built in stainless steel charcoal grill Through the grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-09
built in stainless steel charcoal grill Through the grill
The baked food is very close to my heart.The road to my heart is definitely through my stomach, and the BBQ food can beat others on any day, leaving a deep impression.Barbecue food is always popular in summer, rainy season or winter.So when I received an invitation from the claridges restaurant, Seville, my eyes lit up and the restaurant recently imported the world-famous Josper oven (they were apparently number one in India)I am very interested in the grill and often go online to find updated products.I have read the story of Josper and have always wanted to eat grilled food.Chef Rajiv Sinha first showed me the oven.There is a huge stainless steel oven in the center of the kitchen and it looks very happy."It runs on charcoal and closes."It is not allowed to smoke out, and all the taste and juice of the meat is absorbed," the chef said .".Well, after absorbing all the theoretical parts, it's time to see and taste some of the results.At the beginning, I had a refreshing watermelon and mint cold dish with pickled watermelon and goat cheese, and an Italian flavored rice cake.I love cannelloni as it just melts in my mouth.Pasta bread with dried tomatoes, basil sauce and garlic is fresh.But it's Spanish snacks that appeal to the audience.Each dish has a pleasant effect.Grilled asparagus in Romesco sauce is delicious.Romesco imported from Spain is made in Josper and has the smoked flavor I want.About Finding MeChef Rajiv served me a vegetarian diet with grilled chicken wings from aioli.The chicken is strong and absorbs smoke and taste very well.The honey lamb chops are also good.Canadian scallops and grilled bass.Worth a try.The specialty dish of this restaurant is Sevilla chicken rice.Char-The mushroom grilled spring chicken is also a memorable dish.I would say expensive Rs.The Lach oven gives it a sense of presence and has an impact on dishes that enhance taste and flavor.I ended my dinner with a soft mealLove the chocolate souffle here!Meal for Two -
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