butane gas bbq grill How To : Make Your Own Charcoal

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-03-15
butane gas bbq grill How To    
                        Make Your Own Charcoal
Hello, all.In this article, I will show you one of the most useful products on how to make human know.Of course, I'm talking about charcoal.You may be surprised at how much use this thing has.You can use it to purify your drinking water, replace your aquarium filter for free, build a fire hot enough to melt the steel, make some gunpowder, dye anything black, make your own ink, make your own pencil, press your own Grill charcoal, or dehydrate for preservation.For example, if your phone falls into the water (like a toilet, a pond or a fish tank), you can put it in a bag of charcoal for a day or two, and the charcoal will suck out all the moisture, thus saving your equipment.Charcoal can not only save your electronics, but also save your life as I did once.Really, this is not a joke.If you suffer from any digestive poisoning, a cup of tea and a spoonful of powdered Cork charcoal will heal you.When charcoal passes through your system, it absorbs the toxin and takes it out of the body.This makes it a closeGeneric antidote, which is why medical professionals still use activated carbon for the same purpose (basically the same as Cork charcoal ).Sure, you'll experience some nasty black shit, but hey, it's better to go out than go in.So, please keep this in mind again: please use these if you are poisoned in any way.A cup of tea a spoonful, drink up to three times a day.As you can see, there are many uses for charcoal.The above-The purpose listed is only the purpose I use it.Depending on your needs and habits, you can also find other uses.Now that you know how useful charcoal is, you might think, "Why don't I buy it?"Well, if you're cheap --Ass like me, you don't even ask that question.But if you don't do that, let me tell you the problem with the store --Bought charcoal...Only one thing is good.One thing is barbecue.Store-The charcoal bought is only done for one thing, so it is only good for that one thing.If you just want to roast steak outside, go and buy your charcoal.But if you don't do anything but Cook, you need to do it yourself.So, there's no more, here's a process: Step 1: Get your cooker ready, let's take a look at the basic concept of charcoalmaking.To understand how this material is made, you just need to understand this: it turns into ashes when you burn wood in the open air.When you burn wood in a closed space, it turns into charcoal and then Ashes.So, that means we need to burn some wood in a closed space, and we can't make it cook long enough to turn into ashes.This "enclosed space" will be your cooker.It should simply consist of a metal container with a lid with a small hole on the lid.The old baking cans worked well.I just found a small steel box and put the knife on the lid.Please note that all covers cannot be placed tightly on top.This should be the case.It is very important to make sure to poke a hole at the top, you give your container a hole at the top and a loose holefitting lid.This is because when the wood burns in the box, it releases flammable methane gas.If methane is allowed to accumulate too much, it may cause an explosion.But if your cover is looseAccessories, the worst case that can happen is that the lid falls off.This has never happened to me.The process is very safe, but as I said, make sure you understand the need to properly ventilate the cooker!Last step, add a cage around ItAs, take a hanger and wrap it around the box with a hook so you can easily get it in and out of the fire.Please note that there is no connection on one side of me.So I can bend it down and pull the box out of the "cage" easily.When too hot to touch, move it in and out of the fire with a long stick.Did I mention we were going to make a fire?No?Well, we are...but not yet.You may have noticed that my cooker is small.This is because, when I use charcoal, I rarely use more than a little at a time, so I don't have a lot of production.I recommend a steel barrel if you want to produce it in bulk.Step 2: Once your cooker is ready, choose and prepare your wood, the next step is to figure out what kind of wood you want to use.You may not know how to choose because you are new here, so I will help you.First of all, think about what this charcoal will be used.There are two basic kinds of wood in the world: hard wood and cork.Cork charcoal is better for some purpose.For some other uses, it is better to use hard charcoal.Quick guide: hardwood flooring.Soft coal made of hard wood such as oak, walnuts, pecans and mountain hair trees is more suitable for metal processing, and more suitable for crushing your own backyard grill.This is because the forest burns hotter.Accordingly, charcoal made of hard wood will burn hotter than charcoal made of soft wood.If you are making a charcoal pencil, you will want a hardwood charcoal pen so that the product can better prevent breakage.So, if your aim is to make a hardwood floor once you make charcoal or use it to make a pencil.Charcoal made of soft wood like pine, Willow, balsa or poplar can be made into more porous, absorbent charcoal, so they are more suitable for water Filtration/Purification, because they do better in absorbing impurities.Cork charcoal is better for gunpowder.Because they are easier to mix with other ingredients.Cork charcoal will be better if you use charcoal as a desiccant (dry something like the phone in the example above.To Sum It Up...The hardwood charcoal fire burns hotter and combines better.Cork charcoal does a better job of absorbing things.So, to figure out which charcoal you want and figure out what you're going to do with charcoal, you have the answer.Both of these may be what you need to do, but it's up to you to decide.Once you 've decided on hard wood or cork, it's easy to find the right wood.I suggest doing this in an old-fashioned way, that is learning how to identify the tree you are looking for, go out in the woods and look for, and cut the wood you need.Never make charcoal from rotten wood.Green Wood is also undesirable.You need to season your wood, but you can't rot.If there are no trees in your area, you can buy some cheap pins from the hardware store and cut them off.Recorded, I used the seasoned willow tree.The best way to have a lot of charcoal is to cut a large piece of suitable tree and put it under the porch for a while.Then, whenever you want some charcoal, you can cut some down and use it.This reminds me of the wood preparation: You need to cut the wood into small pieces and stuff it into the cooker.Use the axe to separate each piece as much as possible.Do this by machining the axe into a groove and then hitting the axe to the ground with a "hammer" down.Observation: If you don't have an axe slot, make one.You have an axe for God's sake, so it shouldn't be too hard.Once the big pieces are split into flakes, it should be easy to cut them into smaller branchessized pieces.In fact, if you don't have the hands of a little three-color wolf, you may be able to pat them into small pieces of about this size: Step 3: just start cooking and take all the little wood and put it in your cooker.Fill the cooker as much as possible.Now all you have to do is cover the lid and stick the cooker to the burning fire.As I said before, you need to make a fire and put the cooker into the fire with a stick.Also, use the stick to make sure that the cooker stays directly in the flame, as in this photo.Now, as you can see here, there is no smoke or fire in the hole of the cooker.This is because I just put it on the fire.When it starts cooking, a white smoke will begin to pop out of the hole at the top, and also from the side of the lid.A little longer, the smoke will become highly flammable.Your cooker will turn into a small methane light.Stay by the fire and watch carefully.Charcoal burns when smoke is no longer flammable.You can take out a burning stick from the fire and put it in the hole at the top to test this.Remove it from the fire immediately, but do not remove the lid yet.If you expose the charcoal to the open air at this point, it becomes white ash.Open the lid until the container is completely cooled.Now, just bend the loose wire on the cage back: then pull the container free.Make sure the whole container feels cool.Then, open it and it should be like this: look at it now and see how you did it.If you are right, there should be no real wood left and no ash.In order to test, take a large piece and divide it into two parts.It should snap easily like this: this is it!As you can see, it's not hard, and the process of finding it for use is as interesting as making it.Step 4: start using your homemade charcoal, one thing I have to do is: don't buy replacement filters for your aquarium, just do this: take a clean piece of cotton, put a little charcoal in the middle of it.I know it's not a good picture...It looks a bit like a radish on the cloud.Anyway, just fold it up and have the charcoal in the Cotton: then stick it where the replacement filter would normally go: Again, this is a bad picture, but I think you can solve it.This little money.Preservation techniques work because the replacement filters you buy from your pet shop are basically nothing but cotton and carbon, and charcoal is mostly carbon.Anyway, find some interesting people.
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