camping grill rack How to Grill Trout Wrapped in Foil

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-19
camping grill rack How to Grill Trout Wrapped in Foil
Even novices in outdoor cooking can serve guestsPrepare it by wrapping it in foil on the grill, which is worth the trout.With this cooking method, the fish does not spread, dry or stick to the grill, which can work with the campfire grill and the backyard gas grill.Add vegetables to each pack-Simple Cooking, simple service and easy to eat.Clean breakfast was mildSeasoned fish, headless or boneless, can be grilled with a head.If you're baking Trout on bones, guts and scale.Be sure to remove the blood veins along the internal spine of the trout;Leaving the veins inside will spoil the taste of the fish.Scrape the veins by drawing a spoon tip along the spine in the Trout cavity.Rinse the fish thoroughly under cold tap water.The foiled heavy foil is made into a strong bag that can be treated on a hot grill.Tear off a foil a few inches longer than the fish and put the fish in the middle.Simply fold and press the foil around the fish and seal the edges to keep the water in place to create a barbecue bag.Spray the inside of the foil before packaging to prevent the food from sticking to it, or use a non-Foil, fish on the back.All packaged UpA foil bags mean that you can seal spices and vegetables with fish when they are cooked to enhance flavor.Seasoning can be as simple as putting lemon or lemon slices into the fish cavity with some sea salt and pepper.Mix delicate herbs such as dill, tarragon, and parsley with mild onions to make a light-flavored fish, or add your favorite sliced vegetables to complement a meal.Choose fast-cooked vegetables such as peas or zucchini, or cut extra hard vegetables such as carrots or potatoesSo they will finish it in the time the fish cook.All of this is placed on the grill with a minimum interval of 1 inch so you can turn them easily.Start packing with vegetables with fish on the bottom and place them on a raised shelf to prevent the grilled fish.When the fish is cooked, the vegetables are steamed.You can flip the package a few minutes before removing the package from the grill to make sure the vegetables are complete.Foil packs containing vegetables-free fish usually need to be cooked on a preheated grill for 4 to 5 minutes.The time of the barbecue depends on several factors, such as how close the shelf is to coal or flame, the size of the fish, whether you are a colleagueCook fish and vegetables if the grill is turned on or off.If the grill is full of bags, switch their position when you turn them ---The center is wrapped outside and the outside is wrapped in the center.Visually check if the thickest part of the fish has doneness.The cooked fish is opaque and easily ground with a fork.Open each package for inspection, re-seal the foil and return any unfinished items to the grill.
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