camping grill rack How to Build Your Own Portable Fire Pit

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-09
camping grill rack How to Build Your Own Portable Fire Pit
Camping is not the same without a campfire.Most developed camps will include a circle of fire or fire pit, but if you camp in the original walk,In underdeveloped places, you may have to bring it yourself.Using a fire pit to control your campfire will protect your fire from accidental fire.The basic design of the portable fire pit is very simple and you should be ready to use it right away.Description difficulty: Select the base you will use to make a fire in moderately easy.Use the old kettle-Old-fashioned charcoal grills or metal coal racks for old smokers work fine.The metal does not burn and both are large enough to accommodate the wood needed for the fire.Both should have openings at the bottom, allowing the air to flow in it to keep the fire burning.If still connected, remove any legs from the base.Remove the screws that fix the legs and the legs should slide down easily from the base.You should end with a round base without any add-ons.Collect four to six brick or concrete blocks as the basis for setting the fire pit.Bricks will keep the fire pit off the ground and make the fire more --It needs oxygen for life.Rake up the place where you are going to make a fire so that it will not have any leaves, branches or other vegetation that might catch fire.Place your bricks evenly on the ground and form a circle large enough to keep the bottom of the fire pit upright.Move the bricks as needed so that the bottom of the fire pit is firmly placed on top.Place the fire pit on top of the brick.Add wood and fire to it and light your fire as usual.Before packing, wait for the fire pit to completely cool down and pour out any remaining burnt coal.Store the fire pit in a large plastic bag so it doesn't stain your camping gear.Tip: WarningsArticle StarrJoyce STA is a professional writer written by Joyce from Florida and owns a landscaping company and a garden center.She published articles on camping, lawn care and gardening in Florida and wrote articles for the local gardening newsletter.She shared her love and knowledge of outdoors and nature through writing.
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