camping grill rack How to Build a Grill Campfire

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-08
camping grill rack How to Build a Grill Campfire
Campfire can make you feel warm when you are outdoors, but it is also perfect for cooking delicious food.You don't have to limit yourself to hot dogs made of sticks.With some supplies you can throw a grill on a campfire and buy some chicken, burger or whatever you want to bake perfectly.Teaching difficulties: EasyUse rocks creates a fire ring around the area that will be your bonfire.This will bring the fire under control.Put a little velvet between the fire rings.Ignite the tender with a match and block the flame with your hands.If there is wind, squat on your back with the wind when you light up the game.Once the Edelweiss is lit, continue to add more conservatively.Blow gently over the flame to encourage the spread of the fire.Once the fire is more stable, add the fire.Keep the fire together, but do not limit the air flow of the flame.Once the fire burns strongly, add a piece of fuel to it at a time.Because this type of fire produces good coal, the fuel is staggered.The fire doesn't need to be very big, because you will be barbecued once the fire goes out and becomes coal.Let the campfire burn until hot coal appears.The coal is evenly distributed in the campfire area.At this point, don't put any more fuel into the fire.Pile up bricks, rocks or bricks in the square around the fire.Put them close enough to the grill to be high enough so that the grill will be 6 inch higher than coal.Use the cooking spray on the grill to prevent sticking to it.Use cooking oil or butter if you don't have a cooking spray.Place the grill on top of a brick, rock, or block.You can adjust the height by getting or adding more blocks.Your grill is now ready for you to cook.An article by Kelsey ChildressKelsey Childress runs a freelance creative business called Awen creative that specializes in SEO Web content, social media marketing, and blogs.She has been writing online and onlineHe has been published for more than six years and has a bachelor's degree in English literature and creative writing from University of Kansas.
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