bulgogi cultists, rejoice: jonathan gold finds first-rate korean barbecue at gwang yang - charcoal barbecue korean restaurant

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-06
bulgogi cultists, rejoice: jonathan gold finds first-rate korean barbecue at gwang yang  -  charcoal barbecue korean restaurant
Have you ever eaten Korean food?
Then you tried bulgogi.
Bulgogi is basically marinated, sliced beef and placed on a grill until it turns into potato chips and caramel.
Bulgogi is what you found in the chain
The bibimbap in the mall is stuffed in the Kogi BBQ tortillas and laid on the rice bowl at the church carnival.
In the first wave of Korean restaurants in Los Angeles, bulgogi is a non-
Even if Koreans happen to sit in a restaurant that specializes in seafood or goats, they often get food.
All the garlic, sweet soy and charcoal are great.
However, Korean barbecue lovers rarely like barbecue compared to all the other beef-broken short ribs, crispy beef bris, or a lot of meat from kkot sal, sometimes called "Flower meat", Chuck flap or sliced rib --
According to who you consulted
"Bulgogi" has more or less become a general term for Korean BBQ, what would you expect as a potato --
Shredded taste of fillings or cheese steaks.
The restaurant bulgogi is often tough and sugary and is an all-roundyou-can-
Have a barbecue.
Therefore, the existence of Guangyang barbecue, a large Korean restaurant dedicated to the worship of Bulgaria, is the only American branch in Seoul --
It may seem a bit strange at first.
It occupies a luxurious space in a barbaric office in its 60 s and looks like something from the early Kronberg movie, using only prime (
And America's Voga.
Beef, the price is not less than what you might pay in a high profile American steakhouse.
The concentration of businessmen is very high.
You can have a quick, relatively cheap bibimbap or vegetable stew during lunch time, just like you might go to the palm for a salad, but it's almost unimportant.
If you are not eager to stare at the Tomahawk seal photo attached to the door, it is difficult not to walk into the sun.
In it, maybe playing K-
Pop music or games, you will find all the common pleasures of the Korean barbecue restaurant, from cold barley tea to the waiter, who patiently shows you how to juice the lemon with the bottle cap of a beaker.
Banchan is a small dish that appears at the beginning of a Korean meal. its classification includes steamed eggs next to kimchi, pickled dried radish and Cold omelet.
When you order the crispy kimchi pancake, it may be placed on top of the fresh ggaenip leaves, which is at the heart of Korean cuisine. The yook-
Jeon includes many eggy pancakes, each stuffed with a slice of cooked beef, arranged around a large pile of Julianne vegetables like a satellite.
If you get yukhoe (pronounced yuk-whey)
, Korean steak tartartare, it may appear on the plate a hemisphere consisting of slippery beef and crispy Korean pears, or it may be the core of the stationary --
The life of bamboo cut from meat, pears and cucumbers.
Yukhoe is one of the best in town, and in any case, it's gorgeous and soft, adding the taste of Chile in addition to the usual sesame oil, a subtle article on the possibility of raw meat.
A grill slipped into the pit in the middle of the table.
The gas is on. (
Restaurants in Seoul are known for using black oak trees, but there doesn't seem to be much evidence of charcoal here. )
You can start to arrive at a separate course or beef serving as a combined meal-a well --
Marble ribs
Eyes cooked like steak until finally cut into strips for supply;
Or a beautiful skirt steak, it is almost impossible to be a steak;
Or Wagyu kkot sal.
If you ask well, you will be packed with a plate of lettuce or ggaenip leaves.
A seasoned bean paste, a hint of scallions and a slice of Pepper make this bundle more delicious.
Chile of the House-
Pickled garlic and sweet, sour, foam fermented scallions push it to the top.
The server basically does all the cooking for you and turns the meat into a bite
Use scissors-sized pieces to let you know when to finish.
He explained the restaurant's policy of cutting pickled short ribs in two different ways-half against the grain of the meat and half because the chefs thought, next to the chewing nature produced by the second method, it is pleasant to experience the tenderness produced by one method. This is first-
Rating Korean BBQ, banchan and kkot sal, which may be a step lower than what you might find in Park's, but far more than solid.
Then the Bulgarian came, you couldn't think of anything but the meat, the big sheets were full of chopped garlic, crumpled and softened on the grill, emitting smoke and pearsSesame?
The waiter swore he didn't know!
Dissolve on your tongue like ice cream
This is Jiangnan-
The style of Bulgogi is hardly marinated, not the L of the restaurant. A. -
This is the usual sugary thing.
You may want another order from Jiangnan.
Dessert style.
In the Korean city, a high-end temple built for the worship of Bulgaria.
Hotel Location: 3435 Wilshire AvenueNo.
Los Angeles, 123; (213)385-5600; www. gybbq. com.
Price: $25 barbecue. 99-$39. 99; one-dish meals $9. 99-$17. 99; casseroles $24. 99; seafood $18. 99-$25. 99.
Details: 11 a open dailym. to 11 p. m. .
Accept credit cards. Full bar. Valet parking.
Recommended dishes: pork, cream cheese, sandwiches, yukhoe.
More Jonathan Gold in long-
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