BURNT OFFERING - natural wood charcoal briquettes

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BURNT OFFERING  -  natural wood charcoal briquettes
The fire of hell must be like this.A huge hand pushed you back.Breathing seems to have evaporated in your lungs.Your eyeballs feel too burnt to open the socket.When you raise your head, the air on it is thick and wavy, just like the edible oil that has been shaken.This is not hell, though.This is a paradise-like green land in the Kentucky countryside, where charcoal is being produced.Not Coal-Many call it charcoal, though it's not the same ---But the natural block of charcoal used in fires since ancient times, today is trying to make a comeback in the backyard grille.Heating is required to make charcoal-This intense, glowing heat comes from this 12-foot-Black oven.A circular door, like a large submarine hatch, stands out in front like an invisible eye.In the back, a small hole showed a greedy orange flame.The light on the top flashes green, which means that the heat inside can accept 1,000 degrees and remain the same.In the oven, an equally huge black jar contains maple and oak wood chips collected from furniture, wood floors, and even baseball bat manufacturing companies.Then the smell.Or rather, it's surprisingly lacking.It's just a pleasant charcoal scent and won't be stronger than a backyard barbecue.Almost no smoke--Some fine sps fish that are dwarfed by swollen clouds in the summer sky.In fact, with the exception of the mild aroma and heat that comes out when any oven is turned on, there is little indication that this is a charcoal plant.This is the third way.Don Chris, a generation of charcoal manufacturersSam, 41, and his 45-year-old brother wanted it.Don Chris stressed, "This is charcoal --Modern way of making."For millions of years, natural charcoal around the world has been made from wood that has been burned slowly until it becomes brittle and becomes carbon.It was burned in a covered pit.In the brick kiln, even in the towering chimney, it can be smolder in the open air.The process can take a few days, usually weeks, to be done in large quantities.But in this dense forestAt the acre site, just 10 miles from the Tennessee border, Craces, owner of cowboy charcoal, is doing different things.They say they are the only American company that uses pollution-free European technology to produce cleaner, purer charcoal in just a few hours.Brothers think they found the perfect nature.Charcoal recipesIt's like this: take 2,000 pounds of the wood.As Don Crace says, pour into a huge metal tank of "mass size.Put the pot in 15-foot-Deep European high temperature steamer.Close door.Bake for 8 hours at 1,000 degrees.Take out carefully (the pot will be hot;a front-Recommended loader ).Eight more hours.Output: 750 pounds of all naturallump charcoal.Sales to industries that require charcoal purification;sell to grill-Owners who don't like additives in coal balls.As the number of grills increaseshappy, health-Conscious Americans, Cowboy Charcoal brothers, want their products to spark a new life in the hard charcoal market, a product that has been covered up by pillows since the 1950 generation --Formed coal balls.It seems to be working so far.Cowboy Charcoal, sold in Wal-Mart and other places in its own nameMart and Hechinger, as well as companies under the entire food label, said retail sales this year doubled from last year (company officials declined to release exact figures ).Whole FoodExecutives at grocery chains and charcoal said that labeling products launched this summer alone and sold at local fresh-field stores have tripled expectations.Still, don Chris admits, "It's a long mountain to climb.Americans bought nearly 870,000 tons of coal balls last year.Wood charcoal only accounts for about 50,000 tons.(There are six brands of natural wood charcoal for sale in the Washington area.) Both molded fuel and charcoal producers are excited about the growing popularity of gas grills that do not use any of the charcoal."You have a problem building your own fire," Don Crace said ."."Like the original drums.People called me just to tell me the beautiful fire they built.I understand.Of course, he thought they built the fire in a "real" way ---How has this been done since Prometheus gave the human fire and then the human had to figure out how to rekindle it.Without charcoal, John Ullman and Peggy Heinrich wrote in their book The Soul of Fire (University book, 1987) that man may never walk out of the Stone AgeCharcoal provides the high temperatures required to melt iron and other metals.It also filters water, flavored whisky, makes gunpowder and saves lives by neutralising poison such as arsenic.Centuries ago, it replaced wood as a favorite fuel because it was smoke-free when it burned, although it was certainly not in production.It seems that every culture has its own special group, and their hard and dirty job is to make charcoal.It's carbonai in Italy.They are called woodcolliers in the UK.Great don and Sam Chris.Grandfather Jesse Rawlins was a community of Colliers in southern Ohio in early 1900.Colliers are the ones who Farmers call after cutting down and clearing the trees on the land.The farmers then pile up the logs or put them in a pit to burn charcoal.Their great-The grandfather would walk around, light the fire, and take care of the burning wood.After weeks of burning and cooling of wood, farmers can sell charcoal to the local market as a cash crop.The process of turning these trees into charcoal is considered an art form, Don Crace said."If you do something wrong, all you get is a pile of ashes."In the 1930 s, Tang and Sam's grandfather, Roland Chris, decided to take a different approach.He and a brick kiln operator in Ohio decided to produce charcoal using a systematic production method.Under the control of the kiln, they are able to provide the year-Develop a stable local market for their charcoal.The father and uncle of Don and Sam Crace further expanded their business.At the beginning of 1950, with the start of the backyard barbecue boom, they moved to Florida and ran several charcoal plants to sell the product for backyard