camping grill rack How to Cook Over a Fire Pit

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-29
camping grill rack How to Cook Over a Fire Pit
Cooking on fire pits is a pleasant part of camping or outdoor dining.Fire pits can be used not only to keep warm, but also to prepare meals for certain foods.You can bake, bake or cook a variety of items on a fire pit.There is nothing better than the delicacy and fragrance of the food cooked on open fire, so next time you go camping or eat in the yard, try the following.Use skewers for moderate easy cooking on fire pits.Skewers should be at least 2 feet long with wooden or rubber handles to reduce heat transfer at the tip of skewers.Skewers are a simple traditional fire.Fire pit cooking, perfect for smaller birds such as grilled sausages, hot dogs, quail meat and marshmallow.Hold the skewer tip on the fire, only a few inches away from the flame.Spin the skewers and bake the parts of the food until it turns golden --Brown, fully cooked.Bake food in a fire pit with aluminum foil.Wrap a layer of double-layer aluminum foil around foods such as marinated meat and potatoes.Hold the packaged food with cooking tongs and carefully place it where there is coal and residual fire.Do not put the item directly into the flame.You want food to be exposed to high temperatures, but you don't want to be exposed to flames.Check your food regularly to see when it is fully cooked.The preparation time may vary depending on the type and size of the food and the heat of the afterfire.Grill food with fire pit using standard grill.Make a small fire and place a large flat rock ring of a similar size around it.This will serve as a frame for the grill.Carefully place the grill on the fire, each end on the rock ring.Use cooking tongs to cook meat, vegetables, or anything else you would like to cook on a grill above the fire pit.Flip the food regularly until it is fully cooked on both sides.Follow the same process, build a circle of rock around the fire pit, and place a grill on the fire pit if you want to cook food.Place a flame-The resistance pan at the top of the grill and add your ingredients to the pan.This method is basically the same as heating food on the stove with a cooking pot.After cooking with pliers and oven gloves, carefully remove the pan from the fire.David Tilberg's article "tips and warnings" David Tilberg started his writing career in 2007.He is a professional writer, editor and translator.Tiberg has published articles in various newspapers, websites and magazines.He likes to write articles about social issues, travel, music and sports.Thyberg holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pittsburgh's honorary college and has obtained a certificate in Spanish and Latin American Studies.
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