Niro did it.Morgan Freeman, too.Paul Newman has been doing it for years, and even Britney tried it once before it started.shaped.Celebrity restaurant owner is a faster variety than JuliePitt family.Whether it's the theme park experience of Planet Hollywood, we don't seem to be enough ("with the food, we just come and see if Bruce will show up...") Or Nobu's premium catering, De Niro's international collaboration with chef Nobu Matsuhisa, is now one of the headlines at the Crown Casino complex in Melbourne.In terms of a smooth transition from a superstar to a hospitable world, few celebrities are doing the right thing.For example, Steven spirberg built a huge submarine in a restaurant called "diving restaurant" in Los Angeles and sank without any trace;Dolly Parton's three Dixie Stampede dinner spots can't bear to think.However, some have proved that when it comes to making a leap to the restaurant owner, they are as qualified as the next person.French superstar Gerard de padiyo is probably one of the biggest success stories.His restaurant, La Fontaine Gaillon, is still toast from Paris four years after its opening, and the food occupies the center of the stage.On arrival, it was clear that this was not a vanity project.La Fontaine Gaillon is a stone of Paris Opera House Garnier, arguably one of the city's most beautiful outdoor terraces, arranged around a beautifully restored fountain, today, it was packed with diners enjoying the hot summer days.The restaurant is located in an elegant and renovated mansion before 1672, lush (think of chandeliers, velvet-Dark covered chairWood walls and whiteNo need to be too dramatic.The atmosphere is complicated, but not sultry. most importantly, there is no cyde Bergerac souvenir here.Celebrity Kitchen is good: since 1982, actor Paul Newman has raised more than $ for charity by making his own sauces.Newman, too.In his locker room restaurant in West Port, Connecticut, he aims to raise awareness of the future of sustainable food by supporting local producers, farmers and fishermen.www.Local decoration.com.Most: when Jennifer Lopez seems to have stood the test of time at the Madre restaurant in Pasadena, California ---It opened in 2002 and still attracts celebrities (though few J.Lo) --Los Angeles Weekly describes its dishes as "mostly in bulk, reminiscent of Cuban wedding food ".www.Madresrestaurant.com.Ugly: easy Knight Dennis Hooper and Peter Fonda put their celebrity influence behind the Thunder Road house known as America's first motorcycleTheme restaurant in West Hollywood."Two kinds of Meatloaf" and "kick-In addition to other delicacies, there is also "ass pepper ".It closed after a fire in late 1990.At the heart of Michelle Rowe's philosophy is the passion for food, which is clear.According to reports, de padiyo, an awesome chef and famous foodie, is desperate for his lack of decent restaurants around his office on Avenue near George V,The only way to save Grace, he said, is a small fish shop run by chef Laurent Audi, who will visit regularly.He promised Audiot that one day they would do business together and that La Fontaine Gaillon was born when a suitable site was found nearby.I was immersed in the deep purple banquet and investigated the diners and their surroundings.There are well-turned-Businessmen outside, a couple who stole a hearty lunch, social types of people eat signature dishes such as grilled lamb with vegetables, fresh gummy with crab meat, Thistle and moreChez Depardieu is in the midst of a fierce deal, and although the actor is often seen in the building, none of the restaurants hide signature books under their napkins.In addition to La Fontaine Gaillon, located across the road, and its more casual sister restaurant, l'ecaille de la Fontaine, which specializes in seafood, depardieu has released a cookbook Book (best sellers in France and Germany, recently released in English ).He is a respected wine merchant, and several of his wines are proud to be placed in a huge stainless steel wine cabinet at the restaurant La Fontaine Gaillon.In Gerald de padiyo: my recipe, the actor focuses on traditional French cuisine with no exaggeration or fuss, emphasizing seasonal products.The menu of La Fontaine Gaillon continues this spirit.I ordered the green curry.A very generous service in an actor Service-Iron Pan covered with delicate cream curry sauce.It is fabulous.The next step is the farm pigeon with foie gras ravioli and rocket salad, which further proves that the place is not just traded by celebrities.The lower half of the bird is on five delicate ravioli filled with foie gras.A rocket hangs on each pasta parcel;The crispy skin of the pigeon is wrapped in juicy meat.It performs beautifully and tastes amazing.The first two races proved this and I'm sure I can't leave before the last one.I chose a strawberry with rhubarb and Mara des bois.In front of me was a load of biscuits, stewed rhubarb, cream and strawberries, along with fruit sorbet and rhubarb.If there is an Oscar for dessert, it will be its acceptance speech.In order to take advantage of the best seasonal products, the menu is changing every day, and it is said that Depardieu and Audiot are constantly trying and updating the dishes offered, gaining new ideas on their travels.Visiting La Fontaine Gaillon is by no means a theme park event.Restaurant--Delicate and flashy--It is a shining example of French hospitality.Even decoration is a labor of love.Depadiyo's ex-girlfriend and actor, Carole Bouquet, is responsible for the fine interior design.However, just like the unpredictable world in movies, the opportunity to invest in large filmsCelebrity dining experience proved to be high.You have to pick your venue carefully, and perhaps more importantly, your celebrity.The ill-Pregnancy Fashion Cafe, launching supermodel Elle Macpherson, Naomi Campbell and Claudia shiver in central LondonFor example, more than 1990 people never look like a goer in terms of food.Predictably, it disappears faster than last season's collection.Those who want Britney Spears to offer some premium cuisine (she broke up with her supporters at NYLA Restaurant in New York a few months after its launch in 2002) are definitely hidingBut like de padiyo, there are occasional bright lights.The food empire of De Niro has surpassed Nobu.He has stakes in New York's very successful Tribeca Grill, Rubicon and Ago, and recently entered the hotel world with the launch of the much-watched Greenwich Hotel in Manhattan.Australian singer Olivia NewtonJohn quietly gained loyal followers at Gaia, a health retreat outside Byron Bay in northern new state.Even actor Jack Thompson began to run his own bar, Jack Thompson Gillin, in the new Blue Mountains of western Sydney.He also made a beautiful sideline in Texas steak sauce.This trend also shows no signs of economic slowdown outside the sea.In recent months, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has launched her Tex Mexican restaurant Beso in Los Angeles, while British DJ Fatboy Slim, also known as Norman Cook, I just bought a sushi restaurant in Brighton, a classic seaside resort in England.This is far from the days when recent celebrities came to the restaurant business, as they dream of a big breakthrough in Hollywood.List La Fontaine Gaillon, 75002 square, Gaillon, Paris.4742 6322;www.la-fontaine-gaillon.com.Appetizers for E19 ($32;mains from E28;Dessert for E9Wine by the glass.
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