built in stainless steel charcoal grill Ultimate grills.

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built in stainless steel charcoal grill Ultimate grills.
Better than a typical gas grill.-And more expensive.Is the extra cost worth it?Charcoal purists may soon become endangered species.Not because of health risks (which is another problem), but because of the new generation of gas grills being embraced by avid barbecue enthusiasts.In all the barbecues last year-from $7.95 hibachis for those cattle cookware that are taken to the tailgate luxury--And nearly three of them are gasoline.fired.The market is growing fastest, and the part that offers more and more options is the high end of the price range: The Grill will remind you of what you are willing to pay for the indoor stove, or the oven.These "Ultimate Grill" features vertical infrared heating elements, smoke syringes, and highOutput side burnersto cook the rest of your meal.They are usually the heart of a surprisingly complete outdoor kitchen with a bucket room, sink, and maybe a kitchen belowCounter fridge, maybe even aTV.Their cost?The range is from $500 to $4,000.But why shouldn't you make the same commitment as you do internally?While the rest of the country is chilling, we are still grilling;No season is the barbecue season.The people we talked to who own one of these final grills make two to five meals outside every week, after the novelty of their new toy wears out.Far from their cheap relatives. A good gas grill andso-Okay, far worse than the charcoal and above ~of-the-Wire charcoal kettle.By making products that do not perform well or cannot be used frequently, gas grill manufacturers are actually their own biggest enemies."There's no doubt about it: cheap gas grills bring a lot of people back to charcoal," said George speccher, a Pacific Gas major.So, what are the advantages of this new generation of gas burners on the old gas burners?"We didn't re-invent the wheel, we just made it better," Speicher claims ."."We are trying to solve all the problems."Uneven heat, twisted body, useless thermometer, a window that turns black after a good cooking, slender brackets, and the life span of the average sitcom ---These are all high-end units.If you're a little careful, it's most likely the last grill you'll need to buy.When you start comparing an ultimate grill section to one of its cheaper cousins, you'll see the difference.There is no best material or configuration;Instead, what you'll notice is that all the components are like a good car and how well they are assembled and worked.Most fire cases are made of stainless steel or ceramic;The grill made of aluminum is much thicker and heavier than the grill on the lower-priced grill.The box and their hood are also larger and can accommodate everything including Thanksgiving turkey.The burner has been similarly improved: cast iron, brass or stainless steel replaces less durable materials such as galvanized steel or less durable stainless steel.The same is true of heat.Diffuser grilles or grilles and heavier cooking grilles, usually made of ceramic or stainless steel.The larger grille can keep the heat better;If you like to apply colored stripes to your sashimi, these are all guaranteed.Porcelain and stainless steel finishes can also be cleaned with just a few brushes.What is the final choice?Once you have exceeded the price threshold of $500, the number of features on the ongas grill is starting to grow.An honest assessment of how you cook will help you decide if they are worth the extra cost.The first big option is to better control the surface of the main Grill;Some of these grills are equipped with up to five separate burners.Multiple burner controls are not just the gospel of indirect cooking such as baking;They have you set up two different cooking zones on the grill.You can scorch at one end of the grill, while the heat at the other end is much lower.If you want to join a barbecue shop-Cooking renaissance, you can get a grill with an infrared rearThe wall burner provides higher heat but has never been exposed to drops, which is the cause of many grilles fires.(You can finally make lamb legs without a lot of fat falling on the stove.) If you have a passion for smoked food, you may get frustrated by having a separate wood chip burner.The burner only heats the fries (not the whole grill) and the smoke is filled with the food, "Cold smoking ".All top-of-the-Line grills also offers at least one side burner as an option.Most of the grill owners we talked to found this option convenient from keeping the roast meat sauce warm to cooking side dishes.The optional iron pan ring or grill expands the skills of the side burner.Evaluate your cooking needs and desires, find a grill that meets them and should not be done in a vacuum.The high-Endgrills are not items that you can fork off your shelves at your local home center.They are sold by dealers (see below the BBQ on the Yellow Pages) and they should know their product and can guide you to the unit that suits you ---Not just the most profitable unit.When you pay a senior year for a grill, you have every right to expect a full explanation of how it works and what it can and cannot do, and look forward to quality service.Some dealers even set up work units, so you can bring some chicken yourself to try it out.What gas will it burn?Another question you need to answer is what kind of gas your grill will burn.The performance of natural gas and propane is almost the same.Allhigh-End grills can be run using natural gas;For a few of them, Polly is not even an option.In Southern California, 60% of the grill uses naturalgas, and the pipe stub of the grill is given in the construction of a new house.The rest of the West is more inclined to propane, although the relatively simple addition of gas stubs attracts some conversions, especially the built-in-Units (almost only natural gas is used )."Natural gas is a little safer than propane," said Bob Keck of Fire Magic ."."Propane is heavier than air and it will gather together if there is a leak."Natural gas is much cheaper than charcoal, the price of charcoal is about 9 times that of propane, and the price of natural gas is about 18 times that of natural gas.Yourefill a 5-If you use a grill a lot, about a gallon propane tank (about $9) every three months ).Connect this device to your natural gas pipe line and you don't have to fiddle with your fuel source anymore (think about the next time you empty a pot of ash ).And the last note about charcoal: Don't be surprised to see it like traditional woodWhen the air burns the fireplaceThe quality problem of the combustion cleaner of the gas grill has become more serious.In addition to longevity and better performance, the common denominator of almost all of these grills is that they are able to adapt to the outdoor kitchen.The open-air barbecue is surrounded by air;Heat accumulation is not a big problem.However, units set up with bricks, stones or other non-combustible shells must be able to withstand heat-So their thick body and heftier components.Most built-Ins can be purchased as a stand-alone or portable device: Some manufacturers also offer insulating pads that allow you to incorporate themEnter the combustible case.What's a built-Will you retreat in the fence?A basic brick-and-stone BBQ counter costs about $1,500, although the price of the sky is limited depending on how fancy you want it to be.The cost of prefabricated units ranges from $800 to $1,900.
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