and industrial use.They sold the factories in 1970 and moved to Tennessee, where they started producing liquid smoke and coal balls.Bob Evans Farm bought their company, Hickory specialty., in 1992.Shortly thereafter, Don and Sam Crace started Cowboy Charcoal based in Brentwood, Tennessee.However, there is a new turning point for family businesses: the European steamer.Unlike in the kiln (or, obviously, in the pit), the flame does not touch the wood in the retort furnace."I told people that this piece of wood is being cooked ---It's kind of like chicken, "said Don Chris.He added that this is a method used in Europe, where hard block charcoal is more popular than in the United StatesS.The advantage of the retort system is that it is more consistent and can reach higher temperatures, Don Crace said.He also believes that since the wood gas is cycled in the chamber, it will not pollute that much.At the denim charcoal factory, visitors who want to see the process must go through a big red and white sign to remind them that "this technology is a trade secret "."No one will go to the oven without permission.There are 14 double retort furnaces burning silently in a large courtyard.One oven on each pair burns for four hours, then the second one starts to burn.Heat from one side helps to fuel the other side, thus maintaining a fairly uniform temperature.Don and Sam Crace both think it's important to make charcoal from kilnSam Crace said it was clean enough to be a drywood piece "used as a building block for children.Using clean wood can reduce the ash content, too many of which will add a bitter taste to the food cooked on charcoal.But while the wood may start with the color and weight of the toy blocks, when it comes out of the oven after 8 hours, it is Ebony and has little weight.A character in Susan masgrave's novel charcoal burner describes it, "This is the ghost of wood."However, it remains to be seen whether Cowboy Charcoal can surpass the popularity of disposable charcoal in the past among family chefs.While retail sales are rising, Don?The company's charcoal is still sold to the industrial sector.Industry needs it because of its purity.Home-Grillers may want to keep playing the barbecue game and get it dirty.Choosing between the coal ball and the CHARCOALMost people, it is safe to say, don't think too much about the charcoal they use on the grill.9 out of 10 charcoalAccording to the barbecue industry association, the owner of the grill uses the coal ball, and one of every three people uses the coal ball at a time, and the other uses the coal ball.What's the difference?Some BBQ Masters-Like Chris Schlesinger, a Boston chef.Author of the barbecue permit (William Morrow, $27.50) and other books about barbecues-Demonstrating the benefits of using natural charcoal, Schlesinger believes that this charcoal burns cleaner than coal balls containing coal, adhesives, sawdust and other ingredients.But others --Like Michael McLaughlin, author of everything on the grill (HarperCollins, $22.50) --Admit they were torn."If you're baking a sheep rack and endive, you feel like you should use natural charcoal," McLoughlin said ."."It makes you feel like you take your work more seriously as a barbecue.But if you're just doing wienies..."The best-The famous coal ball brand is Kingsford, which makes the product famous all over the world, accounting for at least half of the annual coal ball sales in the United States.S.Ginford coal balls actually started with the auto giant Henry Ford, who is looking for use for the wood scrap produced on his car assembly line.In 1924, Ford initially started producing coal balls to ignite industrial fires, but soon the popularity of coal balls spread to restaurants, hotels and dining cars.Sandy Sullivan, a spokeswoman for Kingsford, said that by the end of 1930, Ford's dealers were selling small picnic grills consisting of a box decorated with hands.Color drawings, which contain only one barbecue of the coal ball."Ford is an avid camper who uses coal balls as fuel in the camp," she explained .".The idea became popular, but charcoal production decreased after World War II.Ford sold the charcoal plant to E in 1951.G.Thanks to the post-war suburban barbecue boom, Kingsford's name soon became synonymous with coal balls.Sullivan said the ball was favored by Americans for its uniform size and stable heat.She pooh-Poohs worried about their composition, including hard coal, limestone for long-term combustion in addition to powder charcoal, to produce white ash, starch and borax as adhesive, and sawdust and sodium nitrate, for fast lighting."Starch is very natural, coal is a high"Quality coal," she noted, and said that she tried a piece of charcoal, but it was not surprising that she did not recommend a piece of charcoal, given her employer.Sparks and snapshots of charcoal.It's hard for me to adapt to the heat difference.It's really hot and cool."It's not as easy as cooking with a coal ball," Sullivan complained .".Denim Charcoal Co., Ltd.Owner of Little Don ChrisOf course, I don't agree."Charcoal is just burnt wood.No additives, no chemicals, no fillers.We also glow in half the time and you don't have to wait for that pungent smell to burn."Crace does remind people that they have to learn to cook with a block of charcoal, especially if they only use the coal balls.Charcoal burns quickly, so the food is cooked much faster.McLoughlin agreed."As a cooking medium, charcoal is more challenging than a propane grill.The temperature is always changing."Unlike the remaining coal balls, the cost of natural block charcoal is also significantly higher than that of the coal balls, but you need to use less, and partially burned charcoal can be reused.Description: traditionally, humans make charcoal by burning wood under a Kiln Pit or mound (as mentioned above, in the Markay area of Italy ).The Crace brothers used the faster European retort furnace (upper right corner) to make Cowboy Charcoal (top ).Title: Time of Use-A professional Collier prepared a pile of wood that burned into charcoal at the Azzoni Palace in the Marche area of Italy.
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