camping grill rack How to Light Charcoal Briquettes

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-29
camping grill rack How to Light Charcoal Briquettes
If you are going camping or planning to cook outdoors, you will most likely use a charcoal grill.Charcoal adds a certain torch to the food, which you can't get with gas.The charcoal grill is relatively convenient to use and tastes good.No matter what grill you use, their light is basically the same.As long as you have some dry charcoal, it won't be that hard to light it.Description difficulty: easily place the grill in a safe place, away from any low hanging branch or structure that may catch fire.You should also keep the kids away from the area around the grill.Remove the grill cover and the first shelf where you are going to cook your food.Keep the bottom rack in place.Pour your charcoal coal balls to the top of the bottom grill.About 25 to 30 pieces of coal balls per pound of food you plan to cook.Spray lighter liquids on all coal balls to ensure they are saturated.Let them sit for a few minutes before lighting the lights.Light a charcoal coal ball with a lighter or match.Let your coal burn until they turn white.Throw out the hot coal and you can cook on it.Tip: WarningsArticle StarrJoyce STA is a professional writer written by Joyce from Florida and owns a landscaping company and a garden center.She published articles on camping, lawn care and gardening in Florida and wrote articles for the local gardening newsletter.She shared her love and knowledge of outdoors and nature through writing.
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