butane gas bbq grill How To : 12 Brilliant Kitchen Hacks Made Possible with Aluminum Foil

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-09
butane gas bbq grill How To    
                        12 Brilliant Kitchen Hacks Made Possible with Aluminum Foil
Aluminum foil is one of the things that every chef has experienced or just started doing in the kitchen.While we may think we know how useful this convenient material is, we can make our lives easier with tin paper.1.It is easier to distribute using box labels. Do you know that there is aluminum foil and plastic wrap in the box?In tags, making it easier to assign?I have been cooking for decades and I don't know this until now.Just look for the perforated triangle on the side of each box and punch it inward so they can keep each end of the roll in place.When you try to unlock a large piece, this prevents the tin foil from falling out of the box and bouncing around.2.If you have read our guide on how to make the ultimate grilled cheese, then you have seen the tip from Alton Brown, where he baked the cheese itself for an extra flavor.In order to do this, he used long-Spatula for handling and heavy dutyTariff aluminum foil.These mini-The tray is great for any small, delicate or hard --to-Cook items that benefit from the bright fire, otherwise it may slip through the cracks.3.Make a DIY grill for cooking delicious, Healthier bacon in the ovenbrainer.It would be better if you could cook it on a high shelf so that it becomes clearer and does not absorb its own grease.However, if you don't have a grill on hand, you can simply make a grill by foldingOn the heavy sheetsTariff aluminum foil.This tip from the American test kitchen is also suitable for other light foods such as French fries.4.Clean your dirty grill in pink. When you want to use the grill again, it's sad to realize that you forgot to clean the grill.Fortunately, there is a quick way to remove all the old soot, grease and food waste so you can make a delicious meal on some hot coal.Spread a piece of aluminum foil on the grill to heat the grill to enough temperature to loosen the remaining dirt and warm the foil.Then quickly move the foil up the ball (be careful: it's hot) and scrub grates with it.This is not something you should always do, but it will definitely work at a critical moment.5.Make Custom-Sometimes the recipe asks me not to have a pot of a certain size.I don't like to run out and buy a pot because of my limited space, especially if it's for something I don't often do.The answer?Adjust the size of the suction cup using aluminum foil.Check out the videos provided by Amanda Hesser (via life hacker) at food 52.6.Custom cookie cutterShaped cake, you may want to make cookies or cakes of special or unique shape, but you don't have the idea of ordering a pan or cookie cutter in advance.Never fear.Heavy-Duty aluminum foil can meet all your needs.The cookie cutter is very simple.All you need to do is draw a pattern and fold it over the aluminum foil until its thickness is right, shape the aluminum foil and bind it.Eureka—You have a unique cookie cutter that you can reuse!Custom-The shape of the cake plate is more laborIntensive, but it's easy to accompany if you have a lot of heavyFoil, cardboard, tape measure and good scissors.Once you know how to do it, you can make beautiful cakes like ShieldsThe shape below.Take a look at the steps of realistic idealistsby-Step Tutorial for more information.7.Making an emergency ice bucket TrayI is a lazy jerk and I have been putting off buying an ice tray.Then I decided to make chicken. I like to freeze it.I forgot that instead of saying the ice tray, I provided the cube part.Instead of panicking as usual, I called a smart friend of mine who was a culinary expert."Oh, it's easy," she said .""Do you have a free egg box?How about some tin paper?"She suggested using only the lower half of the carton (with eggs in it) and smoothing out a piece of foil in all the eggs --shaped pockets.You really want to go well.More wrinkles mean that once something frozen is done, it's hard to get it out.Remember, this is an urgent measure.Egg boxes and tin foil ice trays are not a solid tool that can be reused.However, in the two days I need to make the chicken soup cube, it works very well.Sadly, I haven't bought a new ice tray in six months.8.If you have sterling silver cutlery or jewelry that has been in use for a while, it is likely that you will have some stain on these pieces.Well, aluminum foil (plus hot water and baking soda) will lose ugly brown color to your beloved Chuan heir.As we said in our guide to cleaning up worn plates, silverware and stainless steel cutlery: "When silver reacts with sulfur compounds present in the air, Silver changes color.A few years later, the substance accumulated and produced a thin layer of black discoloration called Silver sulfide."Aluminum helps to turn hydrogen sulfide back into actual silver because it is more attractive to sulfur than silver.With the help of baking soda-In aqueous solution, sulfur atoms transfer their loyalty from silver to aluminum foil, produce hydrogen sulfide and release silver in the process."9.Do you know that some prepackaged ice cream is wrapped in paper?Well, you can do it yourself with tin foil, which is actually much more waterproof.This works great for kids and other messy types, especially when they eat ice cream cones on hot days.10.Before the slow cooker took over the world, a chef's best friend was a flame bartender.This raised disc spreads heat on gas and electric cookers to make sure your dishes don't over-cook or burn in one place.A slightly irresponsible person (ahem) among us may even leave the house to run errands once or twice, and of course, the heat under the flame Tame will be low.With aluminum foil, you can create a temporary flame bartender to prevent food from being burned at the bottom of the pot.Take a large piece of foil and fold it into a thick rope.Then form it into a coil that is located 2 inch above your range to spread heat.However, you should not leave the house when you use this version.11.If you have a junk drawer full of batteries but never seem to have the right battery for your kitchen timer or handheld foam, never be afraid: aluminum foil comes to the rescue again.Simply fold/fold enough aluminum foil to make up for the difference between the position of the battery end and the negative terminal connection.However, users of Reddit and life hacker note that this is not longSolutions and emergencies because of the smaller size-than-Tin foil = possibility of spark and fire.Use with caution and use only if necessary.This can also be used to fix loose connections, but the foil can be taken out when not in use.12.Simple wrapping paper for food gifts are you the kind of person who never has the right wrapping paper?(Me, too.Guess what?Aluminum foil is a cheap, easy solution to make real funkyNice looking gift which is perfect for all the homemade holiday cookies you give away.The advantage of using aluminum foil is that it looks "artistic" even if it is wrinkled "."If you want some good ways --For tos on how to keep the foil beautiful and smooth (hint: remove wrinkles with chopsticks), please watch this video.You can also learn some other tips like decorating your aluminum foilGift Wrap on gift wrap blog.Want to know more about the way to use aluminum foil around the house?Then take a look at Yumi's guide on the special use of aluminum foil, which includes tips such as sharpening kitchen scissors, ironing grilled cheese, etc.
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