Calamari and fermented celeriac, barbecued peas and beef fat - grill basket for bbq

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-05
Calamari and fermented celeriac, barbecued peas and beef fat  -  grill basket for bbq
For celeriac-Need to do well in advance.Disinfect the container and lid of celeriac fermentation.After cleaning, add the aroma other than the dill rose to the bottom of the jar.Peel celeriac and then cut into about 1 cm thick slices or pieces on the slicer or mandolin.Pack celeriac fragments in large quantities into the jar and pour them into salt water (500 ml water/20g salt) to let the liquid fill any gaps and drown celeriac.Place the dill rose on it, then weigh celeriac and close the lid tightly.Place the jar at room temperature for the fermentation to begin.After 3 days, remove the dill, take some pressure out of the jar, then re-seal the lid and leave for another 3 weeks.Celeriac is usually ready at this stage and stays in good condition for up to 6 months.Once the jar is opened, it should be transferred to the fridge.For this recipe, celeriac's sheets should be trimmed to pieces similar to the size of squid with beef fat, asking your butcher for beef bone marrowHas jumped out of the bone.Put it in the fridge for about an hour so it's super cold.Put the bone marrow into the grill basket and cook quickly to make it smoke heavily on charcoal.Once smoked and colored, put the bone marrow into the food processor for high treatment at 70 °c.The resulting liquid appears to be a dirty oil filled with impurities.Put this liquid in a pan, boil and evaporate any water, and purify the beef fat into a clear liquid.Skim all the impurities on the surface of the fat, and finally pass the fat through the fine filter.Or, after baking a large piece of beef, keep any rendered beef fat from the pan, let the butcher cut the pan Chita as carefully as possible, and then chop it up, until it's almost pasteurized garlic chopped until it turns into a paste, making sure there's no bigger pieces.Once in a while flatten your knife and Sprinkle garlic on the board to make sure everything is uniform.Place the garlic and olive oil in a pan and constantly Stir the garlic over medium heat until the moisture evaporates and the garlic turns into a roasted yellow gold color.Quickly put the bottom outside the pan into the ice paste and stir the garlic cold.Garlic must be cooked far enough, but it must be refrigerated before overcooking.When cooling the garlic, make sure there is no water in the oil to enter, otherwise the garlic will soften.The final result should be crispy/roasted garlic.Oil reserves.For the juice of peas and peas, peas leave the pods as juice.Sort the peas and remove too much (these can be added to the juice) to keep the smallest sweetest.Squeeze the peas and any big peas.Pass the juice through the fine filter and then place it for about an hour to allow the starch to settle at the bottom.Gently remove the juice and season it.Put the peas into the grill basket, fry them quickly at high temperatures, and sprinkle beef fat every few seconds so that the smell of smoke can catch the peas.If necessary, the leaves and flowers will wash the leaves and tear them down roughly.Remove the top from the flowering leeks and separate the flowers.Roast the squid on the grill until it is cooked to your liking and seasoned with a little salt.In the pan, some of the beef fat is rendered out of the pan Chita.Add peas and a pinch of lemon myrtle.When hot cover some pea juice, check the seasoning to add not only salt but also a little beef fat if needed.Add mint and stir well.Place the squid and celeriac on the plate and scoop it on the pea with a spoon.Sprinkle a little roasted garlic on the peas, sprinkle some cauliflower, and serve.
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